60kWh Charging Capacity

60kWh Charging Capacity

On a full standard charge I'm getting 191 rated miles. Is that consistent with others' experience with the 60kWh? I've only got 171 miles on her so I'm relatively new to this!

wbrown01 | 8 februari 2013

That is what I get with my 60kwh. Standard is set to 80% charge to perserve battery life, so that is 184 miles. Tesla says that is the best setting if you are not needing the full 230 mi range.

petero | 8 februari 2013

I'm a Newbie 60kWh owner too and I consistently see 189 rated miles.

trydesky | 8 februari 2013

Mine reads 189 on a full standard charge. And I'm a newbie too, just got the car on Sunday.

HansJ | 8 februari 2013

185 to 190 miles is right depending on the temperature and how long the car has been sitting since the charging has finished.

jpespisa | 9 februari 2013

I'm getting 214 miles on standard charge. I live in the NE with temps in the 20's and currently two feet of snow. I picked my 60kwh last Saturday.

jpespisa | 9 februari 2013

Sorry just checked. I have my range indicator set for ideal range. That's probably the difference.

mal42north | 9 februari 2013

I'm mostly getting 189 but I've seen 190 a couple of times.

aa012a | 9 februari 2013

Has someone charged full range? Does it show 208 or higher?

ebm | 9 februari 2013

I seem to get 189 and 217 respectively. I did a range charge once and was surprised by the numbers. It was 200 and 226. It sat on those numbers for what seemed like the last hour of the charge. Once I started driving I did notice that my mileage did not decrease for approximately 10 miles.