6 months of owning model S, 15k miles later

6 months of owning model S, 15k miles later

Business idea for Tesla based on my story.

I drove this weekend an ICE car rental after driving my Model S for 6 months exclusively. I realized I couldn't wait to drive the Tesla again. This is when I realized, if Tesla only gave people a chance to lease Model S for 6 months with an option to buy after, they would purchase it most of the time.

Many folks are doubting spending over $100k on the car. Even a test drive may not do the justice to the overall experience. Once they are a Tesla owner and drive it daily for 6 months, they will simply not be able to own any other ICE car ever again :)

David N | 13 oktober 2015

Very true.

mark | 14 oktober 2015

Tesla have only limited capacity to build new cars. It could quite easily cause the company a major supply problem (and an opportunity for competitors) if too many people wanted one and there simply weren't the cars for them to buy (or lease, or rent). I've no doubt that the lack of advertising is also in large part a consequence of Tesla's constrained ability to deliver.

Let's be content to be early adopters and evangelists; in time the masses will come, but it will take many years and significant investment to be able to satisfy them.

JuJoo | 14 oktober 2015

Maybe eventually they will sell some models to rental companies like Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, etc. Maybe some travelers who rent a Tesla that way will end up buying one.

johnse | 14 oktober 2015

Tesla will sell to whomever wants them. The rental companies make their own decisions.

Turns out Enterprise already has them:

I've seen articles that Hertz also does, but I couldn't find a Tesla on their site.

JuJoo | 15 oktober 2015



JeffreyR | 15 oktober 2015

I saw the same thing. As a matter of fact I priced them out for when my wife came to visit. But, I don't see them listed anymore:

Looking from Google I found this page. But, you'll notice there are no details about the car listed:

Hertz Dream Cars

If you are trying to rent one, I have had good luck w/

JeffreyR | 15 oktober 2015

We had a similar sub-thread going in the General section disputing this OP:

Here is what I wrote back then agreeing w/ @Red Sage:

JeffreyR | AUGUST 19, 2014

I think a "loaner" program is a great idea. I don't agree w/ all the details of how it would work, but as noted in their earnings reports, sales in an area lead proportionally to further sales.

I think Tesla should have a loaner "scholarship" program like you propose that would be based on merit and need. I also think they should have an "evangelist" program too. I would love to manage a Model S short-term rental (like Lyft) in my area and have regular test drive meet-ups. If I moved to San Francisco I could justify it on my own, but on Galveston it would be harder. But, like you, I think the exposure and halo effect would be worth it for Tesla.