Scale Tesla Model 3 as a gift for standing in line

Scale Tesla Model 3 as a gift for standing in line

The website Electrek is reporting that one of the gifts from Tesla for standing in line for reserving the Model 3 will be a scale model of the car with the same wheels and colour as ordered. If this is confirmed, I think Tesla with have done yet another great thing for those of us that supported Elon's vision for sustainable transportation and rocket acceleration!

Link to full article:

I'm sure that some will say that super charging for life or whatever would have been better but I think this balances nicely the idea of a gift with the cost concerns of Tesla shareholders.

Please join me in thanking Tesla and Elon for this thoughtful gift. Thanks guys!

andy.connor.e | 26 februari 2018

Its nice that you get anything for simply being one of the first people to put down a reservation.

jamespompi | 26 februari 2018

With the level of detail on the Model S die-cast you can purchase on the site, id imagine this one being similar to that, which is awesome. If this gift is only available to the reservation holders that waited in line it would be a great desk or shelf item that would only become more collectible as Tesla continues to grow.

Look at how crazy people have gotten over The Boring Company items...

geoffalexander737 | 26 februari 2018

I am looking forward to the people criticizing the panel gaps in the model.

mikepisko | 26 februari 2018

And let’s pray to god it has alcantara in it! ;)

RJMIII | 26 februari 2018


I'm sure it will also have an orange peel paint job.

Frank99 | 26 februari 2018

Every time this subject has been mentioned, I've said that I'd be ecstatic with a Hot Wheels sized version of the car that I could run across my desk going "vroom, vroom". It'll be a bit less useful if I have to actually buy the car first (because I no longer need to IMAGINE driving it), but I'd still be ecstatic.

Randkthorn | 26 februari 2018

It’s not clear to me if the something special will be just for line standers or pre-reveal online or first 24 hours from reveal including online and in-person. Regardless it sounds like a nice gesture.

bayareakid2008 | 26 februari 2018

They pulled his tweet from 2 years ago. This is has not been confirmed by Elon since then, as far as I'm aware

andy.connor.e | 26 februari 2018

@bayareakid for the rescue.

KP in NPT | 26 februari 2018

Not saying it is or isn't the gift, but Trevor from M3OC claimed yesterday to know what it is, but he's keeping mum.

Then hours before the Electrek article, Tesla Model 3 Road trip posted about it on FB, that it was a Hot Wheels model 3.

Yes Electrek pulled an old tweet but that does support the current rumor. We'll find out soon I guess.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 26 februari 2018


andy.connor.e | 26 februari 2018


hmgolds | 26 februari 2018

A great idea since, by giving you one in the same color and wheels as you ordered, it puts a nail into the "why haven't I got the gift yet".

And, since the first day res holders did put down $1000 for a vehicle not yet in production, I think a nominal gift such as this is entirely appropriate.

But how to keep it away from my 4yo grandson?

Brian B | 26 februari 2018

What's wrong with an orange peel paint job? Oranges look nice...

djharrington | 26 februari 2018

@Jamespompi- I don't know how casually I would go around calling soon-to-be flamethrower-owning-pyromaniacs, "crazy"

mos6507 | 26 februari 2018

"I think a nominal gift such as this is entirely appropriate."

A scale model like the $200 Tesla S they sell in their bling store is much more than "nominal". That would really be something. A hot wheels car is...sort of meh.

Carl Thompson | 26 februari 2018

"A scale model like the $200 Tesla S they sell in their bling store is much more than 'nominal'. That would really be something."

I totally agree. That would actually be something I'd display with pride and really appreciate.

hmgolds | 26 februari 2018

True, a 1:8 scale model like the one of the S, with that level of detail, would be more than "nominal". But the article also said "But it could also be smaller or different version.". I'm betting on something smaller than a 1:8 scale model.

bernard.holbrook | 27 februari 2018

The gift appears to be a 1/43rd scale model of the Tesla Model 3.


Frank99 | 27 februari 2018

That would be cool...

PhillyGal | 27 februari 2018

Any mini Model 3 - hot wheels size or larger - would be very cool!

My family has this weird thing where we all have a hotwheels or micromachine car displayed somewhere, usually over a door frame. My mom started it and we all followed suit when we got our own places.

Resrch03 | 27 februari 2018

Yeah, that's really neat. They definitely don't need to do that (for me anyway...just happy to be able to purchase a Tesla), but I'll proudly display it on my mantle alongside the sketch.

jamespompi | 27 februari 2018

@djharrington I was more so referring to the people trying to sell a boring company hat on ebay for 40k.. I'd consider the model car much more collectible than that, even though I was expecting something different than the pics I saw this morning.

boodasmurph | 27 februari 2018

"A scale model like the $200 Tesla S they sell in their bling store is much more than 'nominal'. That would really be something."

They may sell the Model S model for $200, but I'd be surprised if they paid 1/4 of that.

gadgetware | 27 februari 2018

This might explain all the delays. Imagine how hard it is to make a 1/43 sized assembly line to make all those models.

Cernie | 27 februari 2018

Well...I picked up my car today and got a die cast model with my Model 3. The guy told me that it wasn't matched to the color of the car (they are all red). Also...I am not an in person or Day 1 line waiter. It is pretty cool and the kids are fighting over it!

