Any Greater Toronto or Ottawa area reservation holders?

Any Greater Toronto or Ottawa area reservation holders?

Hi all,

I know there are some early Canadian reservation holders on this forum. I was wondering if it would be possible to meet up and take a look at the car when it arrives. I was informed by the tesla store at the Yorkdale mall that they would be showing and giving test drives by reservation place. We are looking to replace our 2013 Infiniti JX, so it would either be a tesla model s or model X. This would really be appreciated. We would have been settled on a model s but it is very hard for many of our elderly relatives to enter/exit, so the added ground clearance would be great. I am prepared to drive (live in Kingston) to Toronto whenever convenient (go there every second week for business).

Daniel Levin

vandacca | 24 september 2015

I'm only an early regular production reservation holder (#8), so I'm not expecting to get mine until early 2016. I think that may also apply to Signature reservation holders as well.

I would check back here when the Yorkdale Mall gets their Model-X to arrange something. It may not be for a few months.