Aftermarket winter tires and rims for MS in Canada

Aftermarket winter tires and rims for MS in Canada

Given that the winter tire package from TS just got bumped from 2500 to 4000, and its sold out, what recommendations or deals are there for canadians?

Active green and ross were trying to sell me a 19inch winter tire package for around 2000, which includes rims, and lifetime free wheel changing at spring and winter time.

But will any 19 inch tire package do from any tire shop, or does TSLA wheels require extra things and know how, like sensor hookups?

jat | 29 oktober 2013

You want a compatible TPMS, and's work fine with the car.

Basically, find a wheel you like that is 5x120 bolt pattern, 19x8.5, and 29-40mm offset, then get tires you like for that (you can also go larger diameter or wider if you like, but I wouldn't recommend it).

j0graves | 30 oktober 2013

Speaking of they offer a tesla package. With shipping it was $1970 ish for me. It just arrived, so don't know how well it actually works. I did get the Dunlop Winter Maxx 19".

jat | 30 oktober 2013

Also, you want hub-centric rims with the right size centering ring if the wheel's bore is too large -- takes care of that automatically.

SergeyS | 31 oktober 2013 is good, but not the best option for Canada. Import duties etc will increase the final price !

I have bought aftermarket 19" tires and rims from SKS auto service in Toronto. Pressure sensors I have ordered from Tesla service center 130$ each, so total price for sensors only are 600$ tax included.

Be careful with the tires you choose !!!! Maximum inflation pressure should be at least 51 PSI. Not all winter tires are compatible.

Tires I have selected are Dunlop Wintersport 3D Run On Flat (much better option compared with Pirelli tires offered by Tesla). Rims are supplied with special made centering rings (I have no idea which brand they are very similar to BMW original M5 rims).

Tires, Rims, Nuts, Sensors, Labor and Tax was around 3600$ which is great compared with Tesla offering. It's cheaper and better.

One more thing. If you buy sensors from Tesla they will not charge for their programming (100$ saving).

Some tire shops are selling aftermarket sensors compatible with Tesla model s. Their compatibility list is not correct. Orotek Sensors are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MODEL S. They made for Tesla Roadster.

Hope this information will help !

Kaboom | 1 november 2013

i saw some tirerack quotes for rims and tires and the sensors which came in around 2300, but then the shipping was 880!

So i'd like to see what else is available in Ontario. But want to keep it under 2800 if at all possible.

Will_ | 1 november 2013

Give discount tires direct a quote. Last time I quote a Model S was around 1900 including shipping to TO.

ColtsMild.on.can | 2 november 2013

Here's what I got from shipped via UPS to Toronto area.

$956.00 - 4 x 19x8.5 Rial Lugano Bright Silver rims
$388.00 - 4 x 433MHz Tire Pressure Sensor (added at checkout)
$1076.00- 4 x 245/45R-19 Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II

- 20 lugnuts appropriate for tire installation on Model S
- 1 Lug adapter
- Mount and balance

Shipping: $318.61
HST: $340.01
Duty: $$132.68
Provincial Tire Fee: $22.76
Brokerage Fee: $40.00

Total including taxes, shipping... $3,274.06

Note: You'll need to install the tires onto the car yourself as Tesla Service Center will not do this since you didn't get the tires from them. Also, you'll need to have Tesla Service Center program the TPMS to the car. I don't yet have this done but I believe the charge will be around $100. Also of note... some have said that the new 5.x firmware will have ability to recognize second set of sensors automatically so you don't have to get them programmed twice a year. Hope this is true!!


Electric-Avenue | 3 november 2013

You say that the wheels should be 19x8.5, but winter tires that Tesla sells are 19x8.0
Why the 0.5" difference?

Brian H | 3 november 2013

Better snow penetration!

2050project | 4 november 2013

Some good options and specs instructions here:

jat | 4 november 2013

@Electric-Avenue - I agree the current page says 8" wide, but earlier information was that the standard wheels were 19x8.5". There was a discussion on another thread with Alex about this, and it wasn't fully resolved. I measured mine, and lip-to-lip is about 9" wide, so I think they are likely 8.5" (they are measured where the beads of the tire go inside the lip), but it is possible the lip is wider. When I next have my wheels off (when I take it to the track in a few weeks), I'll check the stamping on the wheel to make sure.

In either case, I have had 20x9 wheels on with no clearance problems (29mm offset, 20mm wider tires that do rub slightly at lock but not enough to worry about), so 19x8 or 19x8.5 will be fine as long as the tire width chosen supports the chosen wheel width. Narrower wheels will be lighter, so all else being equal that is preferred.

church70 | 4 november 2013

XL X-ICE XI3 GNX Michelin P245/45R19 102H $281.75 *

$1400 all in

$70 Rebate when purchasing 4 Michelin® X-Ice® Xi3 Winter Tires!

Kaboom | 4 november 2013


thats just the naked tires right? No installation or mounting included? Adding rims probably too on top. Also i doubt the sensors are included there and need to be factored in also, as well as installations thereof

church70 | 4 november 2013

No it was all in taxs so on but no rims
I have the 19 rims so no need for rims for me

Brian H | 5 november 2013

"in taxs so on" has no possible English meaning.

church70 | 5 november 2013

Thx Brian H for the love oxoxox

Brian H | 5 november 2013

Do you have other words or translation you can offer? "taxs" is not an option.

jat | 5 november 2013

I believe he means it was inclusive of taxes/etc, but did not include wheels (or presumably TPMS).

QtweetEV | 25 november 2013

did you find the stamping on the tpms?

My local supplier is asking that stamping to quote me the proper device.

If you did look at it, I would very much appreciate if you could post it.

thanks in advance

QtweetEV | 25 november 2013

I'm looking at these wheels :

What do you guys think about them?

JstACarGuy | 25 november 2013

Just got the Blizzaks LM-32. Getting them mounted by Tesla service when I pick up my car on 12/2. Can't wait to get the car and start driving!

QtweetEV | 25 november 2013

Great! Please let us know how they perform : noise wise, handling, etc.

SUN 2 DRV | 19 januari 2014

QtweetEV: I really like those wheels. Do you know who sells them in the US? My online search only turned up a Canadian source.

Thanks, Joe

Shabbabanx | 26 oktober 2014


You've had the winter tires for a year now. Are you happy with the decision?

neilhamrin | 26 oktober 2014

Am an old native minnesotan with experience with AWD and FWD and RWD and snows/no snows. Am very partial to Michelin and discount tire.
are they in Canada?
My last car before the model s was an Audi s-4 with quattro and michelin pilot alpins. Unstoppable and secure in freeway high altitude (colorado I-70 west of Denver)and high speed conditions.

hpjtv | 27 oktober 2014

Don't forget about the exchange rate when ordering from the US also.