What would make a good Tesla themed gift for christmas?

What would make a good Tesla themed gift for christmas?

For all our families and friends they have endured with us all the talk of our upcoming model 3. So naturally they would know anything Tesla would be a good gift. Last year my brother got me the big heavy Tesla jacket which was really cool. This year all I would want besides my configuration email is simple a Tesla thin sweathshirt. But curious to see what else would be a good gift.

TheChad | 15 december 2017

An empty box because hardly anyone has a Model 3 yet! Just kidding, check out the shop page here or go shop on Model3OwnersClub dot com. They have some pretty cool accessories and clothing.

riverFox | 15 december 2017
PhillyGal | 15 december 2017

The phone charger holder that's shaped like a super charger for your desk top!

A charge cord holder.

All weather floor mats for your 3.

And yes, a jacket. My husband surprised me with one Christmas 2015 - 12.5 months after we took delivery where apparently I had made a comment about how much I liked the jacket our delivery specialist was wearing. He got me the same one <3 | 15 december 2017

The Model 3 Owner's Club has some fun T-shirts. I like the one that says "My other car is a reservation."

dyefrog | 15 december 2017

Alex on the E for Electric vlog had a t-shirt with the Tesla logo and below it the words "Legalize it" which I thought cool.

3dwin | 15 december 2017

I got two Tesla Jackets. One is the thicker one for when I leave California in the winter. The other, is the thin black one some employees wear. Havent worn either one as I'm waiting to be an official owner. I feel then I would have the right to wear them.

PhillyGal | 15 december 2017

@3dwin - You better wear that jacket! Owner, enthusiast, future owner - it's all good.

Rutrow | 15 december 2017

A hat... or a cat... Those seem to be very desirable.

drussellmiller | 15 december 2017

I love the "My other car is a Reservation" shirt idea, but I got myself a 3TESLA3 license plate (Arizona, so it is taken). It looks silly on my Mercedes but will look just fine on the Tesla, should I get it within my lifetime. Other versions (TESLA3, MYTESLA) were already gone. I didn't reserve until October 2016 so I'll be lucky to get it by summer, then I can test out the glass roof in the heat!

owlegrad2 | 15 december 2017

Someone got me a Model S model car (like a matchbox car basically) and a sign that said "Tesla Parking Only", both of which I thought were cool.

noleaf4me | 15 december 2017

My son 3D printed a model 3 which I have on my sits next to an old wooden 4" tall printing plate -- of a 3

Ross1 | 15 december 2017

What am I bid for a brand new Genuine sign TESLA CHARGING ONLY ?
Or a cardboard box from the Destination Charger?

KP in NPT | 16 december 2017