Announcement tomorrow 4/26

Announcement tomorrow 4/26

"@elonmusk Announcement of new @TeslaMotors strategy tomorrow. Tesla owners will like this."

Darkwax | 25 april 2013

Supercharger announcement maybe?

surfside | 25 april 2013

one thing i will say -- elon sure knows how to create anticipation and excitement about the company (and the stock).

i know i'm excited (as both a shareholder and owner).


graphite | 25 april 2013

A strategy? I don't think you can drive up to a strategy and charge up. It might be exciting and we might all like the announcement very much, but it doesn't sound like something we can visit/buy/enjoy tomorrow.

But I hope I'm wrong... I think.

herkimer | 25 april 2013

Strategy for implementing the super-charger network more rapidly. Possibly a partnership with a nationwide business chain, restaurant or other, as some have suggested by some in these forums. It would make sense, to reduce land acquisition, permitting times, and other overhead. It would also be a great business op for the partner. I suspect it will be along these lines if "Tesla owners will like this."

rallykeeper | 25 april 2013

Boring answer, but what about free data with Slacker or something similar included (or data included in the service plan)?

Existing Tesla owners would like this since it's not another nickel-and-dime thing.

It's also technically still a new "strategy" of selling the car and fits with the recent trends of hyperbole in Elon's tweets.

My reaction would be: "that's nice."

Needless to say, I'm not planning on being overwhelmed.

Plus, hasn't anyone thought it odd that we're still getting free data? (It doesn't take that long to negotiate and figure out a data plan).

Jamon | 25 april 2013

New strategy for ending the pesky dealership battles?

vgrinshpun | 25 april 2013

New strategy = shorter distance between SC, perhaps 100 miles instead 150 miles. Hints of this were dropped by EM in aftermath of NYT/Broder affair.
Owners will like it because SC will be useable by both 60kWh and 85kWh cars.

The two other parts of the announcement I believe would be partnering with national restaurant chain to facilitate drammatic increase in the deployment of SC (coast-to-coast in 3-6 months), and two-fold increase in speed of SC. Again, owners (of cars AND company) will be delighted.

JoeFee | 25 april 2013

This announcement must include Superchargers (faster/many more) but "change in strategy" may be adding an optional 3min battery swap with pick up of your charged battery pack on your return trip.

negarholger | 25 april 2013

- agreement with dealers: franchised dealer will sell & service Gen3 cars, but no change for MS & MX. In return dealers provide $2B loan to build Gen3 production lines. ( Oh no )
- all KOA RV parks to have 40 kW mini super chargers for a flat fee ( wilderness here we come ).

Neech | 25 april 2013

I can see chargers at shopping centers around the US in partnership with big box stores like Target, Lowes, etc.

Benz | 25 april 2013

Tomorrows announcement is 3rd out of 5.

@LiamSellers asked in reply: "is this part 3 in the 5 part announcement trilogy?"

And Elon Musk replied: "yes".

Now I am confused, because I thought that the news regarding the 80 Tesla Model S loaners, was the 3rd announcement. But I seem to be wrong about that.

But that would mean that the 4th announcement (regarding the Superchargers) will be later than tomorrow.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Mark Z | 25 april 2013

I do like the previous ideas about linking SuperChargers with a major chain of 24/7 restaurants. I have found that the Denny's chain is surprisingly close to the 150 mile separation on Interstate 40 between LA and OKC. Parking could be an issue, where as a truck/auto stop like Loves, Pilot and Flying J may have the power and space to get installations completed faster. These are not exactly my idea of luxury rest stops, but food and restrooms operate 24/7.

Benz | 25 april 2013

The announcement of tomorrow will not be about Superchargers, it will be about Service.

surfside | 25 april 2013

yup, confirmed by a company spokeswoman.


elguapo | 25 april 2013

Maybe they give 4 year / 50,000 mile "free" service - so that would negate both the $600/year and the $1,900 up front for four years. Owners would like that and it would be a strategy change to compete with BMW and Mercedes who offer similar services.

skulleyb | 25 april 2013

I thought the service announcement was about the loaner cars.

sandman | 25 april 2013

I honestly don't think they'd change the service programs and reduce the costs to owners vs. what they've already announced. To me as both a customer and shareholder would look like shoddy planning and a negative to viability of the company since it would reduce the profit margin they have to have to survive.

