Backup camera lines?

Backup camera lines?

Would anyone else like to see lines showing the cars projected path when in reverse?

Here's an example from Infiniti

Seems like it would be an update worth pursuing...

nickjhowe | 31 mei 2013

check the #1 request on the Prioritized Software Enhancement List

Anthony J. Parisio | 30 juni 2013

I am holding off my purchase for this reason. Also for other options to come.

AmpedRealtor | 30 juni 2013

@ Anthony J. Parisio, the feature you are waiting for can be easily added via a software update. Tesla is constantly improving their software with each new update. Creep and other features have been added that weren't there before.

In the last 24-48 hours, Tesla raised their prices on the 21" wheels to $4,500 (from $3,500) and the air suspension to $2,250 (from $1,500). The car is getting more expensive over time, so you are risking paying a higher price by waiting. I finalized a few days ago, and boy am I glad that I did! :)

stevenmaifert | 30 juni 2013

If it's the #1 requested software enhancement and is so easily added, one wonders why we don't have it yet.

AmpedRealtor | 30 juni 2013

@ stevenmaifert, take a look at this blog which discovered several hidden "upcoming" features when they tapped into the hidden service menu of the Model S:

I have a feeling that Tesla is working on a larger feature release that will include not only lines for the backup camera, but also Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning Systems - all of which have been planned for in the software.

Alex K | 30 juni 2013

@stevenmaifert@a… | JUNE 30, 2013: If it's the #1 requested software enhancement and is so easily added, one wonders why we don't have it yet.

The camera video is actually streamed to the screen directly and currently does not interact with the graphical user interface. In order to place guide lines on the rear view image, the guide lines would have to be overlaid onto the video image. I would hope that the Tegra 3 processor they use allows for some kind of video overlay function for external video sources. But my guess is that this is the limiting factor and may not be so easily implemented.

carlk | 30 juni 2013

Just want to say development costs for those larger companies are spreaded over millions of cars. That's could be the reason why Tesla could not develop everything everybody wants like those companies do.

tobi_ger | 30 juni 2013

I think Tesla has many very capable and intelligent people working in all different areas and is still expanding staff.
The development is surely highly prioritized, needs to meet all design criteria and then goes through iterations between feature implementation, test rollout and live-testing under a set of different conditions (depending on feature).
I'd rather have them take 4 more weeks than rushing anything, but any new features are always great to hear/have.

Rod and Barbara | 4 juli 2013

I am cross posting from the Prioritized Software Enhancement List thread so that this idea gets more exposure.

IF YOU BELIEVE REAR CAMERA GUIDE LINES SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE MODEL S PLEASE READ ON. Inspired by rzitrin to try a fresh approach, I suggest everyone interested in this enhancement submit a question to the Tesla Bulletin Board (Enthusiasts > Forums > Inside Tesla > Tesla Bulletin Board) to ask Tesla to comment on the possibility of implementing this feature. Here is the question I just submitted:

“Will Tesla ever implement rear camera guide lines via a software upgrade in the Model S? The Prioritized Software Enhancement List thread in the Model S Discussions has collected ideas for software enhancements and tallied the votes for the enhancements from 112 Model S owners. Rear camera guide lines has been the clear number one choice since October 2012. Rear camera guide lines has garnered 1154 points, 40% more points than the second place enhancement (with 826 pts) and 137% more points than the fifth place enhancement (with 486 pts). This feature is not the number 1 priority by a small margin; it is desired by owners head-and-shoulders over any of the other 172 enhancements that have been suggested. Please let us know if this enhancement is feasible and likely to be implemented in the future, or if there is some technical or commercial issue that keeps it from being implemented in the Model S. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide concerning rear camera guide lines.”

Feel free to copy my input or change it as needed to fit your style. If enough of us post this question, Tesla may provide an answer.

ir | 5 juli 2013

@Alex K, +1

I think you hit it right on. The day the user & garage HomeLink menus can overlap with the camera video is when we can realistically expect this feature. Might have to wait for Model S v2.0 or Model X hardware.

RonaldA | 5 juli 2013

You can actually see therear bumper in the backup camera image, no lines needed. Take a look.

Yohman | 5 juli 2013

I totally agree that the back up lines would be a huge help. A very positive feature of the camera currently is its wide angle. When backing out of a parking space, I love that it can "see around" the car next to you and alert you to oncoming traffic or bikers before your eyes can see them.

cfOH | 5 juli 2013

It's totally possible via software. The way I understand other systems, they calculate the guidance lines based solely on steering wheel position, which the MS knows at all times.

Aside: It's amazing to me how reliant people have become on these driving aids, like backup camera lines (or backup cameras!), lane change avoidance warnings, auto-parallel park, and other googaws. I'm not that old, but I was taught how to drive a car without hitting other objects, especially the stationary ones. It seems that looking where one's going using mirrors and being able to estimate distances while doing so are increasingly rare skills nowadays. I guess we're all just eager for those fully self-driving cars. ;-)

stevenmaifert | 5 juli 2013

cfOH - I learned to drive 50 years ago when mirrors and a swivel neck is all we had, or needed. However, when you market a car as a premium luxury vehicle, there are certain expectations with respect to amenities and features. Tesla still has some work to do.

earlyretirement | 19 juli 2013

I agree with stevenmaifert. It's not that people can't survive without these things but at this price point, one really expects the car to have the essentials that most other cars would have. Heck, not even luxury cars but many lower end or mid-level cars have some of these features.

I think that people need to ALWAYS stay objective. For as much as some of us love the car, I think that one always has to have objectivity. When I see people making excuses for a possibly $1,000 center console, or no park assist, or other things I think some people have lost some objectivity.

Does anyone know if anyone has made a "Tesla Fanboi" video like this one for Apple?

I don't get my Model S until the end of next month but I might have to make a "S*it Tesla Model S Fanatics Say". LOL. I think that would be fun to watch. Or has someone already done a parody?

petero | 19 juli 2013

My guess, it will happen, and while it may be a high priority it may not be the highest. TM is still a very small and lean company. I think the the limited number of software engineers are busy making sure the software for the Europe/Asian/ and Other markets is resolved first.

NKYTA | 19 juli 2013

Don't forget that in SW you need to measure twice, QA thrice and cut the release once. Then QA again.
There are a lot of interdependent chip sets in the MS (or any new car these days), so what might be a simple conceptual change (let's add guidelines!) needs to be vetted with all other lines of code that even might be affected.

I personally applaud Tesla's slow roll out of new versions and the fact that they take the feedback and work to improve. Top of any list is the ancillary loss due to lack of "sleep mode". I predict that when it does come out, it will be much better than we have, but not as good as 4.1 was - but it will be stable and sustainable. I can pay a dollar or two a month on my PG&E bill to wait for that level of quality.

Brian H | 19 juli 2013

Still and forever people think, "Other $80K cars have XYZ features. Why doesn't the S?" But they go blank when asked why the other $80K cars don't have electric power and silence.

Doh. THAT's what the $80K is for in a Tesla.

ORWA | 19 juli 2013

Brian +1