Any new on CHADeMO? The I-75 corridor is an intolerable drive without it.

Any new on CHADeMO? The I-75 corridor is an intolerable drive without it.

Tennessee and Ohio have Chademo chargers on I-75 and Tesla installed a Supercharger near Toledo. The drive from Atlanta to Michigan wouldn't be bad with the adapter. After driving the east coast with Supercharging and driving from the east coast to Michigan with Supercharging, I found I-75 a barren wasteland without it on my way back to Atlanta.

Any news on the CHADeMO?

brooklynrab | 13 februari 2014

DO you have $1,000 bucks for a Tesla Chademo adapter, sold at Tesla's store on their website? I think they should be renting them out from their service centers by the week to encourage us to travel beyond the Supercharger network. Try to get from NY to Texas right now to visit your kid in school (for example), and you are going to be spending a lot of time at RV parks, when Chademo's make much more sense (but at $1,000 for once a year -- sorry, no thanks).

negarholger | 13 februari 2014

Are you on the pre-order list? I am, but haven't heard of any updated delivery estimate.

Doug H | 13 februari 2014

I'm on the list. Not a peep.

f-tal | 14 februari 2014

I'm also on the list, no information for awhile. I was planning on 'renting' mine out to other owners when I'm not using it to help defray the cost.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 14 februari 2014

Where are the CHAdeMO chargers in Ohio? Also, the Supercharger is in Macedonia, OH, not Toledo.

We have a public HPWC in Dayton off I-75, Exit 51, right next to McDonalds with free WiFi. At 62mph charging rate, it's not nearly as fast as a Supercharger, but it certainly beats sitting at a Walgreens on a Level 2 charger for now.

We also own a Leaf with a CHAdeMO built in. However, there appears to be little or no effort to build out the infrastructure in the US. Tesla owns fast charging for EVs, and probably will for quite some time.

Roamer@AZ USA | 14 februari 2014

I have a feeling that the CHADe adapter got pushed down the adapter engineering dept priority list and the thermal fuze UMC adapter moved up.

No special knowledge but it makes sense that the priorities would adjust.

f-tal | 14 februari 2014

In general, the only good Chademo map I have found has been the plugshare map. All other maps seem to be way out of date. On plugshare, for example on the East Coast, When I show a map from Bangor Maine, to Washington, DC, (including Montreal and Toronto), I see 55 Quick Chargers (this number includes the Tesla Supercharger locations in that area). That includes a location in Bangor Maine, Burlington Vermont, 2 in Canada (not counting the high power L2 chargers on the the Sun Country Highway). Regarding East Coast travel, we don't all travel I-95 from Rhode Island to Washington, DC, which is where all the current Tesla Superchargers live (not counting JFK airport, and the location on Long Island).

I would really like to be able to use my Tesla to drive where I want to, which incidentally promotes EVs. THE most frequent questions I get are 'how do you charge', 'where do you charge', and 'how long does it take to charge'. That's it. If there aren't good answers to these questions, the conversation ends. Tesla is doing an awesome job with the superchargers, but they can only build them so fast and they have a lot of locations to cover. While I'm waiting for the 2015 coverage, it would be nice to be able to drive someplace other than I-95 without traveling to RV parks for a decent charge rate. I'm sure there are technical, business, legal, and/or political reasons for their current release schedule. Whatever the reasons are, I hope they really are able to deliver on an adapter.

Roamer@AZ USA | 14 februari 2014

@ big maple. I agree with your comments about the need/benefit of a robust Super Charger network.

But I must say I am absolutely stunned by the speed that, a private company using private funds, has rolled out a brand new national infrastructure. When I received my first car one year ago I had no idea that there would be this much charging service available.

It is shocking that a complete national charging infrastructure can be built in only three years. Maybe I should say international. While we may be typical Americans that just expect industry to meet our needs this is truly extraordinary.

When private business figures out the value of having a Tesla charger the true economic power of free markets will be unleashed to augment Tesla's creation.

Doug H | 14 februari 2014


I see a CHAdeMO charger at a Nissan dealership near Dayton, OH on Recargo. The Supercharger NEAR Toledo is in Maumee. I used it twice on my trip last week. I didn't see the public charger near Dayton unless you are talking about one published by BookFactory. That one wasn't available when I went through Dayton on Sunday night. I did, however, use one of the HPWCs at the Tesla Service Center near Cincinnati.

