Audi and T-Mobile unlimited data for car $15!

Audi and T-Mobile unlimited data for car $15!

Just saw this. I hope Tesla will be competitive with their rates! $15.00 sounds like a steal for unlimited data in our cars. | 11 april 2013

A good deal, but it requires buying 30 months in advance. For month-to-month it's $30.

Also it's unclear what the data cap is. With T-Mobile, Unlimited means when you hit the cap, you drop down to 2G (exceptionally slow), but no extra charges.

murraypetera | 11 april 2013

This is standard family plan rates.

$10 for extra line with 500 mb data unlimited text voice tethering
$10 for each 2 gb data after

DouglasR | 11 april 2013

How good is T-Mobile's coverage and service?

Robert22 | 11 april 2013

T-Mobile has traditionally been strong in major metropolitan areas and along major highway corridors. Coverage off the beaten track is better than in the past, but is still surpassed by Verizon and AT&T. T-Mobile's current entry level plan is highly competitive if signal strength is adequate in your region. David Pogue wrote a nice column in the NYT last week that will answer most of your questions. Briefly, for 50 bucks the plan includes unlimited talk, text and data as well as unlimited mobile hotspot and no contract. After 500 MB of 4G data, the plan steps down to unlimited 3G if you have a 4G capable phone (iPhone 5) or 2G if you have a 3G capable phone (iPhone 4/4s). This is not clear in their written materials but has been confirmed x3 by customer service.This is a critical distinction for MS owners that plan to tether. I've been trying to confirm with ownership if music will stream adequately via 2G (buffer) since I would prefer to wait until ~ July for Apple's new phone rather than buying an iPhone 5 now. The engineers have confirmed that the radio in the MS steps down to 2G but have not answered directly when asked if 2G works adequately with radio and nav streaming. Yes, 2G may be a little slow, but for those saving up for the next Tesla must-have item, 50 bucks for all my phone and car needs looks pretty appealing.

Robert22 | 11 april 2013

I should also mention that I've been with T-mobile since they acquired Voicestream over a decade ago so I'm well aware of their weak signal areas in the northeast. That said, they've improved dramatically with the addition of new equipment at least in the northeast, and merit re-consideration for those that may have left in disgust a few years ago. I have no relationship to, or financial interest in the company.

riceuguy | 11 april 2013

Like Robert, I've been with T-Mobile since the Voicestream days. I travel all over the US (50k flight miles in the first 3 mos of the year!), and while the signal is pretty terrible in parts of the Midwest and outside of major highway corridors, their customer service is outstanding and their prices have always been great. At least twice they've called me to tell me that they had a plan that would be cheaper for me for the same service. I don't know anyone who's had that happen with the other carriers!

splitsec002 | 12 april 2013

I got forced to use ATT because I wanted an Iphone. Before the Iphone days, T-Mobile in the Los Angeles area was great. And I found that T-Mobile had better reception than ATT. Or maybe it's the Iphone that gets bad reception. I wouldn't mind T-Mobile at all if Tesla chose to use them.