Any Hotel allowing charge near Sandbridge of Virginia Beach, VA?

Any Hotel allowing charge near Sandbridge of Virginia Beach, VA?

Hoping to drive from central New Jersey to Sandbridge of Virginia Beach (SVB) for college reunion this summer. The supercharger at Glen Allen, VA is 124 miles away, which means that I'll need to charge at SVB in order to make it back. Does anyone know if there's any Hotel that will allow charging near SVB? If so, names would be greatly appreciated (Last year, when I called Hilton at Rockville MD, it was a solid and unpleasant wall)

Thank you in advance.

SamO | 27 januari 2014

There's charging at the whole foods on laskin blvd. 15mph max rate

Cindy I II III | 27 januari 2014

Thank you, SamoSam, for the info.

Pungoteague_Dave | 27 januari 2014

The Hampton, Virginia Marriott at City Center has a120v outlet that the valet will let you plug into if staying there. I used it for a couple days in November, added about 30 mikes, enough to hive a cushion for the next push. Look at Plugshare, but the Tidewater Virginia area is woefully lacking charging facilities. The Whole Foods is a good option if you have time for slow J1772.

Cindy I II III | 27 januari 2014

Thank you, Dave. Do you have the full name, or address for the Hampton? When I used google, it sent me to ocean front and tied it with Hilton.

Pungoteague_Dave | 27 januari 2014

Sorry, it is the Marriott City Center in Hampton, VA, which is near Virginia beach.

Cindy I II III | 28 januari 2014

Thank you, Dave. I called and the lady answering the phone claimed that she knew the guy at Valet and insisted that they did not do that. Sorry for asking further, do you have a name or method that gained you the access? Thanks again.

My5bAby | 28 januari 2014


You are in luck.

1075 General Booth Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Region Hampton Roads
Locality Virginia Beach City
Phone: (757) 425-0249
US Can: (866) 229-5212
Fax: (757) 425-5117

Owners are HUGE Tesla fans ! ! !

Have fun.

Cindy I II III | 28 januari 2014

@My5bAby, thank you. Will call.

Nuts4MS | 29 januari 2014

I live in Fredericksburg and did a lot of calling around to (not all but close) the hotels on the beach and I struck out pretty much everywhere. There is a Comfort (757) 425-8200 inn that will allow you to use the 120v outlet if you notify them prior to arrival but that is all they have.

I take regular trips down there so my plan is to do a max charge followed by hitting the Glenn Allen SC to top off. After that I should have about half my rated miles left upon reaching the beach, make a quick stop at the Whole foods mentioned above to get supplies then off to the hotel. On the first night I am going to make my way to the KOA and use the 14/50 to charge up for about 3-4 hours (should give me about 90 or so miles back) then finish off at the 120 outlet in my hotel. On the return I will have enough range to comfortably make it back to Glenn Allen where I can charge to the normal 80% and then head home to Fredericksburg.

Sorry my plan is wordy but since that area is really behind in charging that is probably the best one I could have.

Hope it helps!

Cindy I II III | 29 januari 2014

@Nuts4MS, wow, that was some plan. Thank you for sharing!

@My5bAby, just called and did google direction - the location is perfect. The phone was busy, had to leave a message for additional charging information. I've never done camping before - excited and afraid at the same time (if I can talk my friend and myself into it :-)

ran23455 | 29 januari 2014

All the Nissan shops and some of the Chevrolet shops offer free charging

Cindy I II III | 29 januari 2014

@ran23455 how fast is the charging at the other shops?

@My5bAby when I shared my consideration for going to the camping site at lunch today, folks thought I was crazy and warned about safety there given currently we have only 2 small females. They said that the heat & bugs will be hard to bare (all air conditioned cabins have been booked)... are they wrong? Thank you.

Pungoteague_Dave | 29 januari 2014

@Cindy3. They actually had the head of maintenance call back when I first inquired. He met me and the car and personally escorted me to the space where I plugged in. Unfortunately I don't recall his name. The valet will definitely assist.

hfcolvin | 29 januari 2014

Cindy, you don't need to necessarily stay at the RV campground. You can always ask them for a rate just for charging (sometimes you can do this without taking up a camper space) ; sometimes they make you pay for a full camper space. You can get friends to pick you up, etc after your car has charged.

