What color are the seats?

What color are the seats?

I just configured yesterday but realized today that there wasn't an option to configure the seat color. What color are the seats?

cornellio | 8 december 2017

Alas, the first production batch only comes with black seats. Later batches will have more color options.

EESROCK | 8 december 2017

Thanks cornellio

noleaf4me | 9 december 2017

@EESROCK -- maybe you should change your name to "undaarock"

EESROCK | 9 december 2017

@noleaf4me, ha, ha :) I actually tried to use volkerize to search the forums but didn't find anything. Then I searched and saw an article from 5 months ago saying the color would be black, but some interior shots showed tan and white, so I didn't know whether the 5 month old article was still valid. Glad to come out from under a rock :)

Nexxus | 12 december 2017

You may have any color you want, as long as its black!

Bluesday Afternoon | 12 december 2017


Just do what I plan. In an effort at full disclosure, no one likes my plan!

rxlawdude | 12 december 2017

@Nexxus, hey, what's the idea of stealing the Bell System's approach to interior decorating? ;-)

Nexxus | 20 december 2017

I dunno? I just sort of hit me..:-)

orasje | 21 december 2017

Are there any pictures for Model 3 interior Standard VS Upgrade? Does anyone know when will Model 3 be available in show-rooms (Alabama or Florida)

SUN 2 DRV | 21 december 2017

I haven't sat in an actual Model 3, but if they're like the Model S seats they're more like a very dark gray than an actual black.

I Wanna Go Fast | 21 december 2017

Here is where you'll be living shortly:,W38...
Happy days :)