"Audi will build you a Tesla-beating electric R8 Supercar, but only on request"

"Audi will build you a Tesla-beating electric R8 Supercar, but only on request"

The Verge has this story. Kind of funny though. Yes, Audi will have a e-tron version of the second generation R8, but only upon request. It will have a 92 kWh battery and Audi claims that it can charge in "significantly less than two hours." I am not sure how they are going to do that, I assume they are talking L3 chargers, but who has one of those at their home? Anyway, the car will be slower than the P85D and the R8 V10 version, it will go 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. Claimed range is 280 miles.

I am not sure how this is a Tesla beater since it will be slower than the P85D and probably have only slightly higher range, seat less people, etc. More competition is good I guess. I am sure it will beat the P85D on price though, not the good way though. Silly headline.

Roamer@AZ USA | 26 februari 2015

Interesting that Tesla has become the industry baseline to beat. | 26 februari 2015

Doesn't make sense. Volkswagen seems to be a pretty successful and sensible company. What sensible company would spend many millions of Euros developing such a BEV with no intent to manufacture in volume?
What's the point? They surely don't need to do such a thing in order to be thought credible.

lmorelli | 26 februari 2015

@georgehawley.....I think their thinking is that this will be technology that will eventually flow into their other models. Seems like a pretty lame way to do it though.

AmpedRealtor | 26 februari 2015

It's also a way for Audi to keep itself in the news cycle.

AmpedRealtor | 26 februari 2015

How much do you want to bet the price will be close to $200,000?

FelixMendeldog | 26 februari 2015

@lmorelli +1 Exactly.

Fast? Certainly—and likely will handle extremely well. Audi (VW AG) makes high quality cars. But this R8 e-tron will be slower than P85D, undoubtedly much more expensive; and have fewer seats and less storage area. The rapid changing to which they allude would depend on an Audi compatible high power direct DC charging network that doesn’t exist yet (VW AG will apparently join BWM to build Frankenplug stations)—but yeah, it’s a Tesla beater, sure. A few R8 e-trons will sell to those who desire exclusivity. Competition? Insignificant at best.

Tesla won’t have any real competition until other automakers stop grandstanding, stop it with the damn Frankenplugs, use the Tesla connector FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, join with Tesla to build out more chargers (both SuperChargers and public HPWCs for the benefit of all EVs), build a BEV from scratch, and mass produce them. In other words, Tesla has no competition on the horizon.

TytanX | 26 februari 2015

Why all the negativity? Yes it's a slower 0-60 but it'll be fast on a track than the P85D. It's a different market than the P85D. And just to remind everyone, the model S, for the most part, is built on request.

Good for Audi for getting into the EV game!

AmpedRealtor | 26 februari 2015

@ TytanX,

I think folks are tuned-in to the fact that this is a distraction and not a serious offering. Without supercharger access, it's not a viable product because it will not be able to charge fast enough at a L3 DC "fast charge" to make distance travel practical. Unless you don't mind waiting. It's great that Audi and others are joining the EVolution, but it's hardly "Tesla-beating" as the article claims.

RayRey | 26 februari 2015

I've owned Audi's for over 20 yrs and have 3 of them and I doubt very much that Audi would do this. One, it would take a complete redesign of their new R8. Two, this new R8 was just introduced with many petrol engine options with minor hybrid technology. This is just news wave and gossip to get the Audi name on the same page as Tesla. Audi love competition even on the news wave. Don't get me wrong, I'm about the buy a P85D so if this was true, I would buy so so called rumor R8.

cpmarino | 26 februari 2015

The language is not Audi's. I've seen no claims from Audi that this is a Tesla competitor, let alone a Tesla "beater".

Don't think it's a rumor, I've seen credible articles from other sources. No, it's likely not mass production, but then the R8 in general isn't really mass production and it too, for the most part, is built upon request. Companies rarely build halo cars hoping that they'll sell.

