Truck unvieling

Truck unvieling

Been invited to Tesla Truck unvieling next week in Hawthorne,ca
not sure if I'll go?

Mike83 | 10 november 2017

I'll watch as it is a bit far for us but it may be a valuable experience.

kingcoin | 10 november 2017

maybe I can find out about my 3 order? LOL

Frank99 | 10 november 2017

I'd gladly take your invitation off your hands; I'm sure i could get a fake ID made somewhere in L.A. before the event.

carlgo2 | 10 november 2017

Those who can go should because it is an adventure, something unique that won't come around again. I wonder how many people end up regretting the time and expense of going to the various Tesla events to which they have been invited. And isn't there free food? Reason enough right there, assuming Tesla puts out a decent spread. Free cocktails? I'll drink whatever Musk is having and surely like it. | 10 november 2017

I am going!

WattsThatGrin | 11 november 2017

Of course you should go if you can... I’ll fly in from Switzerland!

carlk | 11 november 2017

This should be fun. Unlike some other unveiling events we have zero idea how this semi truck is like.

milesbb | 13 november 2017

It seems like Tesla could start running the truck between the Gigafactory and the Oakland plant, 235 miles. In house development and useful work done at the same time. | 13 november 2017

At the rate they are making M3 battery packs, all they need is a pickup truck or a Model X with a trailer.😀

reed_lewis | 13 november 2017

I am going to be there also. The interesting thing is that on your invite, you can invite a second person and their invitation is mailed directly to them. So if you want to give your other invite to a local (which I am doing) you do not have to show up with them.

rgrant | 13 november 2017

I am looking forward to something new to talk about. Elon is announcing lots of things but they also need to start shipping them... solar tiles... i’m looking at you.

Remnant | 14 november 2017


Let's proclaim the end of the illiterate posts ... !

SCCRENDO | 14 november 2017

@Brain_Remnant. You could go a long way to solving that problem by not posting.

SamO | 14 november 2017

ha ha ha

massimob30 | 14 november 2017

Frank99, you can find one at MacArthur Park. Just bring a photo ID and some cash.