2013 Automobile Magazine Car of the Year!

2013 Automobile Magazine Car of the Year!

lph | 1 november 2012


petero | 1 november 2012

An impressive accomplishment. I felt Mr. Musk was working too hard to seduce Motor Trend, but Automobile’s endorsement is over the top.

You can feel the tsunami of positive press “ramping up.” It is always very reassuring when you commit to something (years ago), your friends and wife think you are not only delusional but ‘consumed,’ now vindication is storming in. I can’t wait for mine. Is it Jan-Feb yet?

Thumper | 1 november 2012

Congratulations to everyone involved, including us.

Michael23 | 1 november 2012

Great vid too.

Sudre_ | 1 november 2012

In the "The long, (mostly) slow struggle." breakdown on the second page they mention "//2011 The Fisker Karma wins our 2012 Design of the Year."
Maybe they are not that good at picking after all :-)
The Karma is proving to be a design for fire traps.

mrspaghetti | 1 november 2012

They don't explain the distinction between Design of the Year and Car of the Year, but I'm guessing the former is for concept cars and the latter for those actually in production. In my mind, Car of the Year carries a lot more weight.

Tiebreaker | 1 november 2012

My eyes are rearing up! :-)

Thanks, rd2. Here is the non-mobile site:

Tiebreaker | 1 november 2012

Uh-- My eyes are tearing up! :-)

Scorch | 1 november 2012

Congrats again Tesla! Now ship me my S so I can have my own car of the year award. :)

nickjhowe | 1 november 2012

thanks @Tiebreaker. I couldn't figure out why their site was so cr*p! Duh!

Brian H | 1 november 2012

Wow. The strongest endorsement yet! In detail.

Check out the Gallery. Some of the best photos I've seen.

petero | 1 november 2012

Sudre. The Fisker Karma never fails to impress. Who knew after a hurricane-flood your Karma would yield an explosion of light, heat, and be able to cook your hot dogs and burgers. Sounds like a near perfect night to share with your family ... and your insurance agent!

mrspaghetti | 1 november 2012

Not that I'm fond of the hybrid concept in general, or Fisker in particular, but to be fair I'm not sure the Model S would do well if immersed in seawater either.

Hopefully it wouldn't burst into flame and melt, but we cannot know this at this point.

JMO | 1 november 2012

Elon and company: congratulations on creating an awesome car but we reservation holders (and soon to be owners) already knew that now everyone else knows it too.

2014 car of the year? Well Model X of course

2015 car of the year? a car with a rocket engine from SpaceX

up north | 1 november 2012

congradulations tesla this has to put an extra step in your giddy up. you must all be so happy. work hard, have fun and keep giving your best.

Timo | 1 november 2012

Not that I'm fond of the hybrid concept in general, or Fisker in particular, but to be fair I'm not sure the Model S would do well if immersed in seawater either.

Tesla battery pack is by nature waterproof. It has to be because it is liquid-cooled. There are sensors that separate the pack from rest of the car when it detects water in places where it should not have any.

In fact I don't think it would need huge amount of engineering to prevent all high voltage systems to get wet even when fully submerged in water. After all all high voltage cabling have to be insulated anyway, and because PEM and motor are also liquid-cooled there should not be any water-vulnerable parts exposed par connectors. Protect those and you are completely waterproof. What probably doesn't like water is the onboard computer and that 17 screen which I believe are run by low voltage 12V subsystem. It wouldn't take much to turn Model S to submarine.

Teoatawki | 2 november 2012

You'd need some serious ballast tanks to get it back to the surface, though!

Ron5 | 2 november 2012

Did you notice anything funny about any of the pictures in the gallery? Particularly, "Tesla Model S Front Right Side View 2"?

Timo | 2 november 2012

Funny name for keyfob picture. That is the keyfob, right?

mrspaghetti | 2 november 2012


It wouldn't take much to turn Model S to submarine.

Lol, someone's finally identified a way to make the Model S even cooler. Wonder if the submarine option will be the standard $1500 for Model S v2.0?

Tiebreaker | 2 november 2012

Quick, call 007! He's got a new car waiting for him!

Brian H | 2 november 2012

Propelled by magneto-hydro dynamic jets along either side of the battery. Optional mode of travel: skipping along the surface like a flat stone!

mrspaghetti | 2 november 2012

And the battery compartment can be set to flood if captured by the enemy to incinerate any classified material. Fisker should advertise this as a feature!

Mercedes | 2 november 2012

Timo, you're probably right, but there is one thing you've overlooked. It was 'seawater', not fresh water. Salt is corrosive.

mrspaghetti | 2 november 2012


It would take a significant amount of time for corrosion to account for any leaks that wouldn't also have occurred in fresh water. Probably weeks, at least days.

Vall | 2 november 2012

And to think one of the biggest points of whining from naysayers when the ceremony for the first deliveries took place was "Where are the reviews by the automotive press, why is tesla not giving the cars to the press, why are they allowing them only 15 minute drives? Because they know only fanboys like it blahblah...." Not only has there been nothing but praise for this car, but it already got 2 awards for car of the year.

Volker.Berlin | 2 november 2012
s_curve | 2 november 2012

Top of '13, Motor Trend Car of the Year...Bottom of '13', Car and Driver's 10 Best. This car is so overwhelmingly superior, they will all be compelled to acknowledge this truth ....this is not the best electric car. It's the best car.

Docrob | 2 november 2012

Don't laugh tiebreaker, if I was a Tesla exec I'd be contacting the 007 producers and offering them free vehicles and some serious sweeteners to get the S in the next Bond film. It would fit in perfectly with their non direct marketing policy and in conjunction with these awards give the car a serious audience and some serious cred.

jerry3 | 3 november 2012


I didn't think anyone watched any 007 movies after Sean Connery stopped playing James Bond. I watched a couple of later ones and wasn't impressed. I didn't even know they were still being made.

Also many people think Tesla is based in the U.K. (I've had that mentioned to me several times). Being in a 007 movie would just reinforce that misconception.

BYT | 3 november 2012

@jerry, unfortunately thinking Tesla Motors is a UK company maybe the least worrisome misconception of TM and EVs in general. I would write a script for the next Bond film where a oil tycoon villain corners the world market in oil and adds a neuro toxin to control the populous. Bond then drives around in a Model S to counter the effects and save the day. We can even bring Sean Connery back for it... ;)

Brian H | 3 november 2012

And how are you going to get it to drink the oil?


BYT | 3 november 2012

Released as emissions of course! ;) There have been much worse premises for movies then this one for sure! I was too "o" happy!

Timo | 3 november 2012

@jerry3, 007 two last actors have been rather good ones IMO. After Sean Connery, but before the rest (what is total actors now?). IMO this modern one is less... crazy, fictional ...than most of the others: I never forget Timothy Dalton truck popping a wheelie. It wasn't even 007 gadged truck, just something he picked up from the street. Or the general craziness of Roger Moore "Moonraker".

Haven't seen the latest yet, waiting for DVD. They are action-movies now.

Tiebreaker | 3 november 2012

@Docrob: I was not laughing, that was a serous though: nothing cooler than a villain running in a godawful roaring Ferrari and 007 catching up in seconds in a stealthy quiet Model S "Performance Plus", then dispatching him to the ditch. A few more awards, and the Bond franchise may ask Tesla for the rights to use the car.

As for thinking that Tesla is British, it will be clear where it is from soon enough.

teslaver | 8 november 2012
nickjhowe | 9 november 2012

Thanks @teslaver!

Yet again they managed to smoke the Model S tires - traction control off?

And look who's out front...