Tesla Receipt of Wire Transfer

Tesla Receipt of Wire Transfer

Wired my deposit for the Roadster last Friday. How long does it normally take Tesla to acknowledge receipt of the wire and to finalize the reservation?

b.tesla | 20 november 2017

I wish I knew. I wired my deposit on Friday, too. While at the bank, they told me that it would go out that day because it was before 4pm. Saturday evening, I received an automated email from Tesla. Instead of "we received your wire and your reservation is complete", it said "your reservation will be complete when your wire transfer payment is received". Strangely, that email lists a bank swift code that is not listed when I login to my Tesla account, though the routing number and account number are the same.

I called Tesla sales Saturday evening and talked to someone. He said to wait until Wednesday, but I got the feeling that Roadster sales were new to him and he was trying to figure it all out, too.

With a 10 day countdown to finalize reservations, including 2 weekends and Thanksgiving holiday, there aren't many business days to wrap this up.

Rich S | 20 november 2017

I received the identical email from Tesla on Saturday evening. The swift code is for International transfers from one Country to another. The ABA Routing Number you used is all you need for a domestic transfer.

carlk | 20 november 2017

Thanks for the pointer. I did not realize this will be a short week and may not be able to get the transfer done before the deadline which is 11/27 for me if I wait until later. Just went to the bank and got the transfer done. It will not be transferred until tomorrow even my bank and Tesla's are both Wells Fargo. I'll check back tomorrow.

Mel. | 20 november 2017

I called Tesla to see if they received the wire transfer. They said that many calls and would check . They would call me back if there was a problem.
Sounds like they received a lot of money today

Rich S | 20 november 2017

Reservation "Confirmed" as of 7pm tonight. One business day to record receipt of my Friday wire transfer.

b.tesla | 20 november 2017

Yes, when I login to My Tesla account, my reservation is confirmed, too, though I haven't received the official email. It is a little after 7pm CST here. One minor thing that I assume they'll get resolved quickly is that it shows only my wire transfer amount for my reservation payments, and not the additional $5k credit card charge.

So far, so good; it is in my nature to be a little uneasy when I know a large sum of money has left my account, but I'm not sure if it got to the correct recipient until 3 days later.

Rich S | 20 november 2017

Yes, when I login to My Tesla account, my reservation is confirmed, too, though I haven't received the official email. It is a little after 7pm CST here. One minor thing that I assume they'll get resolved quickly is that it shows only my wire transfer amount for my reservation payments, and not the additional $5k credit card charge.

Same here. Called cs and they are aware.

Tesla2018 | 20 november 2017

Wire transfers done on Saturday dont get to the Federal Reserve until the next business day. If you did it on Saturday your bank would send it Monday. Assuming Teslas account is in California then the earliest they would get it is after 12 EST. Some banks wait and send out wires at various times during the day and other banks might deposit them into customers accounts at various times instead of when they are actually received.
A swift or IBAN number is only for foreign wires. It is a code that tells the correspondent US bank what bank it goes to in the foreign country. Most foreign banks have accounts with Chase or other international banks with offices in multiple countries. Also the government monitors wire transfers to make sure that it isnt coming from or going to a person on the terrorist list. If your name is Miranda it could be a possible hit since the name cointains the word Iran in it. And due yo fraud most bank scrutinized large wire tranfers. If you just putca check into your account for 250K your bank may make you wait a week for it to clear before they allow you to wire it out.

flight505 | 21 november 2017

I wired my 45K balance on Monday morning. I am a little bit worried as the My Tesla page is still waiting for the balance of my deposit on Tuesday afternoon. Also, I did not receive that return call they mentioned. Are they just too busy to acknowledge receipt of $45,000 because the $5,000 went up right away.

Mel. | 21 november 2017

I would bet you have an answer within 2 Hours.
Anyway that is how it worked out yesterday. Hope I am right, as I am in the same boat

Rich S | 21 november 2017

@ flight505

Wired my funds last Friday afternoon and my account reflected the payment late (around 7pm ET) on Monday evening. I would check again later tonight or tomorrow night. I still have not received an acknowledgement, of any kind, from Tesla for receipt of the wire.