On the route that I typically travel to Michigan there are 5 CHAdeMO chargers between Atlatna and northern Tennessee. From there, I can only find one traveling up I-75 and that's in Dayton, OH. Given that scenario, I could reasonably make the trip from Dayton to Maumee (Toledo) and then Toledo to Detroit. But without CHAdeMO, the charging takes to long for anything but a leisurely drive.

DallasTXModelS | 14 februari 2014

NYC to Austin, TX rountrip $118. I would never consider that roundtrip to visit a kid in college in a Model S even if there were a Supercharger every 100 miles the entire way.

Doug H | 14 februari 2014


It doesn't make sense to drive any car when you can fly for $118 round trip.

brooklynrab | 14 februari 2014

Unless you book way in advance, 118 roundtrip to Austin iix a pipe dream, at least nonstop. On Wednesday (when I last looked), it was over $800. Multiply by three of us and that turns into real money. Also, I like to drive, because the journey is half the fun.

However, I agree, if I could get my act in gear and book way in advance, and take the inconvenient times that offer those cheap fares, I'd fly over drive if it were me alone.

Roamer@AZ USA | 14 februari 2014


I spent 30 years flying almost every week. I have to say that I would sooner walk to my destination than deal with all the crap and bad service associated with air travel now days.

Air travel today is the Greyhound bus of the 1950's only with worse service and less convenience.

When you drive you avoid having TSA check your underwear for proper fit and are not trapped in an aluminum tube with people too drunk to know what manners are. I will take the Tesla and enjoy the trip.

DallasTXModelS | 14 februari 2014


Kayak has it at $118 today. $800 is for no notice.

Doug H | 14 februari 2014

Over the last 2 weeks, my wife and I drove 3400 miles in our MS. From Atlanta to Santee SC. Up the east coast to Maryland. Then further up to Maryland to visit our oldest son and his wife. After that, had meetings in NY and Boston for the week. We drove back down to Maryland then across to Detroit.

Up until that point, we were traveling on Superchargers, visiting relatives, conducting business and having a great time. We paid a total of $0.00 for energy costs. But coming back from Detroit was pretty tough. I wanted to talk about CHAdeMO in the hopes that TM would take notice and speed up their adapter. I want to take the trip to Detroit more often. My dad is 91.

We have six kids. Our last 2 just went to college this semester. We are enjoying long driving trips to see our children and other relatives that don't live in town. We can work from anywhere.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 15 februari 2014

Hi Doug,
The HPWC in Dayton is at BookFactory. If you call ahead, we will leave the charging cord outside after hours or over the weekend for you. If you send an email to, I will send you my mobile number.

The CHAdeMO in Dayton is at a Nissan dealer. The manager will not allow anyone without their dealer logo on their car to charge. Lots of Nissan dealers are doing this. Nissan should step in. It provides such a sharp contrast when compared to Tesla's approach to customer care after the sale. Traditional car dealers are somewhat medieval in comparison.

Brian H | 15 februari 2014

AFAIK, the dealers are independent agents, who can only be encouraged, not required, to provide any public service.

rkgarrett | 15 februari 2014

@Doug H:

I am in Atlanta also. Where did you charge between ATL and Santee, SC? I am working on plans for a 20th wedding anniversary trip up the East Coast.


EclecticCitizen | 16 februari 2014

I emailed the online store folks last week to ask for an ETA... the response said they are 'hoping for March" delivery, but not a scheduled release date. Too bad, I'm starting a cross-country trip before then and could use the adapter to help with side trips off the Supercharger network to see family.

hikerockies | 17 februari 2014

+1 Roamer:

When I fly, I am treated like a suspect, not a customer. It is up to me to not behave in any manner for TSA to strip me naked or put me in handcuffs. Calling air travel not pleasant is the kindest way to describe it.

Doug H | 17 februari 2014


I've shared my HPWC on Recargo. It's about a mile off of I-20 a couple exits outside of I-285. It's called ScorePAD Warehouse. But since I have a 60kw battery, I charged in Augusta to add about 40 miles at a Sunbelt Nissan.