Tunnel Technology for the Detroit Central Station

Tunnel Technology for the Detroit Central Station

I wanted to bring to your attention a possibility of implementing the tunnel technology in the city of Detroit. Specifically where the abandoned Michigan Central Station stands. The building can be renovated into a station with the proper investor and a bullet train essentially be built from the city to many other destinations. Tunnels going under water into Canada and such.

DTsea | 13 februari 2018

except..... there is a reason why the station was abandoned.

also given michigan'hostility to Tesla they should be bottom of the list.

TabascoGuy | 13 februari 2018

DTsea - Michigan isn't hostile to Tesla, the independently franchised dealerships are. They are a bunch of troglodytes and certainly deserve to be at the bottom of any list.

I'm looking forward to having a couple of Teslas in the driveway, SpaceX can use my back forty as a launch and landing pad, and the Boring company can dig a tunnel directly under my house if they want.

DTsea | 14 februari 2018

michigan law bans Tesla. that is hostile.

city of Detroit is dead anyway.

lucasashtonn | 6 maart 2018

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Goose | 7 maart 2018

Assuming OP is referring to an opportunity for Boring Company, he/she needs to know there are already massive underground tunnels throughout the Detroit area left over from the salt mining days. (The salt is left over from the salt water ocean days, which was left behind by the fresh water glaciers - yeah it goes back a few years)