15” displays need anti-theft docking stations to thwart stupid Thieves

15” displays need anti-theft docking stations to thwart stupid Thieves

Thieves will think it’s a tablet and they’ll start ripping them off the dash. Hopefully someone will start selling a docking station because these won’t last long parked in most metro cities.

Carl Thompson | 28 november 2017

LOL. I don't think that will be a problem.

Tesla2018 | 28 november 2017

Havent heard any S or X owners saying they have been getting stolen and they have 2 displays.

Xerogas | 28 november 2017


andy.connor.e | 29 november 2017

People are breaking into your houses because they think your 60" TV is a tablet. Your house wont last long in most metro cities.

RadOne | 29 november 2017

@andy When I lived in NYC, I had my car broken into several times. I never had my apartment broken into. No comparison.

andy.connor.e | 29 november 2017

oh stop it

LA-Fohlen | 29 november 2017

What kind of docking station would that be. i thought the screen is already mounted to the dash.

andy.connor.e | 29 november 2017

I think hes saying it should have a docking station, so that way you can take the screen off the dash, supposedly deterring people from stealing it. Even though, if someone were to actually steal the Model 3 display, it would be a 15" display. And thats it. Not like you're stealing all the software or computing power. all it is, is a 15" touchscreen monitor that you'd be stealing. #Werth

Rutrow | 29 november 2017

The screen needs a screen overlay that makes it look like the screen glass is shattered. Nobody wants to steal a broken tablet. My wife had a phone stolen from our dinner table in Marrakech. My broken screen phone, lying right beside it, was left behind.

LA-Fohlen | 29 november 2017

@andy - that reminds me of a Mr Bean episode in which he takes the steering wheel with him.

Yodrak. | 29 november 2017

"Thieves will think it’s a tablet and they’ll start ripping them off the dash."

The touch screen is solidly mounted, ripping one off the dash will take some doing and will most likely ruin the unit and the dash along with it. I think an intending thief will quickly give up on their first try, although the frustration might stimulate them to smash the screen before leaving.

SUN 2 DRV | 29 november 2017

Are you thinking of a docking station to help keep the screen in the car (it's already bolted down). Or are you wanting a docking station to help make the screen usable after you and your buddies remove them from the cars? :-)

Ninefiveone | 29 november 2017

This fundamentally misunderstands how thieves think and work. Thieves only steal things they can get value out of, either by using it or reselling it. A 15" screen from a tesla model 3 is worthless. Can't be used, can't be sold. Thieves quickly figure out what things are easy to take that are easy to get value out of, and what things have no value.

They are far more likely to break windows to get into the trunk if they suspect there's something of value in the trunk then they are to bother with a worthless screen.

andy.connor.e | 29 november 2017

Also, breaking into a car that has a camera mounted above the rear view mirror, is not the brightest of ideas. OP is clearly a thinking type of person.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 november 2017

I doubt many thieves would be willing to do the work necessary to break into the car and then attempt to remove the screen. Leave a laptop or tablet on the seat, and it would be all about the smash & grab. It is much more likely that people who resent electric vehicles as 'cars for the rich' (ie, 'stupid people') for political reasons will commit vandalism out of misguided frustration and misinformed retaliation than out of theft. Most of them will just 'roll coal' in their stinky dirty diesels as they have done to PRIUS and VOLT drivers over the years. Mischief is one thing, destruction of private property is another, once the cops show up. People may act crazy, when they are acting, but they generally know better and back down when it really comes down to it.

RedPillSucks | 29 november 2017

I think what OP is saying that thieves will mistakenly think the display is a tablet and try to steal it.
They wont be successful, but they'll F-up your car in the process. We're not necessarily talking about smart thieves,
just opportunistic thieves.

Haggy | 29 november 2017

Are you implying that thieves are stupid? I think that's correct.

Carl Thompson | 29 november 2017

Hans was an exceptional thief... and definitely not stupid.

Yodrak. | 29 november 2017

Who's implying? The OP did write "stupid Thieves"

andy.connor.e | 30 november 2017

A thief may be stupid enough to break into a car that has an integrated camera facing the cabin. But if a thief is stupid enough to do that, they're definitely stupid enough to not know how to remove the screen from the dashboard (without breaking it) in a timely fashion.

Xerogas | 30 november 2017

Ironically, if OP’s wish came true, it would become *easier* to steal a screen attached to some kind of slide-off docking station. Permanently attaching it to the dash makes this impossible.

Carl Thompson | 30 november 2017

Most thieves would have no idea the car has an interior camera. Most owners will have no idea.

Knowledgeable thieves will know the camera does nothing currently.

stevenroglen | 30 november 2017

Thieves are smart. I had a conversation with my boss yesterday about this. I work in transportation (containers and trailers) and my boss told me how thieves will hold for ransom trailers carrying pharmaceutical products because 1. it's tough to sell Asprin on the street and 2. If the manufacturer doesn't recover the product, the entire lot must be destroyed. Not just what is on the truck, but every single part of a lot that was manufactured, even if it's been on a shelf for 6 months, must be destroyed. Thieves kidnap the trailers and the companies will pay because only what is on the trailer needs to be destroyed since it fell out of their possession.

Thieves are smart. I'll feel just fine with my 3.

andy.connor.e | 30 november 2017

I think the point here, is that the tesla screen has to be able to be resold for enough to make it worth it. As far as i know, Tesla Model 3 screen is only valuable to someone with a Model 3. Until further notice, #NotWerth

Electric_Sheeple | 30 november 2017

If you are so worried, make a sticker for each window at eye level that says: "Smile! You are on 8 cameras!" =)

TranzNDance | 30 november 2017

Considering that thieves would break rear windows to access the trunk on the chance that there might be something valuable, I would not be surprised if an ignorant thief saw the Model 3 display and tried to steal it. On the S, the display looks integrated; on the 3, it looks removable, based on photos I found. I haven't seen one in person.

SUN 2 DRV | 30 november 2017

Steven: Your example shows that some thieves might be smart, or at least the organized crime folks can be very clever. But the average street criminal may not be nearly as smart, especially if they're doing it on impulse or to support a drug habit.

Rutrow | 2 december 2017

"As far as i know, Tesla Model 3 screen is only valuable to someone with a Model 3."

But it's only valuable to a Model 3 owner who needs a screen. While the manufacturer's warranty is still in effect, nobody would pay for one.

cascadiadesign | 2 december 2017

I like the "cracked screen" stick on overlay idea for those times you have to park in seedy areas.

Also a sticker that says "Car protected by Spiderman" will deter many.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 december 2017

Thieves who are well informed already know there is no market for Tesla components, and that the cars are both electric and always connected -- basically, cop bait. Stupid, opportunistic drug addicted thieves may not know this specifically, but even they will have more contacts for disposing of components for Honda, Cadillac, and BMW parts -- worst case, they'll mistake the emblem for Toyota or Maserati, then wonder where the engine went upon crow-barring open the frunk. Much more likely there will be instances of mischief and vandalism rather than theft, both in the short and long run. Until clear, pristine photos of assailants/perpetrators from passive surveillance are used as evidence for arrest, trial, and conviction.