How is the charging lifestyle with Tesla’s out in public.

How is the charging lifestyle with Tesla’s out in public.

Im feeling a January invite coming my way. Why? Its my bday month. Im in so cal. I lined up on 03/31. And just want to think positive.
One thing i’ve wondered is what do you do while you charge your car when out in public. Do people read a book? Thats what ik thinking of doing. Do people nap while charging? Any insight and good tips would be appreciated. Cant wait for my first trip to my local Tesla superchargers in Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga.

dyefrog | 15 december 2017

I don't have a Tesla yet but I do drive an EV. It's a runabout so no long distance charging and I've never had to sit idle while waiting, If I charge at a public charger, it's because I'm also patronizing the business anyway. But, it would be great if Tesla would allow the screen to access internet, Netflix, remote cable etc. to keep yourself entertained while waiting. They may already do this but I've been under the impression that any screen visible to the driver would not enable any of this "entertainment". It would be easy for them though to switch the availability on either while in park or charging. Now that I think of it, the fatality last year with autopilot was supposedly partly due to the driver watching a video rather than driving.

EESROCK | 15 december 2017

If there are shops nearby, I walk around. Rancho Cucamonga is a great place to stroll, especially Friday or Saturday nights where the scene seems quite lively. We saw some high-end sports cars either parked or driving around there.

If there's nothing to see, I listen to music, read, and break out the snacks.

12Brent | 15 december 2017

Hopefully most people will be sleeping in their beds. Superchargers are supposed to be for long distance travel, not everyday use. So, since I'm never charging anywhere but my house except for when I'm on long trips I'll probably be walking my dog while I charge.

phil | 15 december 2017

"How is the charging lifestyle"

If I ever even consider having a 'charging lifestyle', please shoot me in the head.

Yes, I'll be sleeping while my car charges.

burdogg | 15 december 2017

That was the theory 12Brent - but now Tesla is upping their supercharges for local charging as well - the rate of those charges will not be as fast as the other charges (I don't remember exact numbers, seems like normal charges are 120 kw, whereas these new urban charges will be 80 kw). They are doing this as they understand the model 3 is going to be reaching more and more people that don't have access to home charging, among probably other reasons too.

As for me - I am only using them on long distance trips, so it gives me time to go to the bathroom, or get something to eat, or just relax my eyes for a little bit. Sometimes read - and at least on the S/X - you have access to internet browser - which though is pretty slow, so just use phone - get updated on forum stuff, etc...

Rocky_H | 15 december 2017

Yeah, I wouldn't be hanging out by my car while it's charging. Go walk down the street to a coffee shop or something.

Haggy | 15 december 2017

I charge at home except on long trips. For those, I try to time it so that I can have a meal stop at the same time, and not have any time when I wouldn't be stopped anyway, if at all possible. If I couldn't charge at home, it's questionable whether I'd be buying a Tesla. At least that's the answer I would have given a few months ago. The current Fremont Supercharger is out of the way. Even though I could get there in under 15 minutes, depending on traffic, I wouldn't want to make a half hour trip and then sit there doing nothing, and there's not much to do there.

My wife works near the Mountain View Supercharger, so charging there would be convenient for her, but there's not much to do there either except maybe eat at the computer museum cafeteria. Her office is far enough that if she walked to it, she'd have to turn around and walk back by the time she got there, so it would still be wasted time.

Now that Tesla is finishing up a supercharger station at the Fremont Hub, I'd at least be able to park there and go to Target or Trader Joe's or Safeway, and possibly stop at a restaurant. I don't know if there's enough that I'd want to go there each week, but I wouldn't rule it out.

There are places like Oxnard where I'd be able to find enough to do each week if I lived reasonably close to the mall, and places like Dublin where the supercharger station is overcrowded and there's not much within walking distance for practical purposes.

It really comes down to where you live, and at the rate of Supercharger expansion, I'd expect the options to be far better over the period of ownership. When I got the Model S, it was a question of whether a trip was possible, and if so, which route to take. If I picked a viable route, it was clear which supercharger stations I had to stop at. These days, there might be a number of different routes, and even on the same route there might not be a single supercharger station that's mandatory and I might be able to pick which ones to stop at and which ones to skip depending on what time I want to stop and where I want to eat.

carlk | 15 december 2017

I have not used SC that many times. I know others like to converse with fellow Tesla owners there but I usually just stay in the car listen to music while the car is charging. I did once chat with a lady who was charging her Model X while I was still waiting for mine to be delivered in the early days.

