anyone driven the RAV 4 EV?

anyone driven the RAV 4 EV?

looks like it's only available in parts of california...but this may be the only way to get your hands on a tesla drivetrain anytime soon if you're not already on the wait list.

ggr | 2 november 2012

Lloyd over on the Tesla Motors Club has taken delivery of one. Loves it.

Fog | 2 november 2012

its compelling but I'm not sure when they will be available in northern california and it seems kind of steep at $50k when a v6 is $30k. I mean toyota doesn't even need to provide the engine and transmission!

jerry3 | 3 november 2012


You can't look at it as $50K, you have to look at it as $30K of vehicle and $20K of prepaid fuel.

Fog | 4 november 2012

well, at least with the tax credit and state rebates, it looks like its closer to a $10k prepaid fuel bill. but the issue is that Toyota is over charging. looks like a local dealer has a rav4 ev on hand. I might have time this week...

Fog | 10 november 2012

went for a test drive on Friday, the rav4 ev was impressive in sport mode and ok in regular mode. the transmission is very smooth and there is not a heavy regen when I took the foot of the of the pedal.

The sales guy that took me out was not very informed about the ev, the "trained" guy was busy with another customer, so he was no help. I think I'll wait...