article that talks about the future software updates

article that talks about the future software updates

Interesting interview with the software people. They talk about enabling 85% sleep mode in the very next release.

Also good to know that it's tegra 2 and tegra 3 chips. They told me at the factory that they worked closely with nvidia but didn't say which chips.

stevenmaifert | 15 mei 2013

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today, but it really irks me that we have to troll the Internet to glean all the little tidbits about what TM is planning for us. Why can't we hear it first in their blog, the TBB that was created for that purpose or a regular email newsletter like they used to send to the reservation holders :(

cgiGuy | 15 mei 2013

Agreed--but I also wonder how much of what was said shouldn't have been talked about, yet. Remember how the "world class service" announcement came out in an article before it was officially announced by Tesla Motors?

Pretty sure the "safety suite" is going to be the "under your nose" announcement. We should know by tomorrow.

PorfirioR | 15 mei 2013

This is a very interesting conversation, if we step back and look at it.

No other car owners talk about what improvements they expect from the manufacturer on the cars that they already own, nor do those car manufactures care.

I do understand the frustration but I also marvel at how Tesla has completely changed the ownership experience in such a short time.

jk2014 | 15 mei 2013

+1 PortirioR

cgiGuy | 15 mei 2013

Correction- "sensor suite."

SamO | 15 mei 2013


Next Software update will have 85% deep sleep

Safety tech package will soon be available with sensors and cameras to provide the following: Pedestrian detection, collision avoidance, blind spot detection, smarter cruise control.

ENHANCED TRIP PLANNING (on the horizon) including elevations, temperature, charging stations, head/tailwind

This is a CORE COMPETENCY and work is happening in-house. (therefor partnership with Google is vapor for now).

rochec | 15 mei 2013

@stevenmaifert we won't read it on their blog because they need to follow standard marketing procedures that have been used for 100s of years. Granting interviews is key to the success of a company like Tesla. It provides more interest from large meda orgs and will generate better articles.

If they put out every bit of info on their blog it would barely get covered (yes you'd read it, but, frankly, you've already bought your car and Tesla needs to reach out to the "mainstream) and lead to less press.

It is also VERY surprising that they would talk about upcoming features, that is pretty rare, so we should be more grateful about that. Commenting on any feature pretty much ensure users will expect it tomorrow and if they don't deliver, it is just a headache for them. So it isn't usually done.

stevenmaifert | 16 mei 2013

Interesting how the Fanboys defend Tesla. If someone complains that Tesla isn't doing something the way everyone else does it, the defense is Tesla is new, innovative, and the Tesla way is the way of the future. If someone complains Tesla isn't using all the new way tools at their disposal on a particular issue, the defense is they have to do things the way things have been done for 100s of years.

Brian H | 16 mei 2013

Name another auto maker that previews upcoming upgrades.

nickjhowe | 18 mei 2013

I'm a fanboy, but I'm kinda on the fence here. TM is caught between being an auto company and a software company. It is very common for software companies to talk about a feature roadmap; it is very uncommon for car companies to talk about future functionality.

Given that TM is trying to reinvent the entire industry, behaving more like a software company would seem to be the direction they should go.

PorfirioR | 18 mei 2013

I have owned a Saturn Outlook for a few years. The car has multiple software glitches, for example if I start the car after entering from the passenger door (such as turning it on to power a tire compressor) and turn off the vehicle, all the auxiliary systems (entertainment, temperature control, navigation,etc.) keep running until the battery is dead or I remember to re-start the car with the driver-side door open.

The reason I owned Saturns in the first place was my total dislike for the vehicle buying and owning experience. Now that GM killed Saturn, I am looking at Tesla.

There is no hope or expectation on my part that GM will ever fix software issues for my car, nor does GM care since it is not a safety issue that forces a recall. Also the dealers don't benefit from manufacturer upgrades of this kind; they would rather sell you a new car. By the way, the Saturn Outlook is the same vehicle as the GMC Acadia, which is still produced.

I don't own my Tesla yet, although I am heavily invested as a stock holder. Tesla is the only car company I know that continues to improve your vehicle (for free) after you own it.

I don't say these things as a fanboy gushing over my vehicle (since I don't have mine yet). These are the sad facts of how we consumers have allowed the auto-industry to treat us. Times have changed. We have enough consumer protection regulations that support any type of direct and indirect commerce. I am probably as big a fan of Tesla for their business model as for anything they do for technology, the environment, and energy conservation. I intend to continue to vote with my wallet.

kw1 | 18 mei 2013

I try to keep this in perspective. Toyota has never contacted me about new features they are going to put in my already purchased cars. Tesla has raised the expectations bar. Can Tesla be better - sure. Are they already better than any other car that I have ever purchased - without a doubt.

wheatcraft | 19 mei 2013

I think the first place this information came out was the twitter feed of either Elon or Tesla Motors. Although I am not that much into twitter, the only two feeds I follow are Elon and Tesla. This is often the avenue they use to "break news". So if you want to hear about it early on (probably first), subscribe to Elon and Tesla twitter feeds.