Bluesday Afternoon | 15 december 2017

I rescue damsels in distress. Okay, one time. She locked her purse, phone and key fob in her car. No problem as I broke the window and got in. Correction, she used my phone to call her husband to unlock her car remotely. :)

burdogg | 15 december 2017

Simply Red - quit picking up on my wife at the charger - her description of the situation was more like this:

Creepy guy comes over to me, picking up on me. Kept trying to be nice, but he kept pushing himself on me. He even tried to get me to enter my contact info on his phone - so I used it to call my husband (me) instead, at which point, my husband politely asked creepy guy to go back to his car and leave my wife alone, or the cops would be arriving to settle the problem. At which point, creepy guy pinched wife on ass and walked back to his car and left.

That's the version I heard - :)

Oh wait, my wife just let me know, that wasn't at the supercharger - never mind, sorry for the defamation Simply Red, accept my apology :) Carry on, I will just sit here in my car reading my book now while I charge.

Bluesday Afternoon | 15 december 2017


jordanrichard | 15 december 2017

There are several things one can do. After returning from the bathroom, one could break out some glass cleaner and start cleaning the windows and something many people don't think about, their headlights and taillights. This especially important in the winter when your car gets covered in road salt. Headlights are no good is they are covered in salt and no one will see you as well from behind if your lights are caked in dirt/salt. Also be sure to clean the back up camera.

The above is if it is a just a bathroom break. If one is stopping to eat, well typically the car is done charging before you are done eating.

ddeboy | 15 december 2017

I don't know about any of you but I pass gas, pick my nose, sneeze/cough constantly-why, to keep fans away. I like my privacy-can't you tell?! LOL.
Seriously, restroom/eat/drink/clean my lights all around the car and sensors. Sometimes I just look at the car and smile. After all it is a thrillr.

PhillyGal | 15 december 2017

Since I'm certainly on a 2+ hour trip if I'm at a super charger, I'm going to the restroom of course!

I'll walk to the nearest store, gas station or rest stop (my favorite and most convenient.)
1 out of every 3 stops or so are usually a meal too so I'll visit a nearby restaurant.

On my most recent trip, stops ranged from 4 minutes (no kidding) to 45 (a far mall food court that took forever to get to) - with most being in the 15 minute range. The time it takes to use a rest room, fill up my water bottle from my trusty 2 gallon jug on the floor behind the driver's seat and check emails/texts/social media easily surpasses that of the needed time to charge.

vp09 | 15 december 2017

Hi 3dwin,
I've charged at Rancho Cucamonga 3 times in the last nearly 2 years we've had our S90Ds.
I always walk around the other cars when I charge there. There will be a few drivers sitting in the cars, and a few cars that are not Teslas-- fun to look at. (At the bottom end of the chargers are hookups for other EVs).
Last time, I talked to another owner for a long time about how amazing the Model S was. When he said he had not yet used AutoPilot or AutoPark, I asked him how many miles he had on his car, and he said 400!

3dwin | 15 december 2017


Thanks for the intel on the superchargers. Didn't know they had hookups for other ev's. Good and bad but sharing is a good thing I guess.

vp09 | 15 december 2017

3dwin, We drove to Texas and back summer of '16 in our new 90D and used SCs along the way (did not spend one cent for fuel, L.A. to Texas). I don't think we used one SC that had hookups for other EVs-- the Rancho Cucamonga one is the only one I've seen like that.

Bluesday Afternoon | 15 december 2017


Rancho Cucamonga Superchargers are in a mall parking lot. I’ve been to well over 50 different Superchargers and this setup is atypical. Apparently the mall owner setup two EV chargers next to the Tesla chargers which I applaud. It was the first time I really got to look at the i8. Hopefully more charging locations will do this.

Bluesday Afternoon | 15 december 2017



robert.s.bjekich | 15 december 2017

Go to Paul Martin's or Lucille's in Rancho Cucamonga and have a great lunch or dinner.

jefjes | 15 december 2017

Has anyone ever had food delivered to their car while charging? Seems like when charging in an unfamiliar area and there isn't places to eat visible from where you are, couldn't you just phone in a delivery to your location from the nearest pizza etc. delivery joint?

carlk | 16 december 2017

In theory there is not reason you couldn't. Not sure if anyone has tried that. I wouldn't want to eat pizza in my car though.

eeb9 | 16 december 2017

I had pizza delivered to a random grid coordinate in the middle of Ft Irwin once, where the driver was met by a helicopter to transport the pizzas to their final destination

If they can do that, they can surely find a Supercharger site, yes? ;-)

KP in NPT | 16 december 2017

Things I've done while supercharging:

Eaten a meal at a nearby restaurant
Gone grocery shopping
Coffee/bathroom break
catch up on FB/Forum/email/general time spent on internet
Removed bugs from nosecone
Chatted with people interested in the car
Chatted with other owners

Coastal Cruiser. | 16 december 2017

When I occasionally drive for Uber I'll get pickup requests at a SC. They want to go explore somewhere for a half an hour or so... then be driven back. Cheaper than helicopters.

grizmatt | 16 december 2017

Eat something. Bathroom break. Take @jordanrichard's advice, clean windows, lights, and check tire pressure. Remember that your car will charge faster when its charge state is lower.

