2015 Tesla Employee Appreciation Event

2015 Tesla Employee Appreciation Event

Tesla Fans:

As the Tesla factory heads into crunch-time for the end of the year, I thought it would be cool to do another employee appreciation event this year, as last year’s banner and pizza event went so well--our Tesla contacts said employees really appreciate the effort by owners.

After talking with the Tesla folks we worked with last year, and discussing what worked and what we might approach differently, we are making a couple of changes to simply logistics and make it easier for more owners/fans to participate.

This year, we will be creating a video highlight reel with “thank yous” from owners or wannabe owners. Telsa will set up video kiosks around the factory which will loop the video. Along with this, Tesla will also distribute “thank you” holiday cookies on behalf of owners. Finally, there will also be event at the Factory in Fremont where employees can hear directly from owners—still working on the details for that, so stay tuned.

You can participate in two ways:
1) Send me a picture of you standing by your Tesla holding a sign with your message—something like this:

2) Send me a short video clip (about 6 sec) with your thank you message

1) Please shoot pics and video in landscape mode and at max resolution
2) You will need to sign a release for your pic/video—submissions will become property of Tesla
3) Feel free to be creative and fun with with your pic/video, but please keep it PG-rated and if you have an axe to grind with Elon and company, this is not the place to do it

If you want to participate, please email me at and I’ll provide further details. | 15 november 2015

@omar: nice idea. How about expanding the idea to service centers and showrooms? We have a show room in town for example. If there is a coordinating site for the Appreciation event, maybe the expanded coverage could be coordinated there?

AlMc | 15 november 2015

Omar: Thsnjs for coordinating this again. I like George's addition as well. The SCs will be very busy pushing out deliveries as well.....probably all the way up to midnight Dec 31st.

Farmer Dave | 15 november 2015

I would love to provide the requested video standing by my Tesla if I could just get the car delivered! | 16 november 2015

@FD - I thing you would reflect the sentiments of many reservation owners (myself included). | 16 november 2015


Love the idea of pulling SCs into this effort. If you are going to take point on setting up an event at your SvC, please note it on this thread so I can keep track.

In terms of dates, we are tentatively looking at the weekend of Dec 12--stay tuned for details.


jordanrichard | 16 november 2015

If you are tentatively looking at a weekend event, many service centers aren't open on the weekends. Well at least in CT and MA they are not.

ira | 16 november 2015

My 3 year anniversary was a month ago and no one at Tesla remembered!

We all understand that a ramp up takes time, but Tesla needs to have the courtesy to keep us informed. | 30 november 2015

Hey folks - have a couple of updates:

The Tesla folks got back to me and have picked Friday, December 11th. I think this is helpful for folks that wanted to do a local event in concert with the Fremont event. A couple of notes:
1) Please send me a pic or video by December 7th
2) If you want to participate in the Fremont event, let me know when you send me a pic/video
3) If you are organizing a event at your local SvC, let me know and I will get you local contact you can coordinate with.

One more thing, if you don't have time to source a big piece of paper/cardboard, just put your message in the cover email with the pic/video and I will add it as an overlay to the pic.

Send your pic/video to

If you have any questions/comments, please post them on this thread.



GLO | 30 november 2015

Definitely want to support this event but one thing to think about is that this crunch time might be impossible for TM employees. What about Early Jan? | 1 december 2015


The time has been suggested/approved by Tesla--I think part of the value they see is the morale boost during the crunch time.


AlMc | 1 december 2015

@omarsultan: I can/would like to help by doing something for my 'local' Service Center (Devon).

PBEndo | 5 december 2015