I like to see an announcement that increases consumer interest in Tesla, not an extra perk that I didn't expect.

RedShift | 25 april 2013

Free, thick mats.

Sorry, but I have been underwhelmed by Elon's tweets before.

jeroens | 25 april 2013

Must be Service. Elon personally takes on service and promises to drive it to unprecedented levels.
Main goal, pamper the existing owners, great service packages and streamline communications.

hsadler | 25 april 2013

We're getting "clip on" flashlights for the visors !!!!

Don't know about you, but I may not sleep tonight.

Carefree | 25 april 2013

Well, the service announcement happened already - the Model S loaner cars! I doubt this is another service announcement. Whatever it is we should dial down our expectations as all the announcements so far were kind of a let down. I really hope this is about new super chargers. We are all desperately waiting for the expansion of that network.

heems | 25 april 2013

I don't think a blurb in an interview qualifies as an announcement. Consumers can't be expected to follow Elon on every interview. An official channel must release an annoucement. A company announcement would come in the form of a blog or update on the site IMHO. I think the strategy shift will be related to service. Service packages or delivery mechanism change.

Velo1 | 25 april 2013

Do you think Elon makes these tweets and sits back reading these speculative messages with a glass of wine and grin from ear to ear? Must be fun to have a car and space company to play with.

Ditto on the comment of being underwhelmed with his announcements. I hope I'm wrong, but my expectations are low-to-medium.

Anthony H | 25 april 2013

"Tesla owners will like this.""

Perhaps a data plan? 4G? Free Slacker for life?

riceuguy | 25 april 2013

The service loaner announcement was never actually made. USA Today got the scoop but nothing was ever officially announced. I hate to be a pessimist, but it could just be the official announcement of that plus maybe more service centers or something lame like that. Of course I am hoping for a supercharger announcement (and I have mentioned on other threads that a factory person said probably 4 in Texas within 3 months!), but Elon did say this was announcement 3 of 5 which strongly points to--wait for it--service. | 25 april 2013

I think Elon is having some well deserved fun-- further terrifying the shorties. I am not holding my breathe.

AlMc | 25 april 2013

Prediction; As many others have already said: Partnership with some form of 24/7 restaurant or big box store to have supercharger stations. Besides high price point, this is really the biggest obstacle for main stream acceptance and growth of the brand/product.

BYT | 25 april 2013

@Velo1, If I was Elon and read what you wrote, I would probably want to comment that "I don't have time for that!" And when he is sitting to his glass of wine, he would most likely have his wife and kids on his lap versus a laptop to check the Tesla Forums. Or maybe a good book on theories and designs of electromagnetic trains from Japan ... :)

shop | 25 april 2013

@BYT, isn't Elon divorced? Or at least separated. Sounds like the loaner car scoop from USA Today was a screw up on Elon's part. Probably will be some minor service announcement.

oildeathspiral | 25 april 2013

How about a deal with a large chain where the business benefits from the installed solar panels (albeit govt subsidized) in exchange for free use of the land for SC spaces and additional panels if their rooftop isn't large enough? Good for Tesla, the business partner and Solar City. The larger the solar installation the more cost effective it is too.

Neech | 25 april 2013

Maybe Elon will give owners a commission for all the people they refer to Tesla who then buy a car ;-)

Anthony H | 25 april 2013

Speculation is a funny thing.

Most of it is usually wrong.

I'm just say'in.

riceuguy | 25 april 2013

But you know when speculation is fun? When there's a pool involved! Too bad we can't set up legal gambling to see who's right!

Anthony H | 25 april 2013

@riceuguy, you're right. There is a fun element, so long as none of us take it too seriously.

riceuguy | 25 april 2013

@Anthony H, the key to keeping it fun is low expectations. If it's a great announcement, great! If it's not, well, think of it this way:

I've had my Infiniti for 3 years (getting rid of it in less than a week!). During that time, do you know how many updates, service improvements, new features, performance improvements, etc. I've gotten from them? None. Zero. Zip. Not a single car I've ever had has gotten better with time. But I pick up my Tesla on Saturday, and it's already better than when I ordered it (and I swear to God, if somebody mentions fog lights...get over it people!). In fact, depending on the announcement, it might be better on Saturday then it is today! Now that's service!

