To cancel cruise control...

To cancel cruise control...

You can press brake pedal, but also the manual says you can move gear lever up, but it does not say if you move it up one notch or two (and it does not say to move it up fully either). So witch is it? Would moving it up fully put you in reverse? (dumb question, but want to know before I do it).

jordanrichard | 24 april 2018

Just tap the break. One can't mess that up.

jordanrichard | 24 april 2018

I meant "brake"

TesSpartan | 24 april 2018


TesSpartan | 24 april 2018

I meant which!!!

Mozart | 24 april 2018

Just move the gear lever up. It won't go into reverse

stevenmaifert | 24 april 2018

It's a light bump up on the gear lever to disengage the CC. I once bumped a little too hard and put the car in neutral.

TesSpartan | 24 april 2018

Thanks all, but wouldn’t it be cool if one notch up pauses cruise and two notches up cancels it?

I read that it goes into neutral if you hold it up for a second or longer.

NVHarmony | 24 april 2018

@BoySpartan - You're right: one "quick" notch up cancels CC. Push up one notch and hold for more than a second and you get Neutral. If you push past the detent/notch, you'll actually tell the VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) that you want Reverse. If you happen to be moving at the moment you do that, the car will remind you that this is not such a great idea :)

NVHarmony | 24 april 2018

I wish there were a "Resume" function. Anyone seen that?

Haggy | 25 april 2018

Tapping it up won't put it in reverse if you are traveling at highway speeds.

Something that some might not know about is that you can shift from reverse to drive at low speeds (maybe 2-3 mph or less) and the car is designed to let you do it without putting your foot on the brake. When you accelerate after that, it will change directions. But at higher speeds it's not supposed to work.

gbb0131 | 29 juli 2018

I love that I've found to search the forums... haha... Picked up my Model 3 yesterday and on the trip home today I was wondering if there were another way to cancel cruise other than tapping the break. I know you just jiggle the steering wheel a little harder to cancel Auto Pilot.

Bated Breath | 29 juli 2018

Push up on the right stick like you are trying to put the car in Reverse.

peter | 11 december 2019

I just use the park button on the end of the stalk. Works well as long as you are no at a standstill, when you'll find you need to move into gear afterwards.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 11 december 2019

Very easy, gentle tap up and you out or light tap on the brake

Joe M | 11 december 2019

Smarter people than me here but I remember something about if you hold the stalk up long enough (or too long) it will lock up like park. Is this true ?

Joe M | 11 december 2019

Or maybe it’s holding the park button too long will engage park at any speed. Not sure which but I am not inclined to test it.

donharvey2323 | 11 december 2019

Why did this post suddenly resurrect like a zombie from a year and a half ago.

andy.connor.e | 11 december 2019

@peter did it!

WEST TEX EV | 11 december 2019

Hold park button will engage emergency braking (at any speed I think). This can be used in a pinch by front passenger. Hold (R hand) and steer (L hand) to come safely to a stop (while maintaining steering) in emergency. (Or with teenage driver...)

lbowroom | 11 december 2019

Yes, holding button will brake. Flipping the stalk ip lightly, or fully (makes no difference at speed) cancels AP and TACC.

lbowroom | 11 december 2019


yudansha™ | 11 december 2019

For me when on NOA one time stalk up disengages NOA and leaves TACC on, twice disengages all. But maybe my car is crazy?

yudansha™ | 11 december 2019

or maybe I hit it down...

rehutton777 | 11 december 2019

NVHarmony: No response to your comment regarding "cruise resume". I too wish there was a way to resume at the same speed rather than having to get back up to speed and then re-engage CC. They could make this a function of the right scroll button (already used for changing desired cruise speed setting) when driving - - wish they would do that. I think it's a pain to have to completely re-activate cruise control rather than just pushing the button. What's so hard about having a "resume" function on the right scroll wheel?