I'm impressed by the stats, and by the fact that they will build such a car and, yes, it will be $200k if not more. That's not the point. This is good news for the EV movement, when a credible company like Audi is embracing this technology in a high-profile car.

EV fans should be applauding. It's a very positive development. I agree that multiple charging technologies will hurt the EV movement, and that since Tesla has developed something of a standard with the Supercharging network, these folks should all be talking and should standardize. | 26 februari 2015

Clap, clap

TytanX | 26 februari 2015

@ AmpedRealtor

Why is it a "distraction"? Any EV with 280 mile range is the real deal. Audi would be the first major automaker to come out with an EV that beats 200 miles range. How is this any different than the roadster?

Every single EV article is going to be called a "Tesla Beater" this is how the authors get eyeballs on their articles. No one is really claiming it is.

jordanrichard | 26 februari 2015

TytanX, the MS is built to order, but only because they don't have the capacity (batteries)to exceed demand. The difference being that Audi will build only upon request.

TytanX | 26 februari 2015

You request a Model S by placing an order. No difference. Not having enough capacity of the batteries to exceed demand is irrelevant. Producing more cars than demand dictate is not a smart move. For all we know, if Audi is making this car, they could be limited by capacity to produce batteries too.

This would be be a positive for EVs. Yes they are behind Tesla. Everyone will be for probably the next 10 years.

AmpedRealtor | 26 februari 2015

@ TytanX,

Why would Audi not make the R8 e-tron available in a manner similar to Tesla and at a price where Audi could actually compete with tesla on deliveries? The answer to that question is why this is just a distraction. It's not a real effort to compete.

jordanrichard | 26 februari 2015

Well then, every car company is doing things wrong than. Car companies have acres and acres of cars sitting outside of their factories. Dealers have lots full of cars that no one wants. If they wanted them, the cars wouldn't be sitting there.

TytanX | 26 februari 2015

@AmpedRealtor It's not competing with the Model S. It would be competing with the roadster. It develops EV technology within the company. You know, the same way Tesla did it with roadster first. It doesn't compete with Tesla yet but it is a step in the right direction.

@jordanrichard Companies don't build more cars then demand dictates on purpose. They try to anticipate demand so they can have cars on lots. When most people decide they want to buy a car they want it within a couple weeks. If company A has a car on the lot available and company B is a 3 month wait, most people will go with company A. This is getting off topic though. The point is, according to this article, Audi will sell the R8 etron the same way Tesla sells the Model S. By request.

Red Sage ca us | 26 februari 2015

The AUDI R8 e-Tron has been delayed multiple times. Volkswagen AG announced the 'special order' status in late Spring or early Summer 2014. I expect to see a BMW i8 on the streets of Los Angeles long before any R8 with electric drive.

P85D | 26 februari 2015

R8's were sexy like 7 years ago.

Remnant | 26 februari 2015

The potential Audi competition to MX is the Q8-eTron rather the R8. Check:

By Audi, the Q8-eTron's powertrain is (supposed to be) an eQuattro AWD with Dual-Motor (front and rear), rear-axle regen-braking-based Torque Vectoring, high ground clearance, and "Allroad+" capabilities.

Likely production readiness 2017-2020, likely MSRP $150-200K.

pierre.roberge | 26 februari 2015

Sorry to lower the level of the conversation but this is too good to pass up.

Étron in French means..............Turd.

It had to be said. :)

Makes me think of Chevy Nova which in Spanish means Nogo!

Whity Whiteman | 26 februari 2015

german fully electric luxury vehicles will hit the road around 2019?! In the meantime, tesla will be producing model 3. They are far ahead. They are in front of a race and they are the only ones, who are really running.. so the lead-gap get's even bigger. I think, time advantage of 4 Years? Minimum.. and this thought is without Gigafactory

pierre.roberge | 26 februari 2015

Sorry for the multiple posts, the captcha kept reappearing so I thought I did not enter it right.

