An early adopter’s Tesla experience

An early adopter’s Tesla experience

I don’t know if Model 3 reservation holders drop into the Model S Forum but I’d highly recommend you do. The following comments by Half Dollar Bill (great name) is a well rounded perspective of his four-year Model S experience. The focus is on his car’s service experiences.

Take a moment to read the thread:

akgolf | 15 december 2017

Good read!

rgrant | 15 december 2017

Thanks for the tip!

Coastal Cruiser. | 16 december 2017

Helpful. To ad to that here is a link to the cost to service a Model S that just broke 300K miles.

eeb9 | 16 december 2017


mntlvr23 | 16 december 2017

a nice write up, thanks

SamO | 16 december 2017

from above:

During the first 300,000 miles the total combined maintenance and fuel costs of the Tesla Model S were $10,492, with a total of 12 days in the shop. Of these costs, $6,900 was scheduled maintenance and $3500 was headlight damage due to driving through deep water. Had this been an Mercedes S class, the scheduled routine maintenance and fuel would have been $86,000 ($52,000 maintenance and $36,000* fuel) with 112 days of servicing, or for a Lincoln Town Car $70k,000 ($28,000 maintenance and $42,000** fuel) with around 100 days of servicing.

Carl Thompson | 16 december 2017

$3,500 for headlights? That has to be a mistake.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 december 2017

Headlights for cars made more recently than my graduation from high school are not quite as affordably off-the-shelf generic as they once were...