Hi Everyone,

We have a wonderful food truck which specializes in Mexican food. I would like to ask for an event planner or coordinator who does the food trucks rotation to serve lunch at Tesla Factory in Fremont.
We have the Alameda County Permit and Liability insurance as well. It would be great for us to be able to provide delicious meals for employees with reasonably priced.
I have asked the other food trucks owner that already serving there, but the answers always negative.
I hope someone can help us. We would really appreciate it.

Tesla Ownership | 17 januari 2018

Thank you for your post! We have forwarded your message to the responsible team.


Tesla Ownership

lilbean | 17 januari 2018

I always said that Tesla reads our posts. :)

sosmerc | 17 januari 2018

Happy, well fed employees build better cars.

Uncle Paul | 19 januari 2018

I understand that Tesla has also set aside food truck space at their latest 40 stall Superchargers between LA and San Francisco.

livefoodonwheels | 5 juli 2018

I am looking for the same type of info about the food truck vendors but was not able to post my own topic, please drop me a line at, any info is helpful

lewischan1992 | 5 februari 2019

Hi. I am also looking for the same type of info about the food truck organizer.
It would be nice if you can send the info to


Demixl | 9 maart 2020

be careful while eating a new kind of food as you may not know what food allergy do you have

andy.connor.e | 9 maart 2020

great advice. avoid new things because be afraid of different because you never know.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 9 maart 2020

Next time just say “bump” when you want to bring back an old thread. Don’t get creative, its not your strong suit.

nickivieru1991 | 9 maart 2020

Lol you guys. Dude might have a point though. I mean I have been allergic since I was a little kid and it's not been great. I would always be worried about what i was eating when I was out because restaurants rarely tell you the whole story when it comes to the list of ingredients. When I was 16 I ended up in an anaphylactic shock from eating a salad that had trace amounts of peanut butter. I agree with the guy to be careful. I mean I am always skeptical because of cases like that. I mean I go to the doctor. I get tested at a lab to know what to avoid and spend a lot of money and energy to make sure I am okay (I go to a private lab to get my blood work. You can check them here: They have around 700 tests over there) and when you guys go be rude it's not okay in my head. I dunno. It might be just me though.