In addition, my account reflects reservation payments of $45,000 (not $50,000) with a purchase price of $200,000 - balance due at delivery. Spoke to cs today and they acknowledged the error on their site within my account. They assured me that my actual account was correct and reflected both payments totaling $50,000. The also said they would pass along the error to their technical support team.

Dreamknightmanga | 21 november 2017

Sent mine is at 1pm. Now we wait.

Mel. | 21 november 2017

It looks like my guess was wrong.

Jimdow | 22 november 2017

I wired my funds on Monday morning and I still have no acknowledgment on my order page as of 10am on Wednesday.

carlk | 22 november 2017

Mine was done Monday afternoon and no acknowledgement either.

lawman | 22 november 2017

Sent Monday am and still waiting as well.

eric.zucker | 22 november 2017

Wired funds yesterday, this evening I confirmed over the phone it came through. Web site not updated yet, so I assume it takes 48 hours.

Dreamknightmanga | 22 november 2017

I called in and Tesla said it can take 2-3 days on their side from them to change over the status and send out emails.

regoapps | 22 november 2017

I also wired my money on Friday afternoon, and my bank deducted the $245,000 on Monday morning 9:33am according to the wire transfer receipt. Still no confirmation from Tesla, and website still says Awaiting Deposit. Will let you guys know when I get a confirmation on the website or email.

flight505 | 22 november 2017

I called 3 times and finally got a call back that they did receive my 45K for the remainder of the 50K - first 5K on credit card. However, my account still does not reflect the payment. I did get a reservation number and I wonder if those last three digits are sequential for order of deposit. Does anybody know?

eric.zucker | 24 november 2017

Still no web site update for me. I had 10 days to complete payment, maybe it will update at the end of the deadline?

The phone reassurance that my funds were received was welcome, it would be better if we had confirmation on the web.
Actually if the process was faster, it would save Tesla quite a few phone calls. Guys, think efficiency - you want to avoid these time wasting calls. Helps improve brand image, more professional, and better customer experience!

djacobsendk | 24 november 2017

I did my wire transfer to the European bank account on Monday. Tesla had the money in there account Tuesday morning.
Still no update on my account that they received my deposit.
Did send Tesla an email Wednesday. Still no answer.
Been trying to get a hold of a representative in the Netherlands for several hours today , just to be cut off the phone all the time.
Is this normal Tesla customer service???

eric.zucker | 24 november 2017

I remember when I ordered my X, it was really slow in communications. Things speed up a bit when you get to configure, then car gets built, shipped and delivered.

Very happy with my X, it was well worth it.

There is much room for improvement in pre-sales. Just acknowledge receipt of funds, a little thank you email, no big deal.

Tesla makes such incredible cars, it’s quite normal we should get excited and impatient to own and drive them!

Tropopause | 24 november 2017

Maybe the holiday weekend is slowing communications down?

regoapps | 24 november 2017

I just called for the first time. They said that they will be reaching out to everyone who put a deposit down (or forgot to) next week. The website isn't being updated until then. Expect a call next week from Tesla.

Mel. | 24 november 2017

When I order the signature S. I was number 245. Now I received order number 6104. This was in answer to an e mail about the wired $ 45,000.. does that indicate 6103 are in front or something else
Yes they did get the wired money but no update to my acct.

Tropopause | 24 november 2017

Wow! Roadster is very popular.

flight505 | 24 november 2017

Mel - I asked about sequence numbers and Tesla rep didn't know.

b.tesla | 24 november 2017

@Mel., that is an interesting question about order numbers; maybe it is worthy of its own thread. I have lots of questions, but no answers. Is it safe to assume that the first 1000 will go to the Founders Series reservation holders, and then all of the other reservation holders after that. But what is the sequencing priority within those 2 groups? Initial reservation date? Wire transfer receipt date? Proximity to Fremont, CA factory? Existing Tesla owners? TSLA stock holders? etc.

