Car getting unlocked randomly

Car getting unlocked randomly

It seems my Model 3 is randomly getting unlocked when parked and I am away.
It only started happening a couple of days ago and I see I am still on the same software version as before.
The only thing different is that the Tesla App on my phone was updated a couple of days ago and the issues started after that.

I have noticed it a couple of times now.

First time, someone notified me that the lights were on while parked in parking lot. when I go to check, lights were off by them but the car was unlocked.

Similar thing today. went to the mall. verified the car was locked when I walked away but when I come back, the car is unlocked. :(

Anyone else seeing similar issues? this is a security concern...

DigiStat | 11 november 2019

This has been happening to my M3 as well. This has happened a handful of times in the past too.
No one has been home all day with access (cellphone or keycard) to unlock it. I randomly check to see the vampire drain & I noticed my car is unlocked.
Anyone else?

Joshan | 11 november 2019

Only time I have ever seen this is when someone forgets their phone in the car.

ILoveMyModel3 | 11 november 2019

How can you tell the doors were unlocked when the doors auto-unlocked when you pull the handle if your phoned is used as the key? Did you head the horn hunk to confirm the doors locked when you walked away from your car? sometimes I turn off Bluetooth off when I'm in the car and I forget to turn it back on which prevents the car from locking when I walk away.

gballant4570 | 11 november 2019

ILoveMyModel3, one giveaway is noticing that the mirrors are not folded as you approach the car. I've only left my phone in the car a couple of times (both at home, thankfully) but I know it's in there by the mirror position before I actually get to the car.

EVRider | 12 november 2019

Sometimes this happens because the doors or trunk aren’t completely shut, either because you didn’t shut them or one of the door seals needs adjustment. It’s unlikely a locked Model 3 would unlock on its own with no key nearby.