Tunein not working

Tunein not working

Hello all,
I have a 2016 model x 60d with ap1 and tunein has worked flawlessly for me until now. I am trying to access i get a message that says “Unable to reach tunein. Try again later” any idea why this is/ what I should do?


Teetoogrn | 3 november 2017

Mine would not find songs yesterday, but it is working today! Good luck!

bryandavis22 | 6 november 2017

Mine stopped working today. And has been “unable to reach Tunein” for most of the day. Hoping Tesla didn’t bounce their check to Tunein

markvallaster | 7 november 2017

mine has now stopped as well. was intermittent over the summer and has now fully stopped.

slcohan | 7 november 2017

mine has not worked for 2days in the car. i really hope at some point they can add iTunes or spotify (which they have in Europe). I also miss Sirius (I have a glass roof) and using it thru my phone is not only difficult but dangerous as well.

bwagner | 7 november 2017

I listen to iTunes exclusively and started having problems 2 days ago after my last software update. Is Tesla going to fix this soon?

rwestbrook1064 | 7 november 2017

smiles... what is tunein? I am new here and very "curious" regarding this concept...

SUN 2 DRV | 8 november 2017

rwestbrook1064: "what is tunein?"

TuneIn is the Tesla app for listening to live radio via the Internet. Many standard and specialty radio stations are available from around the world right in your car. I like to listen to local San Francisco news/weather/traffic on KCBS but also Classic Rock from Chicago's WDRV, etc.

rwestbrook1064 | 8 november 2017

I see... so when I read the word tunein it doesn't have anything to do with a tune up... thanks for the clarification...

anderssewerin | 8 november 2017

Yep mine has been broken for about a week now.

ram1901 | 8 november 2017

Tune in came back on line when I got in the car this morning. Was not working yesterday.

rao | 10 november 2017

I had intermittent problems with TuneIn for several months, stopped working completely since last 3 days. Help!

SUN 2 DRV | 10 november 2017

It acts very strangely for me. Yesterday it started working normally again, but today it's back to only playing one channel (CNN) and all the others get Loading Errors.

jerrykham | 12 november 2017

I only use it for podcasts. It has worked fine since I picked up the car (late Oct. 2017 build). But today it would not play the Daily Tech News Show podcast - just got "loading error" on all of the recent episodes. Oddly, it would play another podcast - This Week in Computer Hardware - just fine.

hgatcom | 15 november 2017

I've been getting loading errors for a week now

jstaguynj | 17 november 2017

It also hasn't worked for me in about a week. Multiple podcasts and streams. So much for a tech package. Is there any other recourse besides posting here?

SUN 2 DRV | 17 november 2017

TuneIn had been out for me for almost a week, but it's been working OK again for me the last few days....

SUN 2 DRV | 17 november 2017 maybe try another reset by holding both scroll wheels down until the screen go black. (~10 sec)

fdrubens | 30 november 2017

I may have found an interesting solution.
I love listening to Rachel Maddow to and from work - since the last update I routinely get loading error.
When I split screen and have the computer screen below media - and I put in "Rachel Maddow show" in the URL - it loads up to msnbc and then tunein plays the show.
Not sure why this is working, but it is....

wpdeke | 6 december 2017

fdrubens, could you elaborate on that solution? Listening to TRMS is one of the primary features why I love driving Tesla and it doesn't work anymore since a few days.

Paul.kuzmin | 4 februari 2020

Lot of radio stations that used to function on tune in no longer go and some never did. I can stream them all at home so what is the issue? The newly non functioning ones still work when connected to home wifi only.

SYLVIAYII | 15 februari 2020

I just signed up for a TuneIn Premium account hoping that I can get it to work on my Tesla Model 3. However, it doesn't work. I contacted TuneIn and was told the following:

"The TuneIn Premium subscription service is currently only available on, and on our iOS, Windows 10, and Android apps. We plan to extend this to more devices in the future. Currently a workaround to get Premium streams to your non-Premium supported device/platform is to cast using Chromecast, or stream via Bluetooth or Aux cable from your mobile TuneIn app."

Is that true? If so, does anyone know how else I can listen to CNN/MSNBC/ABC News/Bloomberg/etc... in Tesla?