how fast does Tesla ship its online orders?

how fast does Tesla ship its online orders?

Hi guys, we recently ordered a wall connector with 24' cable. In the age of Amazon Prime, it seems that Tesla has taken extra extra days to ship this order. Can anyone reflect on your experience of buying stuff on Tesla web site? Especially if it was wall connector.

stevenmaifert | 2 maart 2018

I have purchased many things from their online store in the last 5 years, although I have not purchased an HPWC. If it is in stock, it usually ships within 48 hours (2 business days) of placing the order

lilbean | 2 maart 2018

I've ordered twice and Beth time, items were shipped the next day.

dmm1240 | 3 maart 2018

Everything I've ordered has arrived within 5-7 days and I live on the opposite side of the country from Fremont. Heavier orders like a Wall Mount usually arrive at the end of the day range, IOW 6-7 days.

johnhinz | 21 december 2018

I ordered on a Tuesday. It's now Friday and my wall charger has not shipped yet. I emailed Tesla but so far no response.

Yodrak. | 22 december 2018

Tesla is not Amazon. How long Tesla takes to ship depends on whether or not the item is in stock, and if not in stock how long it takes Tesla to get a shipment from its supplier.

Bottom line - it's a crap shoot.

markagamba123565 | 24 december 2018


EVRider | 25 december 2018

We've ordered from the Tesla online store a few times, twice for apparel and once for the Model 3 aero wheel cap kit, and all the orders shipped quickly. Currently the store doesn't let you order items that are out of stock.

jamesolien | 17 juni 2019

I just ordered a hat from the tesla store. Been almost a week and no shipping alert yet. Amazon had them much cheaper and on a 2 day shipping. Oh well

jimglas | 18 juni 2019

use amazon next time

GlenF | 18 juni 2019

I'm ok with them not being Amazon and having a bit of a wait. I get that the wall charger is not a light package and it takes nearly a week for it to go cross-country.

What I have a problem with is when the store ships the wrong part and there's no way to reach them. Email isn't responded to - over a week and still counting. Customer service online chats and email to customer support both give the "email is the only contact info we have too." I could get better response time from an Etsy seller working from their kitchen table.

Mr. Spacely | 18 juni 2019

Everything I have ordered took a few days to ship and then a week or more to arrive. The worse part is there is no way to track it...

Larr | 19 juni 2019

I placed an order; three weeks and still waiting. I received an order confirmation email and my credit card has been billed. I have not received any updates and the shop has not responded to my request for a status update. This was my first shop order, not sure what to think.

welcome | 20 juni 2019

From my personal experience, it usually it takes from two or five busy days to get a product from Tesla site, never get any troubles with it.


bharat117 | 27 juni 2019

I ordered the homelink on 5/31. I have yet to receive it. In fact, I emailed tesla for order inquiry 2 weeks ago, but not one has responded back thus far. Its absolutely ridiculous.

dmm1240 | 28 juni 2019

It usually takes 7-10 days. I've always ordered directly from Tesla. Never had any problems with unreasonable delays.

dg | 3 juli 2019

Hi, I did order (and paid) 2 wall connector almost 2 month ago and still waiting. Email... no answer. And no phone line. Hey Tesla, it's time to hire people.

Haltyproperties | 5 juli 2019

Anyone have 14-30 adapter I can buy?

dmm1240 | 5 juli 2019

How do they ship orders?

By burro.

rhj | 8 juli 2019

Last orders I received from Tesla came:
Parts: two weeks FedEx GROUND
Accessories week and 1/2 FedEx GROUND. The Bulk of the delay was FedEx from California

If you just want a hoodie or hat Tesla has an in stock store on Amazon.
They will get it to you in days by prime.