Anyone get the cloth interior on MC Red?

Anyone get the cloth interior on MC Red?

Any feedback on the black cloth interior? Did you either get it (love/hate) or consider it (thoughts)?

I'm in the process of finalizing the interior choices for my MC Red Model S reservation. I'd always assumed I'd get leather and never even considered getting the cloth seats but then I saw them in person at Santana Row and in some ways like it better than the leather choices.

What trim style (Piano, CF, etc) did you get with it?

Thanks, Joe

Mathew98 | 21 oktober 2013

I have the MC red with black cloth interior. I never like leather seats as they get hot in the summer and really cold in the winter.

Although I think the cloth seats are pretty good, I also have racing car seat covers (black/red) that blend in with the exterior very nicely. I'll try to post some pix for you later.

Gizmotoy | 21 oktober 2013

@Mathew: I'd appreciate that as well. Sounds neat.

I ordered a MC Red P85 with textile seats/CF, but don't have it yet.

I've never liked leather seats (my back gets all sweaty and I slide around a lot). I was thrilled I could take cloth seats on my Model S. I think superficially they look better than the standard leather seats (though not as good as the Performance leather).

GDH | 21 oktober 2013

If anyone has the textile seats can you please post a pic. Thanks.

Dripps | 21 oktober 2013

Damn, now I'm going to have to look up how to post a photo on this forum again. I have the Pearl White with black textile seats. I love them. I was going to order leather but after seeing them in person I decided I preferred the textile! Photo to follow, as soon as I figure it out.

Dripps | 21 oktober 2013

Ok I'm going to post a link instead. You'll have to look through all the photos of my car but there are a couple good ones of the seats.

Brian H | 21 oktober 2013

<img src="URL" width="600">

Open the full image, rt-click, select Copy Image Location.

GDH | 21 oktober 2013

Hmmm...does look half bad.

rodrussell | 21 oktober 2013

I have MC Red and standard textile seats. I am happy with the quality and the black looks nice with red.

J.T. | 21 oktober 2013

@GDH you should see the other half. It looks all bad.

GDH | 21 oktober 2013

Damnit I meant doesn't look half bad.

In the Model S's I have seen the leather seems to stretch where your ass sits, which isn't a good look.

slr_pwrd | 21 oktober 2013

Me too. MR with black textile. No regrets. Actually I heard people with leather tend to slip and slide.

mrrjm | 21 oktober 2013

Just got my Metallic Grey P85+ with Cloth (textile). Love it. Glad I didn't get leather.

GDH | 21 oktober 2013

I love the grey, especially with the grey 21" wheels.

sweetmanpe | 21 oktober 2013

I love that combo. Seats look good and feel great. I have no regrets for getting textile instead of tan or grey leather (my other 2 choices

Gizmotoy | 22 oktober 2013

I'm really glad to see people happy with the cloth seats... and others with cars more expensive than mine also opting for cloth seats. I was starting to think I was crazy for buying a car this expensive without leather...

Mathew98 | 22 oktober 2013

I uploaded some quick snapshots of the seat covers in

There's also one shot of the rear bumper covered with red carbon fiber wrap.

Mathew98 | 22 oktober 2013

I uploaded some quick snapshots of the seat covers in

There's also one shot of the rear bumper covered with red carbon fiber wrap.

SUN 2 DRV | 22 oktober 2013

Debbie, Thanks for the pictures. I went back to the Santana Row store today to take a final look at the cloth seats and they had sold that car from the show room this morning. So I was really beginning to have second thoughts about cloth vs leather in such a high end car.

But your pictures reminded me that the cloth seats are more interesting looking than the basic leather seats and not over the top like the Perf seats.


Brian H | 22 oktober 2013
J.T. | 23 oktober 2013

@Mathew98 Really pretty!! Couldn't help but notice there's no picture of your wife in the driver's seat smiling.

Mathew98 | 23 oktober 2013

@JT - The admiral is not allowed to drive my red baby. As a matter of fact, I have given plenty of joy rides but I wouldn't let anyone else behind the wheels.

Beside, she likes being chauffeured to every destination. She snaps her fingers and magically we're there in no time. My kids think they're hopping on a roller coaster ride every time they climb into the jump seats.

At least for the time being, I'm the only one in the family with the maniac grin... ;)

eAdopter | 23 oktober 2013

I purchased Textile seats. Here's why:

1. While TM calls them "black", there's a nice black/dark-grey contrast with the Textile cloth.

2. Textile seats have a slip-free feel when cornering.

3. Textile seats remain cool in summer sun, and don't get so cold in winter.

4. Textile seats don't crack/sag like leather, and the fabric appears to be very durable (TBD).

AirForce462 | 23 oktober 2013

I have the s85 with MC red and textile seats. I love my seats and am glad that I opted out of the Leather as well. My reasons are the same as eAdopter's, and I would add that textile is also less maintenance than leather.