Anybody experienced change from in production to sourcing parts?

Anybody experienced change from in production to sourcing parts?

My status has been degraded to sourcing parts again after being in "being built" for 3 weeks. I find this disturbing- again customer support here in Europe leaves a lot to be desired. No messages other than under "My Tesla". My bet is that the car will be delayed, thus making sale of my present premium fossil car uncertain. I understand customer support manager changes is happening here in Europe and Norway- this is understandable as tesla cannot rely on enthusiast in the long run.


Mathew98 | 6 november 2013

The status has not been reliable even for US customers.

Please hold on to your fossil car until TM contact you with a specific delivery date. I would actually wait till after the MS delivery before selling the dino car just to be safe.

A DS will contact you 2 weeks before your car is ready for delivery. See the other post for details.

Henning76 | 6 november 2013

Some people actually need to sell the fossil car before they can take delivery of the new vehicle.

I'm lucky enough NOT to be in that situation myself, but Teslas customer service leaves a lot to be desired still.

That a company of Teslas size cannot maintain a simple CRM website is kind of surprising, to be honest.

But at least the wait is worth it :)

Gizmotoy | 6 november 2013

When I ordered a Honda a few years back, I got a delivery estimate of 2-3 months, and then a call two days before it arrived. Timing delivery of custom orders can be tricky for any manufacturer, no matter how much experience they have.

ausdma | 6 november 2013

Mine has switched back to sourcing parts as well.

tommylpalmer | 6 november 2013

The same thing happened to my vehicle. I'll check with my Rep and post after I get an answer.

OCTesla | 6 november 2013

I have a delivery date of 12/7/13. My status changed to "In production" a week ago, which really excited me. I was told by TM that my delivery date didn't change though.

Today, my status changed back to "Sourcing parts..." I had heard that the status of many buyers erroneously changed to "In production" last week. Either way, it doesn't seem reliable.

butwhyowhy | 6 november 2013

I have had a delivery date of 11/14 for a few weeks. About two weeks ago I was told it would probably be coming early (7-10 days early) and online it said 'in production'. I just talked to my 'specialist' and it will now be coming late. It says sourcing parts again - asked if I could upgrade to a P85 since apparently I am not getting it soon anyway but no go. Hard to plan finance closing and getting rid of current car. Not leaving the best taste in my mouth tossing me around like this.

Mathew98 | 6 november 2013

That bad taste will soon turn to a giant grin. Don't you all feel like a kid waiting for Xmas day to open the presents?

MacDaddyDude | 6 november 2013

What OC Tesla said - same story here.

Suturecabre | 6 november 2013

Let's just all agree to take the production status like those buttons you push at crosswalks to make the light change so you can cross (I'm in the Northeast and my status also went back to sourcing parts).....I have a feeling it's more of a placebo to give the illusion that your car undergoes a months-long process from start to finish, when it's really more likely a turnaround time of less than a week for a car to be delivered (not counting shipping), the rest of the time before that just waiting around with nothing happening while other cars are built.

jcaspar1 | 6 november 2013

Mine changed to sourcing parts 2 days before pickup. it went back to that after delivery and still says sourcing parts.

sandikat1 | 6 november 2013

Where is the best place to buy parking sensors on older Tesla S Older meaning eight months old

Brew | 6 november 2013

My 85 also switched back to sourcing parts. Sounds like this is not unique. Hoping they stick to my delivery date of 11/26.

Marco Sigma | 7 november 2013

Me too: from production to sprucing parts. Italy here...

DallasTXModelS | 7 november 2013

I was in the batch of Sourcing/Production/Sourcing

togliat | 7 november 2013

Another one here. Was in production, now back to sourcing parts. Dec 6 delivery scheduled.

donaldmeacham1 | 7 november 2013

The promised delivery date on my last Lexus LS460 was 5 weeks off. Difficult to determine the delivery date exactly for any company. Too many variables.

donaldmeacham1 | 7 november 2013

My order just switched back to sourcing parts yesterday with additional note that the DS would be contacting me soon to set up delivery.

butwhyowhy | 9 november 2013

My specialist has kicked into high gear and been very responsive since I complained about the flip flopping and lack of communication. As a retail store owner I know how good communication can smooth over almost any issue so this is very important to me. I still have a high probability of receiving the car on the date scheduled if not a day later. Apparently they were upgrading systems and online was not syncing correctly. Since then it appears to have better information. If only I could go to sleep and wake up five days from now... | 9 november 2013

I received car last weekend and status went from delivery to sourcing parts. Also, cannot get remote app to work saying that no cars are connected to account.

DS said they changed systems last week and there appear to be issues with status updates.

Very frustrating not having remote access when car is away from home and you know you should be able to monitor it.

mathiasc | 9 november 2013

Yepp post confirm experience sucks big time... No delivery month in the mytesla site is just bad customer experience... So easy to do if you have a CRM system... For 130K USD car this is not good. Come on Tesla shape up!!! We need to know deliver month. Even delivery day! No two weeks before is not ok...

Brian H | 9 november 2013

Synching DBs seems to be a dark mystery to TM programmers. | 9 november 2013

It was their CRM system that was supposedly being updated... apparently not too successfully. Discouraging that this has been screwed up for quite a while, to the point that no one believes any status information in the dashboard.

Bookfamelifeclothing | 27 januari 2014

I got my vin number and delivery date.

jordanrichard | 27 januari 2014

I just got my vin number today, but no delivery date. I confirmed my order yesterday (Sunday)

Pungoteague_Dave | 27 januari 2014

There is absolutely no correlation between status on the dashboard and reality. I had my car for two months and it was still shown as in production. This has always been a weak area for TM since cars started delivery, and has neither improved nor gotten worse. Sometimes a call to your DS or customer experience can enlighten you as to where your car actually stands.