Carl Thompson | 27 februari 2018

"Also...I am not an in person or Day 1 line waiter."

So I guess if everyone gets one this can't be the something special for people that waited in line?

Cernie | 27 februari 2018

That is what I think...unless they made a mistake. If they did...they can't have it back! :)

ebmcs03 | 27 februari 2018

What!? Only in line waiters? I am a online reservation holder. And gave him $1000 sight unseen too...

WormtownKris | 27 februari 2018

I read that all the replicas are red. And I know lots and lots of the pre-reveal reservationists were hoping for the option of getting a Signature Red Model 3. So I am thinking- Here's your Signature Red Model 3! (Seems like an Elon-like thing to do, no?) Can anyone confirm the shade of red on the 1/43 scale model 3s? :)

rxlawdude | 27 februari 2018

I think Elon blew it. Why 1/43 scale? Everyone knows that 1/42 would be the inverse of the meaning of life. :-)

stevenjrbrennan1 | 28 februari 2018

I really hope this is for Model 3 first day reservation who ordered online too. I placed my reservation an hour before the car was unveiled.

There were no stores in my area as well, it would be amazing and much appreciated to receive one as well. I am fairly certain other first day reservation holders would agree.

Teslarati also posted pictures of what the model looks like and it is awesome

Carl Thompson | 28 februari 2018

I'm happy to get any gift but the picture posted of it doesn't look all that great to me. It's small and doesn't even get some features of the car right; the wheels are wrong and there's no chrome trim around the windows. Meh.

The 1/18 scale model they sell of the Model S is much nicer. If they offer one of the Model 3 I might buy one.

mos6507 | 28 februari 2018

"The 1/18 scale model they sell of the Model S is much nicer. If they offer one of the Model 3 I might buy one."

The whole appeal is in it being limited-edition. I'm not even sure whether this die-cast will be limited edition. They could very well throw it into the store like the S model.

Cookieman | 12 april 2018

First-day order placed after spending the night in line (#3 to place an order at the Decatur GA store) and I've not seen anything else about the die-cast model other than reading about a few people getting them on delivery of their Model 3. We were also #3 to pick up our Model 3 in Georgia and have yet to get ours. Has this been confirmed that Tesla will be sending one out, or was the Electrek article incorrect?

JustSaying | 12 april 2018

Ours was in the center console.

JustSaying | 12 april 2018

It was in the center console.

weluvm3 | 12 april 2018

I had to ask for mine.

garyrandwilliams | 12 april 2018

Seriously? They gave you all a little model 3? Can I still get one if I picked up my car in February? BTW - I love my car. Best thing I have ever purchased. I tell everyone, I love my car.

ocliving | 12 april 2018

Garyandwilliams, I went back in and asked for it, months after delivery.

meni | 12 april 2018

Mine was also in the center console on delivery. Very cute. It's the smaller scale model and not the same color, unless your car is red.

geoffalexander737 | 12 april 2018

I forgot to pick mine up, also. But, I had to take my car in for a paint fix, so I texted them and asked them to be sure and set one aside for me when I come in tomorrow and they quickly responded that they would. But, here's the big problem, mine is midnight silver and I want them to match, so what will it cost me to get it wrapped? :)

CUICE | 13 april 2018

This isn't a criticism really, but coffee and donuts that morning would have been much appreciated.

mark1234 | 13 april 2018

I wasn't a line waiter. But still got mine when I picked up the car today

bckator | 13 april 2018

I WAS a line waiter and didn't get a scale model. When I inquired, they "played" dumb.
I DID get a Model 3 rear license plate frame which, I think is not normal?
But I would have preferred the model.
At least, wrt the frame, since the car actually has no "Model 3" badge, its not redundant.

johnyi | 15 april 2018

Looks like others are now copying Tesla. My son just got a model of his 2016 Civic in the mail from Honda, for taking his car in for service. Probably coincidence, but it matched his car - red 2 door coupe. Now I won't feel so special when/if I get one when I take delivery of my M3 :-(

Hector.hum | 15 april 2018

The Delivery Center person told me they didn't have any when I picked up my car on Mar 30. It's in their system that I am owed one. I'll have to follow up with them on when the next shipment will arrive.

thomasbolme | 25 juni 2018

My dealer turned off the phone so ppl was unable to order on day one. Those morons. Now im on day 2 and missed this car. And im a BIG hot wheels collector. This stupid model 3 thing has been the worst deal ive done in my life. Never again tesla. Really dont care about their customers. No replays when i contact any dealers in norway.
Anyone wanna buy a 2 year long waiting line cheap?

Smhach | 25 juni 2018

Got my Model 3 model which I promptly gave to my 16 yr. old daughter. Same thing here as Johnyi, my son also got a model Civic from Honda because he leasing one. Not really much of a collector of toys, I would have appreciated a desktop supercharger for my phone much better.

packard56 | 25 juli 2018

I picked up my car on July 13th. I did not see any of the models available at the Fremont Delivery Center. It would be nice if they were available in the color of your car from Tesla.