Looking so forward to more Superchargers in New England. We travel to Boston semi-frequently from SE Connecticut, a trip just out of full range for our new (used) 2014 S85. This trip has us charging in Auburn, MA. Unfortunately, Auburn Mall is a good 5mins. off the Mass Pike, and the food options at the Auburn Mall food court are...less than desirable. Not a huge deal, just sayin'. A Supercharger right on the Mass Pike between Auburn and Boston would be a plus. Wasn't there one planned for Natick? Anyone know where that one is to be?

We'd love to Supercharge in Boston, but rather not pay to park in the Prudential Center garage to do so. Are any of the planned sites in Boston going to feature free parking? Maybe just wishful thinking...

Holiday Best, Matt

joemar10 | 16 december 2017

@Coastal_Cruiser That's interesting. I too, drive for Uber and Lyft. I am retired, and my wife still works 4 days a week. I drive sort of as a hobby, early morning, before she leaves for work. We have a dog that we don't like to leave for too long at a a time. I have not picked up at SC, but yesterday dropped off 100 ft. from one. I got 65 free miles while waiting for my next fare. This is atypical, so I don't think Elon will call me on it. I also have my Model X 100D on Turo, so I hand out cards to prospective renters when it feels right.

KP in NPT | 16 december 2017

@grizmatt - 7 superchargers in MA have been permitted/begun construction or opened since the beginning of the month (and one in Old Lyme just permitted yesterday) - one in Framingham I think in shoppers world. check out and/changes.

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 december 2017

I always carry in the side pocket of my trunk a Costco sleeve of fiber cloths, window spray, Maguire’s Waterless Car Wash and bottle of Maguire’s Detailer. If I’m doing a 40-50 minute charge I can complete a Model S car wash and clean the windows and even apply the detailing spray wax. I’ll go through 7-10 rags which is the key to not scratching the clear coat.

KP in NPT | 16 december 2017

@Red - I have a similar setup concocted for my hubby for a stocking stuffer. (Our stockings are gigantic.) ha

SamO | 16 december 2017


I've charged at most of the SoCal Superchargers including:

Culver City
Burbank #1
Burbank #2
Rancho Cucamonga
San Juan Capistrano
San Clemente
San Diego
Buena Park
Santa Ana
Fountain Valley

Each Supercharger has a "vibe" for lack of a better word. Most are at Malls or Outlets. Some are strip malls. Hawthorne doesn't have much around it. Except for rockets, hyperloop and The Boring Company. Redondo is located at a hotel.

So cleaning your car, reading emails or a book, taking a walk or going shopping are a variety of activities that are usually available or nearby.

Now if you charge late at night (as I often do when I drive between Santa Monica and San Diego), napping is appropriate.

KP in NPT | 16 december 2017

Agh I forgot the best supercharging activity ever!! When I was with SamO as he supercharged @hawethorne, we roamed the design studio parking lot and saw a newly released model 3 - then SpaceX rocket parts, then the hyper loop test track and big hole in the ground. :)

SamO | 16 december 2017


And they have food trucks for employees during the day . . . AND . . . Eureka Tasting Kitchen is a 10-minute walk.

So, I revised my previous statement. Hawthorne rocks!

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 december 2017

SamO said, "So, I revised my previous statement. Hawthorne rocks!"

I think he meant, "Hawthorne rockets!"

SamO | 16 december 2017

Little from column "A", little from column "B"

Coastal Cruiser. | 16 december 2017

joemar10, so you are ride sharing with a Model X? I always thought that would be the dream machine for Ubering.

So you are qualified for Uber, UberX, and Uber Black?

Bri | 20 december 2017

I’d love to see workout facilities in the larger stations, especially the ones located for road trippers. A few treadmills, a weight machine, maybe even a yoga room. Something to get the blood flowing on charging breaks on long trips.

I Wanna Go Fast | 21 december 2017

I'd suggest installing the chargepoint app on your phone and looking for free J1772 charge locations where you already travel.