Will this trip make it?

Will this trip make it?

I have a trip next week from Latrobe PA airport for 1 week. As far as I can tell no charger at parking garage. Airport is 84 miles from home. So 84 miles each way with a cold weather sit for 1 week . 2015 MS 85D . How many rated miles will be consumed sitting in the cold 1 week?

dsnows | 13 november 2017

1% per day is the standard loss while sitting.

EVRider | 13 november 2017

You should be okay if you do a full charge before you leave. Any superchargers along the way just in case?

dsnows | 13 november 2017

I don’t know what direction your coming from, but there is a SuC about 20 mi west of Latrobe. Another a little farther away east south east.

s.grot | 13 november 2017

Is the 1% loss /day dependent on outside temperature? I thought cold weather it was more.

jeffpaul | 13 november 2017

Download plugshare on your phone. There are a few CHAdeMo/CCS/SAE stations not far from that airport. Not as fast as a supercharger, but definitely a good backup plan if required.

p.c.mcavoy | 13 november 2017

@s.grot - loss will be a bit dependent on cold. You might consider even plugging into a 120V outlet at the airport with your UMC if that's possible, but I expect you will be ok without it provided it stays above freezing most days. The one thing you can do to minimize loss is to totally shut the app on your phone down and NOT check on it. This will allow the car to go into a deep sleep mode which helps minimize range loss.

AoneOne | 13 november 2017

Have you used evtripplanner or other method to estimate the range consumed during the 84-mile trips? Depending on your speed, the terrain, and your use of cabin heating, that 84 mile trip might consume as much as 110 miles of range. Your 85D should still make it (starting pre-heated w/ 100% charge), but it's worth checking.

Rocky_H | 14 november 2017

Yeah, I'm going to go with @AoneOne: The 84 mile trip in the cold of mid November Pennsylvania is definitely going to use up more than 84 rated miles each way, so I sure wouldn't want to try to do that without any charging. When you get back, just catch a Supercharger on your way home.

dpollino | 15 november 2017

Tesla, we need airport mode! The GPS knows when you are at an airport. It should ask if you want to enter airport mode, then all power saving features are enabled, like disabling pre-conditioning, always connected, etc.

kerryglittle | 16 november 2017

1% a day is average, but yes cold weather will increase the drainage. One thing owners fail to recognize is to stop using your phone to check on your car if its not being used for a while. No need for airport mode or other things. The car will power itself down to save energy but the minute you use your phone to check it out or just to look at the picture of it then that will wake up your car and will consume energy until it powers itself down again. I know its a habit most of us get into and thats fine if you aren't depending on using that extra juice. Also I am sure there are public charging stations along your route. For the sake of ten bucks to have to pay for a charge don't worry about it. Your navigation will point these out and will let you know if you have enough engery or not to get home. Have a safe and relaxing trip. Stop worrying. :-)

jordanrichard | 16 november 2017

dpollino, one can already put the car in Energy Save mode which shuts the car completely, apart from what is required for the operation of the FOB and cell signal for the app.

OP, one way to save power while away, don't use the app to check in on the car. That only wakes the car up.

DLebryk | 17 november 2017

You won't have a problem going to the airport - just do the warm up trick most people use during cold weather.

On the way back, if it is below 40 degrees, the car will take a lot of energy to warm the battery. Even if you don't turn on the interior heater, the car will go crazy using 600-900 wh/mile for the first 10 minutes or so. Once the battery is warm, power use will go down significantly. It will look like you won't make it home, just keep driving, you'll make it just fine.

I can't really speak to sitting around not being used for a week. It really isn't different from it sitting in your garage. You're not going to magically lose 20 or 30 miles of range sitting for a week. The loss will be insignificant compared to a cold soaked battery (assuming truly cold weather while parked).

The warm up trick if haven't learned it yet - the night before set your car to charge to the normal level. About an hour before it is time to leave, move the charge up to full 100% trip charge. Then about 10-15 minutes before you leave, turn on the heater with the app.

You will still use some energy getting the battery warmed up when you leave, but the loss will be smaller. There's no way around the battery heating once you get moving.

And unless you set the interior temperature to 75 or 80 degrees, the interior heater isn't the massive energy drag, it is battery heating that eats range.

You can try range mode - all that does is spread heating the battery up over a longer time period. It is more efficient than normal mode, so you get a net lower loss of range. The interior still warms up, just a little slower.

All that is necessary if the temperature is below 40 degrees.

kerryglittle | 18 november 2017

I'm interested to know how his trip went when he gets home and if he had any problems..or anxiety. LOL.

s.grot | 20 november 2017

I asked a neighbor to take me to avoid the car sitting for a week; max charged to 250 miles; used 125 rated miles to get there; 89 miles driven; kept speed at 65 mph ; 35F with headwinds. Poor neighbor had range anxiety; got home with 13 miles left. This MX 90D VIN -69xx has lost about 20 miles of range in 18,000 miles; much worse than my MS 85D vin -72xxx; with 36k miles, which charges to within a few miles of when new.

bp | 20 november 2017

NOTE - to maximize energy saving, make sure the "always connected" is NOT checked. Even if you don't periodically connect to the car, if the car stays connected to the network, it seems to use more than 1% charge per day.

kerryglittle | 20 november 2017

Thanks for letting us know the car made it there and back. That was a better idea to have a neighbour take you instead of leaving your car there for a week. I would be more nervous about vandals than anything. I bet your neighbour had fun driving the car too. Minus the range anxiety. LOL.
Have seen a video on YouTube about a guy who wanted to see how far his Tesla would go before completely dying. Definitely not good for the car to drain it completely but guess he didn't care. Anyways I believe he managed to squeeze an extra 40 past zero miles out of the car before it stopped dead. The car will start to shut down things not necessary to conserve energy when it starts to get low too. Glad you had a nice relaxing trip. :-)

p.c.mcavoy | 20 november 2017

@bp - I find leaving always connected on makes very little difference. The key is to enable energy saving and to fully close out the app on your phone. I find doing that and I have minimal loss even with always connected on.

kerryglittle | 20 november 2017

I agree p.c.mcavoy. Using the App looking at your car and status is the biggest drain. Plus if anybody tried to steal your car it would be nice to know where it went. LOL.
Haven't really heard of anyone yet stealing a Tesla but did hear that one of the owners dropped his FOB beside his car when he was going into work. Later when he was looking for his FOB he discovered it wasn't where he left it in his coat. Guess what? Yup someone went for a joy ride in his car. He saw it on the App and called the police. The totally bizarre part was before the police got to him the crook brought the car back and left the FOB on top of the car. True story.

Bighorn | 20 november 2017

Don’t go starting rumors about a reserve capacity. The most I’ve ever seen stated is 17 miles and that was before some firmware changes that might have eliminated it. People have run out of juice at zero miles, so don’t bank on a buffer.

kerryglittle | 20 november 2017

Just reporting what I saw on YouTube Bighorn. I would never try that for sure. Afraid it could cause battery damage. Of course that could be "fake news" LOL. No rumour mill here.

Bighorn | 20 november 2017

The battery does have an inaccessible buffer that keeps it from getting to 0 truly, thereby protecting it from that unstable state.

kerryglittle | 20 november 2017

Good to know but not to depend on that. No excuse with all the public chargers around unless the charger didn't work. If it ever got that low to the remaining few miles with no chargers in sight I would just call roadside assistance or get it towed to a super charger.