Whity Whiteman | 26 februari 2015

no problem ;)

german fully electric luxury vehicles will hit the road around 2019?! In the meantime, tesla will be producing model 3. They are far ahead. They are in front of a race and they are the only ones, who are really running.. so the lead-gap get's even bigger. I think, time advantage of 4 Years? Minimum.. and this thought is without Gigafactory

AmpedRealtor | 26 februari 2015


richard | 26 februari 2015

Plausible deniability,

release a rumour to see how it is received, is the market ready for this?

if well then rumour becomes reality as its worth developing, then it was a leak

if not, its just speculation or an option that was being considered.

Reality - if audi make a car like this it will sell, and well, and that is good, it is not competition for the model s, it is competition against ferarri lambo etc, then we will see electric lambos, etc

Tesla wanted to kick start the EVolution, they are going to achieve this goal, but by the time other manufacturers actually catch up, teslas position as the best ev will be secured for a long time.

kenmh_82 | 27 februari 2015
Brian H | 27 februari 2015

I bet Tesla sells more inventory P85Ds than Audi's total R8-Turd production.

The Q8-Turd sounds better. But an earlier letter? Regression?

NOLEK SUM | 27 februari 2015

You guys can't see the forest for the trees.The Fanbois can't stand it, but the Germans are coming. And when they do, they will be great cars. That's what Germans do.

Sam_S | 27 februari 2015

Good to see Audi with plans to get in the E game.

Why do so many of you react with Dad can beat up your Dad.

You sound like world class Mclary idiots.

Chunky Jr. | 27 februari 2015

Maybe Audi will just buy a P85D, put an Audio logo on it, and make a few cosmetic changes. And better cup holders.

Captain_Zap | 27 februari 2015

I'm still waiting for the V-10 R7 hatchback prototype I saw in 2011.

Leeo | 27 februari 2015

I'm sure Audi will figure out how to over complicate the simple EV power train.

Pollux | 27 februari 2015

@gadfly writes:

You guys can't see the forest for the trees.The Fanbois can't stand it, but the Germans are coming. And when they do, they will be great cars. That's what Germans do.

I hope you're right. I am an Audi fan. Or was, until Tesla came along.

But if I were to take an @gadfly-ish position on the matter, the German BEV track record to date is pathetic. Even the German hybrid record is pathetic. Weaselly announcements for the 2017-2020 timeframe don't fill me with certainty. I loved my Audi A4 for a long time and would have gladly replaced it with a diesel A3 but Audi couldn't be bothered to deliver a Quattro option on the diesel A3 in the US (2012). BMWs are great but the i8 is an overly-expensive, bad joke, and the i3 is downright offensive as a BEV (limited range, ugly, small, expensive given its apparent market target). Mercedes... where ARE the world-beating electric Mercedes vehicles, especially given their lengthy dalliance with Tesla? You think I'm willing to put my family in an electric Smart car -- well, whatever fraction would fit into it -- and put them onto an American highway?!

Sheesh. Whatever the Germans *are* doing, it sure doesn't appear that they are working on BEV vehicles with anything approaching urgency!

Your claim is going to require some solid evidence to be accepted as a reasonable proposition. :-)


cpmarino | 27 februari 2015

Jeez ... a lot of passion.

The Americans ignored the EV market, largely, until Tesla came along. Tesla has made the market better, and at the high end, they own the market. The Germans will come and when they do, it will also make Tesla better.

Fanbois relax, Tesla won the race to be the first. In 20 years, nobody will care and we'll all have lots of EV models to choose from, which is GOOD. Tesla will still produce fabulous cars. The thing that Tesla has going for it is the Supercharger network. Let's hope it doesn't go the way of the Sony Betamax ... if all these other companies align on charging technology, that could put Tesla at a significant disadvantage.

jordanrichard | 27 februari 2015

Lambo is said to be working on a Hybrid. Yes, Hell has frozen over.

