570 km weekly commute - would you owners still recommend an S?

570 km weekly commute - would you owners still recommend an S?

I guess my subject says it all: I am looking at getting a new car and have my heart set on an S (probably the 85D - the P is a bit too rich for my wallet).

I have a weekly commute of 570 km, usually on Sundays. During the week my commute is about 40 km. I have a supercharger station about half way of the 570 km.

Would it still make sense for me to get an S or am I completely crazy even considering this?

ray | 28 juni 2015

If you have Supercharger access, sounds good. What country?

BaselStadt | 28 juni 2015

actually commute between Brussels and Switzerland....don't ask ;-)

AutoCue | 28 juni 2015

No issue whatsoever. Plenty of SuperCharging opportunities.
Make sure you get an 85D both for range and for unrivaled four wheel drive which will leave all Quattro's, X-Drives, and 4Matics behind in clumsiness when the winters get tough..

Enjoy, you will not regret.

drax7 | 28 juni 2015

To ask the question is to answer it. Yes , and yes means yes.

Docrob | 28 juni 2015

Probably makes far more sense for you than the vast majority, putting that many miles on the clock and over half of them supercharged you will save thousands of dollars a year on fuel with a Model S

JPPTM | 28 juni 2015

Watch some of Bjorn's videos posted here (use to search these forums) or go to TMC and look for them. He lives in Norway, and has made many pan-European trips. He was doing it well before the supercharger network was as well developed as it is now. No worries.

negarholger | 28 juni 2015

My first question would be what are your charging options in Switzerland and Brussels... you seem to stay there for a week each.

BaselStadt | 28 juni 2015

thanks all, super input

I would have a charger installed at the place I live in Belgium and a charger at work in Basel: The latter may be a bit of a hassle but I live in a house in Basel with no garage...I may need to get that sorted somehow because i can't imagine having to go back to work on a Saturday eve or Sunday morning to charge the car

FREE ENERGY | 28 juni 2015

Go go go for it :-) 85D is a perfect choice my friend :-)
PS: With a dual charger.

Remnant | 28 juni 2015

@ X5 (June 28, 2015)

<< I live in a house in Basel with no garage... >>

However, you do have a new Supercharger, "at the motorway A1 in Egerkingen, [which] energizes the routes between Zurich and Bern, Basel to Central Switzerland, and the South of Germany to the Tessin."