My5bAby | 29 januari 2014


Take my word for it. They love tesla and will do everything possible to help you out. As mentioned by another person. Just because the car is charging there does not mean you would have to stay there. Just wait for them to call you back. Set your worries aside, you are set.

Have a great trip ! :-)

hitesh2269 | 29 januari 2014

To solve your and other TESLA OWNER problem I already suggested to tesla to build a supercharging station at the new outlet shopping center that's going to be built by 2016 called PREMIUM OUTLET with more than 90 shops at the border of NORFOLK AND VIRGINIA BEACH,VA at intersection of RT.64 exit 282 and Northampton blvd that's RT.13 coming from Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel that comes from Maryland, new jersey, new York, connecticut and penn. This outlet is near and less than 15 mile from nearby airport, amtrak station,navybase,norfolk downtown cruise terminal.I'm very big fan of TESLA and sometime in future im planning to buy model X. And if you are driving tesla model s I like to hear from you how is this innovation is and how easy it has made your life. I own business called EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS and I have five location in Hampton Roads.Good luck until next supercharging station comes near my area called Hampton Roads.

Cindy I II III | 29 januari 2014

@Dave, thanks. Will ask for the head of maintenance.

@hfcolvin, that is very true.

@My5bAby, thanks, will call when the 2-3" snow melts. The person on the phone said that the whole place is shut down and people who could answer questions re charging were not there.

@hotesh, thanks for the request. Makes perfect sense. May check out the edible arrangements if schedule permits when time comes.

Brian H | 29 januari 2014

Air mattress etc. behind the front seats? And for when you have to visit the loo, a small pistol to deal with the mosquitoes. >;p

Joe H. | 30 januari 2014

I live in Virginia Beach (10 minutes from KOA). My HPWC is on the Fed Ex truck now in-transit to my house. I'm not to sure if I will be participating in plug share since it will be installed in my garage but I may assist members posting private threads. Any one here participates in plug share? And what were your results?

Also Cindy, as others mentioned whole foods has a charger and a nice bar area to grab a good beer, coffee and food while you charge. KOA, however, is a little closer to sandbridge.

Nuts4MS | 30 januari 2014

I have the app and am currently awaiting delivery (set for March) in the mean time I am going to have at least one other Tesla owner from my area to try out my 14/50 to make sure everything works as expected. Depending on the results I am probably going to put it up on plug share for other MS owners in a pinch. I was actually looking on plug share for anyone in VA Beach with a HPWC to see if it was worth getting dual chargers, but with one person listed that was about 45min out of the way I didn't commit so if you are going to put it up on plug share let us know so I can add the option before my car gets built :)

SamO | 30 januari 2014

+1 Joe

I would agree offline to allow an owner to charge at our place in VA Beach.

Cindy I II III | 30 januari 2014

@Brian H, I am afraid that the mosquitoes are going to take the pistol and use it to shoot me.

+1Joe & Sam, will find out more about plug share. Will post to private thread when it's closer to the summer if better alternatives do not show up - hope not to bother people. Do you know how fast the whole food charger charges?

Was at The Inn at Lambertville Station near PA boarder today, asked about plugs. The guy at the front desk said that no one had asked him the question before, but would bring the suggestion to management for they know there are more and more EVs. Will bug every hotel I'll be at from now on...

hitesh2269 | 1 februari 2014

this is hitesh and if need to contact me
my cell# 7574724472.Edible Arrangements

SamO | 1 februari 2014


My dad has a 50 amp circuit so you can pull 30 mph of charge from your UMC. Message me offline if you haven't found anywhere to charge. Zip code 23451.

You can hang out by the pool and have an iced tea.

Cindy I II III | 1 februari 2014

@hitesh, sorry for the miss-spelling. Thanks for the info.

@sam, thank you. Sounds like fun. Hope won't have to bother anyone. But greatly appreciated the kind offer.