Anyone interested in a side project we could work on for Tesla and all EV's?

Anyone interested in a side project we could work on for Tesla and all EV's?

Hi guys, I have been playing with an idea for a while and I think I am ready to take it on, and I wanted to know if anyone would like to come on and join the adventure. So even though this isn't a big problem for Tesla, it is a reason a lot of people talk themselves out of buying it or any other EV. Basically I want to add miny charging stations around the US. I was thinking we could go to a resturant and install the station for free, and instead of paying for the space monthly, we could just give them a piece of the money we make from that station. So it is risk free for them, giving them no reason not to do it. For example, we go to any resturant, let's use Chick-Fa-Lay for example, and we say we will install the charging station for free, and we charge people $1.00 an hour for people using it, and since Chick-Fa-Lay is letting us use their space we give them a percent of the money. So let's just say we give them $0.10 for every hour somebody uses it. That is completely an example and those numbers are NOT real. So I have been playing with different ideas, like what the screen would look like, how you pay, also we could advertise. Things like this and I think with some help I can get this company to work. You might wonder about me, so I am 27 years old and graduated Duke mastering in Business. So I could deal with the business side of things very well. As of now, I own my own business. So, is anyone interested in taking this on as a side project? I know it isn't fully developed but it's a start. Thanks! Aaron.

Captain_Zap | 28 oktober 2013

I have been helping with projects installing stations and adapters. There is several other groups and individuals doing it as well. Use of the stations and the power is free. Charging for use is a huge complication. It adds expense, potential for issues with regional power resale rules and billing issues.

We pooled money to pay for the high powered chargers and looked for a party to host them in strategic locations. We have had restaurants and hotels pay for the installation of the units and donate the electricity because they want the increased traffic and goodwill.

There is several non-profit groups doing this. One even has an "adpopt-a-charger" program.

Brian H | 29 oktober 2013

Do any eateries hand out "EV charging free with meal" cards?