Adapted Too Quickly to My Model S

Adapted Too Quickly to My Model S

I've been a reservation holder for over a year and a half and a long-time member of the Tesla forums, so I pretty much knew what to expect when I picked up my Model S this last week. That being said, I believe I adapted too quickly to the unique features of the Model S.

Today, I moved our mini-van out of the way such that we could take the Tesla to a movie and dinner. When we returned home many hours later, the van was still running. After five short days with the Tesla, evidently I am already completely use to just walking away when I'm done driving. I have never left a car running like that before.

My wife is now questioning whether we are really saving gas :)

ajamison | 25 mei 2013

I am just surprised that a Mini-van would still be running after what 3-4 hours of being out? I hear idle is the most heavy consumer of gas in an ICE but I could have heard wrong

Mark K | 25 mei 2013

How quickly we forget the bad old days.

trydesky | 25 mei 2013

too funny

Brian H | 25 mei 2013

Leaving your putt-putt putting for hours won't save gas, for sure. It may get your mini-van "borrowed", too.

Lush1 | 25 mei 2013

Bit of a tangent, but I stepped out of my Tesla while it was in reverse and it moved a few feet with me on the outside. I must have missed the button, opened the door and put my feet on the ground. The instant it started to move I jumped in and mashed the brake pedal. I didn't do it on purpose, but I thought that the sensor in the drivers seat and an open door would put the car in park. Perhaps that process isn't instantaneous. The car only moved about 2 or 3 feet and nothing bad happened. I don't know if it stopped itself or if I stopped it, but it has made me a little more careful, like I felt when I first got the car and sat there for several seconds, afraid to get out because, compared to every car I ever drove with keys and gear shifts, it felt like I was missing something when I shut it off.

I know, I'm a moron, fire away, but learn from my stupidity. Listen to that inner voice that asks "is it really off?"

RanjitC | 25 mei 2013

I've left ICE car's unlocked many a time by just walking away like I do with my Model S. I apologise for my stupidity. Luckily the door handles on the ICE cars don't stick out notifying passersby that the car is unlocked.

Adam S | 25 mei 2013

The first time I parked my MS in a parking lot, I stood there hitting the "lock" button on the fob at least 10 times like an idiot. I saw the handles retract, but no beep, no horn honk, nothing to confirm it was really locked. So I unlocked it and locked it again. Twice.

negarholger | 25 mei 2013

The MS gives you light signs...

negarholger | 25 mei 2013

And same happened to me after two weeks and driving the ICE again - I didn't know how to start or stop the car.

Andre-nl | 26 mei 2013

"I jumped in and mashed the brake pedal."

Lucky you for mashing the right pedal, being the left pedal in this case.

The car is speed limited in reverse. Now I'm curious: is it also power limited in reverse?

Brian H | 26 mei 2013

Reminder: the brake pedal is the more horizontal one.