6 seat with center console

6 seat with center console

Are 3rd row seats foldable in the 6 seat option with center console. In custom ordering it does not reflect if they are foldable in the 6 seat configuration with center consulate.

Thank you

burdogg | 3 februari 2018

As far as I know - in the 6 seater option - the very rear (3rd row) DOES fold flat. That center console wouldn't get in the way of the seats folding so no reason to not have them fold. Would be weird to have them fold flat in all the other configurations but not for the center console option - would be an extra step in manufacturing to change for no reason.

But do note - the middle seats do not fold flat :)

nutner | 3 februari 2018

Budogg is correct. I have that configuration. Middle seats can move forward, but console does not move, and cannot be taken out.