But we all have to wait a few years from now.

Mel. | 25 november 2017

Thanks. I really like using the phone vs. e mail. However, I really think that Tesla is in this new age, where text/ e mail rule.
I think Tesla will clear some of this up, once they get a handle on all these orders. If not I will ask them these questions.
I also wonder how long it will be before they raise the price

carlk | 25 november 2017

"I also wonder how long it will be before they raise the price"

That's probably in a lot of people's mind when they made reservation three years ahead of time.

flight505 | 25 november 2017

Mel -
I never thought about Tesla raising the price. What's their track record on this?

I wonder about the car's weight and tire wear. I would bet they are relying on new battery technology that may not even be available today.

john | 25 november 2017

I would expect that founders are first, and the rest are prioritized by reservation date. Seems the only fair way. Regarding price, it is not fair to raise the price after accepting a deposit - maybe not even legal.

eric.zucker | 26 november 2017

John, correct. When we deposited a down payment it was for a certain product at a given price.
Tesla won’t change that.

However the price may change for new reservations later on.

carlk | 26 november 2017


Tesla does dynamically adjust price structure of its products. The "P" upgrade was real cheap in the very beginning. I believe it was only $10K~15K if you count free upgrades came with it. Tesla first took the 21" free upgrade away and then I believe the air suspension. Now you have to pay $35K for that "P" upgrade.

If number of pre-orders shows the Roadster is priced too low I believe Tesla will rethink how much it wants to charge for the car. It will not change the price for people who have already put down the deposit of course.

b.tesla | 26 november 2017

Regarding locking-in the price, I'm not entirely sure what I'm locked-in to vs. what will be additional. Looking at other Teslas, there are options for basic seats vs. premium seats, base model vs. performance model, some exterior paints cost extra, etc. Heck, I'm not entirely sure if we're going to get exterior door handles and a windshield wiper. :)

Mel. | 26 november 2017

carlk said it perfectly.
That is why we are so excited to be buying this for only $200,000. We will be getting it at the front of the line and possibly paying less than those who put their deposit down in a future year

Jimdow | 27 november 2017

I wired my funds on 11/20 and the website still says awaiting deposit. I know the funds were received.
What phone number can I call to find out what is going on?

Rich S | 27 november 2017

Jimdow the number is (888) 518-3752.

Mel. | 27 november 2017

Best to e mail. You will get an accurate written resply

Mel. | 27 november 2017


eric.zucker | 27 november 2017

Unfortunately Tesla can be quite slow responding to emails. Better call if you want a prompt answer.

I called last Wednesday, funds received and correctly linked to my reservation. Web site still now updated, and it’s surprisingly long. After all we were supply to wire within 10 days, which we did, it would be correct to formally acknowledge receipt promptly as well.

eric.zucker | 27 november 2017

Supposed not supply... darn autocorrect.

eric.zucker | 27 november 2017

Not updated.

Jinnymobile | 27 november 2017

I send an email Friday and got a respond today (Monday). So the email worked well enough for me.

john | 27 november 2017

The reason I put up the $50k was to secure a place in line. Given the 10 day requirement, it would be nice to have some hard confirmation, either shown on my account or an email, otherwise I get to wonder if I really have it. I wired my deposit over a week ago.

carlk | 27 november 2017

Just got off phone with the guy at Tesla. He said "operation" is working on them. It will take another few days to show up on the web page. Wired the fund last Tuesday.

flight505 | 27 november 2017

John - Tesla sales agent told me Tesla marks the time of wire transfer as your place in line, except the first 1,000 Founders series Roadsters are the first 1,000 in line.

Roamer@AZ USA | 27 november 2017

Ordered Founder edition around 8:00 AM on the 17th. Wired funds around 10:00 AM on the 17th and noticed a funded confirmed order at 10:00 PM on Monday the 20th.

Amazing you can order a car and not waste one second on a phone call. Bam bam done.

Tesla order number 13.

eric.zucker | 28 november 2017

Congrats Roamer@AZ!

I’m reservation number xxxxx404