14-50 for nissan leaf?

14-50 for nissan leaf?

sorry if i am in the wrong forum. we bought a new house(moving in 2 weeks) and getting a 14/50 outlet in the garage getting ready for model 3. however i am not sure when i will get my model 3 as tesla keeps pushing it. (east coast, first day reservation). and i will continue to use my current nissan leaf, i currently charge off the wall 120 socket. are there any simple adapters to use to charge nissan leaf fro 14-50? or i should also get a 120 socket in the garage?

Carl Thompson | 15 februari 2018

I believe the Leaf can use an SAE J1772 EVSE so there are a number of them on Amazon that will plug into a 14-50 socket and allow much faster charging times than a 120V socket.

Innkeep | 15 februari 2018

You would have to get an electric car charger that plugs into a 14-50 plug. That would be a level 2 J1772 charger that would deliver 40 Amps to your car. If your Leaf charges with a 120v plug and it suits your needs it would be much less expensive to just install a 120 v plug as well as a 14-50 in your garage.

Carl Thompson | 15 februari 2018

You might want one that can charge at least at 32A so that means the cheapest ones on Amazon are out... This one looks OK if you don't mind spending the money.

Model_D | 15 februari 2018

If it is a Leaf with the 3.3 Kw onboard charger I would get an inexpensive EVSE, like a 16 amp or 20 amp with a 14-50 plug. If it is a 6.6 Kw I would still get the same EVSE unless you want to charge faster. Make sure whatever you buy is UL listed. Make sure whoever installs the 14-50 uses a 50 amp breaker and the appropriate wiring.

DoctorU | 15 februari 2018

Just keep charging with the 120V

johnmann | 15 februari 2018

Give these folks a try, they will upgrade your standard Nissan EVSE to use 240 v. I got mine done in 2011 and it's been working great ever since. It's the least expensive way to go.


Earl and Nagin ... | 15 februari 2018

Clipper Creek makes nice mobile connectors with J-1772 connectors on them and plug into a 14-50 outlet. or similar.

Leonbrodie | 15 februari 2018

+1 on the I've had them upgrade three of the Nissan units (2011, 2012 and 2015) with great results. Once you have the modification you can use the unit with 110 or 220. Pretty handy.

JPWhite | 16 februari 2018

I concur with Johnmann. Get your existing portable EVSE that came with the car upgraded to 240V and get an inexpensive 14-50 adapter to work with it..

Carl Thompson | 16 februari 2018

Yes but those upgrades cost just about as much as buying a new 14-50 compatible EVSE from Amazon. I'd just buy a new one and that way you'd have a spare 120V just in case.

suresh7745 | 16 februari 2018

thanks for all the inputs. getting a level 2 EV Charger (240V,16A,28ft) Portable EVSE Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station (L14-30 with Adapter for NEMA 14-50) from zencar amazon.

Carl Thompson | 16 februari 2018


That 16A charger (EVSE) will be a lot faster than a 120V plug so you should be happy. But you can get much faster still if you spend a little more and get a 32A or 40A EVSE.

Carl Thompson | 16 februari 2018


I would also not recommend one that needs an adapter to go from 14-30 to 14-50 unless it's a lot cheaper.

Yodrak. | 16 februari 2018

"But you can get much faster still if you spend a little more and get a 32A or 40A EVSE."

A Leaf can't accept 32 or 40 amps.

Carl Thompson | 16 februari 2018

"A Leaf can't accept 32 or 40 amps."

You're right but a some Leafs have a 6.6kW charger which is 28A and would require the 32A EVSE. But if the OP didn't get that option then a 16A EVSE is fine.