Tesla Roadster Plaid Mode Demo!

Tesla Roadster Plaid Mode Demo!

Tropopause | 17 november 2017

Thanks, Brooks! Hearing You say the new Roadster is the "real deal" really gives some credibility to this new project from Tesla.

carlk | 17 november 2017

Thanks for the video.

inconel | 17 november 2017

Thanks! The itch is getting unbearably worse after watching this video!

DTsea | 18 november 2017

Clearly tbough the little stalk is not a paddle shifter asvthe sceen shows PNRD at the top.

b.tesla | 18 november 2017

Awesome. At 4:07 in the video, the center screen goes to plaid! I've been a big Mel Brooks and Spaceballs fan for a long time, and I get a good kick & laugh out of seeing these references.

Tropopause | 19 november 2017

Brook has been enjoying his new McLaren 720S lately. He raced it against his P100D and you can see that beyond 60 mph the McLaren dominates. The 720S is a fast car compared with all the super cars and at a fraction of the price, that is until the new Tesla Roadster arrives! Here are some stats I gathered while watching his McLaren race, which are all better than McLaren's published numbers. For comparison, the new Tesla Roadster stats are listed along side the McLarens :

0-60: McLaren 2.5, Roadster 1.9

0-100: McLaren 5.1, Roadster 4.2

1/4 mile: McLaren 9.9 (141mph) Roadster 8.9 (150?)

1/2 mile: McLaren ? (174 mph), Roadster ? (?)

TopSpeed: McLaren 220, Roadster 250+

What's interesting is that the Roadster increases the lead from the McLaren at each benchmark indicating the Tesla power does not drop off at high speed.

Dreamknightmanga | 22 november 2017

Man, I wish I hadn't seen that video. It's going to be a long wait.

james.nicklin | 22 november 2017

My my best calculations the acceleration from 60-100 needs to be nearly constant all the way to 180 to hit 8.9 in the quarter. By the way, this means it will be doing nearly 180 in the quarter. I guesstimate the Founders edition will do the quarter in 7.9 at 200.

steven | 26 januari 2018

A little bird told me that the Roadster can already do 0-60mph in 1.7s. But you didn't hear it from me :-D

Tropopause | 1 februari 2018

I’n sure Ferrari will have no problem beating Tesla’s Rosdster performance specs. At least that’s what Marchionne claims.

eric.zucker | 5 februari 2018

@tropopause: with an Ice? Not a chance.

If Ferrari decides to fight head-on, they have to beat Tesla’s power to weight ratio.

This means:
1- Go electric, or hybrid with a gas turbine power plant, maybe
2- manage torque adequately to control wheel spin and maximize acceleration
3- bring this at a price point competitive with the Roadster.

Tesla’s Roadster leaves the Bugatti Chiron in its rear sights, Ferrari is way, way, way behind.

New talent needed in Modena/Maranello, Italy. Old school doesn’t even have a clue where to begin.

brando | 5 februari 2018

Seems to me, we are at tire adhesion limits.
Roadster currently being traction control limited up to about 70 mph [113 Km/h] about 1.4 G force.
Here is a more technical analysis of tire limits

enssea.algerie | 30 november 2018

My best estimations the increasing speed from 60-100 should be almost consistent the distance to 180 to hit 8.9 in the quarter. Coincidentally, this implies it will do almost 180 in the quarter. I guesstimate the Founders version will do the quarter in 7.9 at 200.