Beware of body repair

Beware of body repair

Beware of significant delay in body repair in case of an unfortunate accident.

I was involved in an accident about four months ago.I called Tesla Body Shop support and was directed to
send my vehicle to Service king in West Goshen near Philadelphia.

It will be four months next week and I don't even know when my car will be ready. When I called the manager,
after three months,only sentence he will say, "few weeks." He kept on saying from the beginning,
"Tesla is slow in sending parts".

He has been so unapologetic for the reason for unreasonable delay and unprofessional that I am afraid to call him.

When I asked Tesla Body shop, they were apologetic and professional but still has Not provided real help.

Tesla denies any delay from their part and Body shop blames Tesla. Whom should I trust ?

Check with your insurance plans. Most car insurance now cover car rental only for about a month.

I will end up paying for car rental for 3-4 months depending when I get my car back.

I am still waiting for true support from Tesla Body and customer support.

Should i count on that?


olivia.davis262 | 11 december 2017

Funny, but I also had an accident with Tesla this May, in Canada, where im actualy living. I`ve just received mу Tesla from the USA (who are interested - through these guys and the next day, leaving my Spitz at the car for 10 minutes, turned, and found no glass, no Spitz .... So be careful what you are leaving in your car =) As for Tesla Body Shop, I`ve been waiting for my glass for a couple of months | 11 december 2017

@drnayanshah - It might be better to stick with one of your prior threads where Tesla and forum members have provided thoughtful suggestions and ideas. It seems you never responded to any of the suggestions. Just disappearing and recreating a thread with same things over and over is unlikely to solve your issues and may reduce your credibility to others. (many answers)