About that steering wheel.

About that steering wheel.

Is that just to make sure you're holding it at 2 and 10? What happens when you're making a turn? Do we see it in any cars other than in movies.

blunt2544 | 18 november 2017

Keep in mind this was just for the demo of the car. During the demo of the Model 3 the steering wheel was quite different than what was presented in that demo.

inconel | 19 november 2017

Maybe in the production version it can retract totally into the dashboard when FSD

jordanrichard | 19 november 2017

I wouldn’t look at the details like that as being the final version. Notice that the gray one that was on display had a huge wiper arm, which IMHO looked completely out of place. Yet, if you go to the Roadster page of Tesla’s site, there is no wiper arm to be seen.

Tropopause | 19 november 2017

Jordan- looking at the hood-to-windshield section, there is no gap. I can only imagine this reduces drag at 250+ miles per hour. Of course the problem arises as to where to house a windshield wiper. I'm wondering if the windshield wiper is removable when not in use or if Tesla simply hasn't finalize the design?

Carlk- that yolk-style steering wheel looks pretty cool to me. Don't Formula One cars have some similar style steering wheel?

carlk | 19 november 2017

Tropo Yes indeed. I checked some F1 videos. It seems the driver never needed to turn the steering wheel for more than 90 degrees. I wonder if they use more aggressive steering wheel ratio and if that could work on a street car. My bet would be it will be different in the production car.

Tropopause | 19 november 2017

Carlk,- possibly Tesla could make the steering response vary according to speed. Airplanes do this with flight control input/response as speed increases. This will give you the maneuverability at low speeds and stability at high-speeds. The Tesla Roadster, being software-based, has many advantages.

carlk | 19 november 2017

Good point it makes sense. I don't think I would want to make an U-turn at 100 mph. Franz did make a U-turn in the unveiling event. Geuss that steering wheel does work.

Tesla2018 | 19 november 2017

Where would they put a US required drivers airbag?

Nexxus | 20 november 2017

Remember the steering wheel Elon said would be in the Model 3, think of a spaceship? Well, maybe he meant it would be for the new roadster, or in his other vernacular: "soon". Just didn't come out in time for the M3.

Haggy | 29 november 2017

I think it's more fair to say that it doesn't have a steering wheel. It has a steering control, but I know what a wheel is and that ain't it.

Tropopause | 29 november 2017

I wonder if the "yoke" push/pulls for some functional benefit?

inconel | 29 november 2017

in the non-base version you pull it towards you to gain in altitude

Mark K | 10 december 2017

Everything that’s smarter seems odd at first, until you fall in love with the advantages.

These new controls are not a styling exercise. Tesla is evolving steering because it can be made to work better.

Just like the HVAC univent.

It’s easy to resolve high / low speed use cases in firmware. Not just variable speed, but instant full lock if you crank against an end-stop sensor, while say, parking.

Can pretty much do it all with +|- 70 degrees.

The likely direction for all Tesla models, with further rev’s as FSD becomes popular.

carlk | 11 december 2017

Agreed. The designer should have thought of everything we could think of. If it will not work better than what we have now, and not a good solution for every concern we might have, there is no chance it will get implemented.

cephellow | 11 december 2017

It’s cool. I like cool. Dropping 250k on a car ain’t an exercise in careful practical evaluation. I do that at work, not play.

jordanrichard | 12 december 2017

People do realize that the steering wheel is just a place holder. The car is 3 years away from production, a lot can/will change. When the X was revealed, it didn't have side mirrors, we know how that turned out.

steven | 26 januari 2018

@jordanrichard: but now they have the hardware in the side repeaters to replace the side mirrors with cameras. They do need legislation to change in all countries all over the world to be able to dismiss them all.

Other manufacturers have displayed autonomous vehicles with a narrow rectangular shape. So, it could indeed be geared towards the concept of a retractable steering wheel. All I know is that in Knight Rider David Hasselhoff did a fine job catching the bad guys with such a steering wheel :-D