Interesting CBC Interview Regarding The Model 3

Interesting CBC Interview Regarding The Model 3

CEO of Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) being interviewed on Canadian Broadcasting Company. Weighs in on Model 3 production, and Tesla in general. Worth a look. Nice to see the Canadians taking an active role and not just pressing up against the border with a glass held to their ears.


(Thanx to TT for the live link in the comments)


Here is a synopsis of Dr. Josipa Petrunic's credentials.

tew ms us | 17 december 2017

The more EV producers the merrier for Tesla.

Counterintuitive but makes sense to me.

rgrant | 17 december 2017

I think ReD would be very happy is more analysts put this much effort into their research, an oldie but goodie (its from this summer I believe?) | 17 december 2017

Here's the direct link:

Interesting prediction: 2022-2025 EVs selling more than ICE in some jurisdictions.