Australian price $200k ??

Australian price $200k ??

is that right?

200 thousand Aus dollars for this car?

Is it a typo on the Tesla website?

(Aus dollar is stronger than US dollar now guys)

Brian H | 6 maart 2011

Almost half is your generous contribution to your grateful gubmint. Gotta discourage those nasty predatory imports, you know!

Sudre | 6 maart 2011

Similar to the other thread for the UK...

What do other cars in Aussie cost that do 0-60 4 seconds cost?
Just the price for a fully stripped down no options one will be fine.

I'm just curious since I am doing price comparisons for similar car cost in the US for the Model S.

Of don't forget to add in the cost for the gas and oil changes, over the life expectancy of the car.