Mark K | 25 april 2013

I'm guessing service too.

I think the strategy change is in how it's currently priced / obligatory.

Redefining this will help emphasize Tesla's advantages.

This car is inherently far less complex to maintain and more reliable than a gas car. The current 600/yr pitch cloaks this benefit, and instead upstages it with a gripe point. To me, that squanders an massive opportunity to pull away from the ICE pack.

TM can guarantee things that would be economically impossible with an IC Engine. They have successfully used EV-enabled differentiation already - as to performance, smoothness, handling, and safety. Service is another dimension on which they can seriously outflank legacy technology.

I think it's possible to redefine how customers view service, and Tesla could own that leadership role.

This mirrors the opportunity they seized with SuperChargers - by making refueling free. That was simply impossible to match with gas cars.

It is also maximizes marginal revenue. If you sell one more 100K car because of positive perceptions of the service advantages, it easily trumps right up-front the slow revenue dribble of a large number of $600 annuities.

It's easier to make money selling more cars instead of trying to make a living selling service.

For ICE cars, the reverse is true. Those machines are so damn complex, they count on the fact that consumers will have to spend a bundle on repairs.

By sweeping this aside in a way that only is possible with this new paradigm, TM can dominate.

We'll see Friday.

Brian H | 25 april 2013

My guess is "none of the above". >:P

davecolene0606 | 26 april 2013

Monty... I'll take door #..... 1.. no, 2... I mean 3, no 1! :)

Benz | 26 april 2013

@ Mark K

"If you sell one more 100K car because of positive perceptions of the service advantages, it easily trumps right up-front the slow revenue dribble of a large number of $600 annuities."

I think that you are absolutely right about that.

The announcement will increase consumer interest in Tesla.
And that is the ultimate goal.

Captain_Zap | 26 april 2013

If it is certainly an announcement about service then my WAG is that Road Ranger service will be complimentary as a part of the service plans instead of a flat rate of an extra $100 a year.

It is easier to expand with more Service Rangers than to add infrastructure during massive growth periods.

BYT | 26 april 2013

@shop, is he? I had no idea, darn, I'm sorry, I'm not one to follow the rumor mills much in that regard.

Epley | 26 april 2013

Free rides on the Dragon Spacecraft to the International Space Station? That would be SWEET!

mwojcie | 26 april 2013

The big advantage tesla has in the service area is being able to "fix" you car for you while you are on the phone with them - no other car has even 1 thing that can get fixed that way. So many owners have had great experiences with service over the phone pushing upgrades etc - that allows them to be much more competitive on service costs and hopefully we will get free service as a result. This aspect of the car is generally not common knowledge right now. Just a guess.

akikiki | 26 april 2013

Keep the faith folks. Things are looking pretty good these days. Stock is up, cars are coming off the line. Quality is better than many ICEs. EM is a good guy. Let's give him time.

Darmok | 26 april 2013

This is what the media advisory says on the website:

PALO ALTO, Calif.-- Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) will hold a conference call on April 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM Pacific Time (1:30pm Eastern Time) for members of the media, to make an announcement about Tesla Service. Following remarks from Elon Musk, Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO, media is invited to participate in a question and answer session.

vgrinshpun | 26 april 2013

Tesla should be either very close or just over the threshold of building 10,000 cars.

Although the CC will be dedicated to Service, it would be interesting to see if this piece of potential good news will be mentioned during the call.

Darmok | 26 april 2013

1. P85 Loaner cars, which you can buy on the spot if you like it at a fixed depreciation rate.
2. Valet service to swap out your S for loaner.
3. Annual service checkup optional, warranty still valid if not serviced.
4. All damage to battery covered by Tesla, except in collision or if battery pack opened.

alsettesla | 26 april 2013

100 initial batch of Model S loaner cars with Roadsters available in some markets. Over time they will build several hundred loaner cars.

Darmok | 26 april 2013

The price of buying the loaner is 1% of depreciation per month and $1 per mile, and if I heard right that's how they'd value your current car too. So you'd trade on the spot, pay the difference and drive off in the loner as your own car. Elon says the loaner fleet should generally not be older than 3 months. He wants nice new loaners, not an aging fleet.

MandL | 26 april 2013

So is valet service only for warranty repairs and/or folks who have paid for unlimited Ranger service?