Big Graphene Energy Density numbers

Big Graphene Energy Density numbers

About triple standard:

“California Lithium Battery (CalBattery) have signed a licensing agreement with the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne developed a silicon-graphene composite anode material (called GEN3) for high-energy lithium batteries, and CalBattery plans to commercialize this technology rapidly. Tests show that the new anode triples the energy capacity of the state-of-the-art graphite anode.
CalBattery and Argonne has been working together for over a year under a Work for Others agreement to develop this technology. Back in October 2012 CalBattery said that in independent full cell tests, the material shows unrivaled performance characteristics: an energy density of 525WH/Kg and specific anode capacity 1,250mAh/g. Just to compare, most commercial LIBs have an energy density of between 100-180WH/kg and a specific anode capacity of 325mAh/g.”

GeekEV | 27 februari 2013

Here's hoping... The industry needs this. I wonder how costs will compare?

TeslaRocks | 27 februari 2013

I think it's fair to assume that battery technology is likely to evolve quickly and in often unpredictable ways in terms of the actual technology that proves most interesting. Just like with photovoltaic panels, the performance might increase but the price most likely will keep coming down with time, so just like Solarcity who buys PV panels, I think it's a very good thing that Tesla is knowledgeable about how to use and manage batteries but doesn't actually manufacture or research them in-house. At least that is what I understand. As the technology keeps improving (inevitably) and especially as the price comes down, Tesla and Tesla customers will be the ones to benefit the most.

negarholger | 27 februari 2013

this looks more promising for the near future...

Brian H | 28 februari 2013
Bubba2000 | 28 februari 2013

Tesla will need to develop disruptive battery tech that is proprietary and with significant competitive advantage. Otherwise, competition will be catch up.

Elon Musk has the brains to do something like this Unfortunately, Tesla does not have the resources. May be a successful SpaceX IPO will give Elon the money to do an advanced battery start-up.

Brian H | 28 februari 2013

You are treating TM like any other competitor in the market, trying to "beat" everyone else. It is not. The company's offer to collaborate with anyone stands. They're afraid to destroy their base business, though, so they are more or less leaving the field to Tesla.

So TM's approach is just to make the best damn electric cars it can, and hope to challenge and inspire others to help transform auto transportation.