Will this PPF self heal?

Will this PPF self heal?

I noticed this today. Looks like someone banged into my door. AFAIK this blemish is the film and not the underlying paint. This is Suntek film. Does anyone know if this will self-heal (presumably in the summer heat)?

Ohmster | 25 november 2017

I've seen minor pulls that did not break the surface re-heal. This one looks to me like its more than a simple deformation. So it may not. Hard to say.

loc_nguyen | 25 november 2017

To answer your question, I believe Suntek PPF has self healing ability. Try leave it out in hot sun or use a heat gun.

The stress of having your dream car and having to park near dumb a$$ people. Some lady slammed her purse on my door creating clear coat scratches (thankfully) . I saw her with my own eyes while sitting in a restaurant. I let it go. I felt it’s more troubling to confront her.

So I’m getting my 2017 S fully wrapped in Xpel Ultimate AND I will avoid taking it to crowded areas from (Malls, movie theaters, etc...) I really don’t like people as it is. Some people make me lose faith in humanity.

Ohmster | 25 november 2017

@Loc_Nguyen. If you "don't like people as it is", have you not already pretty much lost faith in humanity? :(

loc_nguyen | 25 november 2017

I haven’t lost my faith in humanity entirely. I was speaking generally. I’m skeptical with people until they can prove other wise.

Ohmster | 25 november 2017

^@Loc_Nguyen. I'm the opposite. Generally give folks the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong. Still, I park galaxies away from everyone else just in case. :)

HADRON COLLIDER | 30 november 2017

I also most always park away from the crowds. I like to do "10,000 steps a day" so walking more to save my vehicle appearance is entirely consistent.

I used to try to park adjacent to high end cars like new BMWs, Porsches, MBs, etc. till I witnessed a gal in ?her Bentley whack the car next to her--in such a hurry to depart was she!

HADRON COLLIDER | 30 november 2017

"Whack" as in opening her door & whacking the one next to hers (not colliding her car).

PeteB Lake Oswego | 5 december 2017

+1 Hadron, I'm all about parking a ways away and just walking! Funny watching people drive around and around, looking for a spot in the parking lot that's 30 feet closer....

NomoDinos | 5 december 2017

It looks a bit heaped up around the edges to fix itself in the sun. I've had light scratches "self-heal" on my Stealth XPEL wrap, but only very superficial ones. Using a hair-dryer in combination with repeated pressure does seem to improve even the deeper scratches.

Don't know about the Suntek, but I get the feeling they're all pretty similar.

kerryglittle | 10 december 2017

It don't matter where you park the human element will search you out. Several years ago I took my Acura NSX out for a drive and had to quick run into a Mall to get a watch battery for my daughter and parked far away in the back from other cars. Wasn't gone ten minutes but when I came out some guy in his Mini Van had parked beside me with a couple of kids going over my car. Kids were on each side of the car with their greasy hands and faces pushed against my side windows trying to look inside. They saw me walking towards my car and quickly scrambled back into their kid hauler and left. Had to get the glass cleaner out at home to wipe the smudges. Thank God they didn't have belt buckles on. Some people just have no borders or respect.

rxlawdude | 10 december 2017

@Hadron Collider, you just met the Bentley Collider.

God only knows what happens when two colliders collide! :-)