Audio Books etc.

Audio Books etc.

My wife like audio books (cd form) from the library. So I pick up an inexpensive USB DVD drive. It works perfectly. The only thing I can't figure out, which isn't only audio books but all USB sources, is that the computer won't remember where I left off. I can stop a book, listen to some music, go back to the book and it starts at the beginning. Am I missing something? Any ideas?

DTsea | 13 november 2013

i use an ipod over blue tooth. works fine.

jjb94941 | 13 november 2013

I think that if you pause the playback before leaving the car, you can resume playback where you left off.

loefvinc | 13 november 2013

I only remembers if you don't change audio sources. If you do and go back to USB then it's just like the first time you've gone there. Until Tesla changes this, I'm keeping a paper bookmark in the car. I'm hoping this and onboard music storage come out in an update soon.


logicalthinker | 13 november 2013

Get a Kindle (my preference: Keyboard version, or a color Kindle... because I use the text to speech feature & not all Kindles have text-to-speech).

On the Kindle you can instantly download books, or over WiFi you can download audio books. Then you can connect your Kindle thru aux in or (as I've done for listening to books while biking) get a little Bluetooth dongle to transmit the audio to a Bluetooth receiver.

This is the Bluetooth dongle I've used. It works well.

jat | 13 november 2013

On my Android phone over Bluetooth, it definitely remembers where I am even if I change sources, both in Google Play Music and in the Audible app.

Mog | 14 november 2013

My wife also gets Audio Books from the library. She uses Audio Bookbuilder on the Mac to get it onto her phone and then plays it in the car using bluetooth, or the kitchen or wherever. She is also clear that she deletes the files as soon as she returns the CDs to the library.

Of course, in this case, the phone remembers where she left off .

bp | 14 november 2013

I have long daily commutes and have been listening to audiobooks in my car for years. Unless Tesla adds audiobook support into the entertainment software (either through an app or by remembering book marks in audiobook files), the only option appears to be using Bluetooth to a mobile device.

This actually works pretty well - and has some benefits because when you take your mobile device with you, you can listen to the book from the last position played, which you wouldn't be able to do if the car was remembering the position inside a very large mp3 file.

The four issues I have with this technique:

1. Each time I enter the car, I must manually re-select my smartphone for audio - since the Bluetooth connection gets reset when the device leaves the car.

2. The "now playing" display doesn't display real information about the audiobook - must use the smartphone to navigate through the audiobook - i.e., the car doesn't have the navigation commands to smartly move backward/forward through the audiobook.

3. If the audiobook application isn't already running when the device is reconnected, it must be manually started on the device to begin playing the audiobook.

4. And sometimes, the start/stop commands from the car are ignored on the device (or not sent to the device properly) so the audiobook player on the device must be directly started and stopped through the device and not through the touchscreen or steering wheel control.

The best solution will be to provide full support for the audiobook application (I use Audible) - which may happen if/when we get Android application support (next year?).

Until then, the above issues are minor annoyances - and I listen to audiobooks in my car almost every day...

Cindy I II III | 14 november 2013

I am a wife who listened to tons of library audio books. So far the silence is so enjoyable that I haven't got the motivation to figure out how to make the books work. Thank you for the posting and the comments. It's quite helpful.

jat | 14 november 2013

@bp - what phone do you have? My Android phones (Galaxy Nexus, GS3, and Nexus 4) all automatically connect back when I get in the car (and start playing where I left off automatically).

#3 - what app are you using? I find that is true for Audible, but Google Play leaves a background process running so it automatically connects - at most I have to unpause.

bp | 15 november 2013

My GS3 automatically connects - but I have to manually set the Media source to the GS3 on the steering wheel - because it resets to "FM" when I leave the car.

shs | 15 november 2013

My wife and I use the Audible App and/or iTunes on our iPhones for audio books nearly every trip. The only thing I would want to add to the MS interface is a forward/back 30 second button as the chapter forward/back buttons in the app are more or less useless. I should also mention that the app's choice of cover artwork can be pretty humorous for audio books.

jat | 16 november 2013

@bp - wow, no idea why it is so different. I am still on 4.6, are you on a later version? I've never had it switch to FM when I get out of the car.

@shs - the problem is that Bluetooth media player controls in A2DP are pretty limited, and AFAIK there is no +/-30sec control available.

Rheumboy | 16 november 2013

My Bluetooth media player controls R2D2 who drives the car so I can nap:-)

Brian H | 16 november 2013

Whenever I look at a MS I C3PO.