AmpedRealtor | 27 februari 2015

@ Brian H,

R8-Turd production


Mercedes announced they will be able to compete with Tesla in 2020. Let's get Gadfly a t-shirt that says "I see Germans Coming" because he seems to be the only one. All I see is a lot of talk about what might be in five years. Talk is cheap, even in German. Currently the only German "competition" is VW's e-Golf and BMW's i3. Not really competition. Everything else is vaporware.

Bighorn | 27 februari 2015

Their tag line could be "Our second R8 car." | 27 februari 2015

German mantra sounds just like Hydrogen cars - we'll have a price competitive car that makes money in 5 years, except the 5 year timeframe restarts every year!

Other car makers really don't want to give up 100 years of ICE design and manufacturing. It's sort of amazing what they've been able to do with engine design, but it's so yesterday.

bayrowet | 27 februari 2015

I hope they do make a great electric r8

I would consider it to go with my p85d, as I am too tall for the roadster.

I see them as complementary not competitive. Indeed, if people try out the R8 and fall in love with electric, they are much more willing to look at the Tesla as well.

jcaspar1 | 27 februari 2015

Audi is so far behind I will be surprised if they ever catch up. Soooo late to the game. Way behind the US and Japanese.

cpmarino | 28 februari 2015

Honestly folks, I love the passion and am a big fan of Tesla, but for those of you questioning the timeline for the Germans to actually get in the game, isn't that just a wee bit hypocritical? Has Tesla ever met a deadline? Model X? Hello? Model 3 in "the future".

Building cars is, you know, hard to do. Implementing new technology is certainly easier than inventing it on the fly, but I think given Tesla's own track record you could cut them a bit of slack. The fact that it's happening at all is a testament to Tesla.

Not sure if "deadline" translates into German, certainly it's a word the Italians have never heard of.

Mike83 | 28 februari 2015

I will stick with the American made Tesla and its remarkable service. And pie in the sky competitors; not holding my breathe.

Bighorn | 28 februari 2015


I believe Mussolini worked with deadlines.

cpmarino | 28 februari 2015

@Bighorn: Fair point. He may have been the last, though ...

NOLEK SUM | 1 maart 2015

Gee, I stand corrected. Your dad can beat up my dad.

I admit that the Germans have a dismal record of superb automotive engineering and innovation. Tesla will put them and everybody else out of business and take over the world.

Clearly, the company's .00000000000000000001 world market share is due to explode.

Johann @IS | 1 maart 2015

You might want to count your zeroes before you post...
World wide sales are somewhere in the vicinity of 85 million cars and trucks, that's 85 with 6 zeroes behind them so Tesla's 33 thousand cars would be about 0.04%

Bighorn | 1 maart 2015


an idiot in the ointment--it's his calling

AmpedRealtor | 1 maart 2015

@ Gadfly,

Oh dear, it looks like a dose of reality has touched an already atrophied nerve.

Why does an honest assessment of what the Germans have brought to market bother you so much? And why are you so obsessed with Germany? Tesla's stiffest competition to date has been in China and from Chinese, not German, EV manufacturers. Sales of domestic Chinese EVs has exploded in the last year while Tesla sales in the same region have not. That is real competition. Not what Audi or Mercedes might bring to market in five years. We have a word for the latter, it's called vaporware. Vaporware versus a real product, and you want us to fear all of this pseudo "German competition" that doesn't exist yet.

It might be a good idea to start living in the present, not in the what-might-be-in-five-years imaginary world. You might have more credibility if you actually wait until there is a viable competitive product from a German company before posting. I would love for you to point to a single German product that is a viable competitor to Model S in the EV space. Go on.

It's funny that you keep coming to this forum to taught all the German competition, you re-post your precious anti-Tesla WSJ articles, and then you get butt hurt when folks here don't agree with you. And while you do all of this, you expect us to believe that you actually own a Model S. I think the forum is on to you...

Brian H | 2 maart 2015


like your scalper or bookie. ;)