Big launch coming Saturday

Big launch coming Saturday

On Saturday, May 19, SpaceX is scheduled to launch a rocket carrying food to the international space station so Elon probably won't be thinking of us. I do wish him luck in this endeavor.

Brian H | 18 mei 2012

Sched 4:55 a.m. EDT, broadcast of countdown begins ~3 on and 3:30 on NASATV: , .

Set your alarm clocks!

Ad van der Meer | 18 mei 2012

Finally! An advantage here in Europe: 09:55am CET

stevenmaifert | 18 mei 2012

I set my DVR. It's exciting but... :)

DanielR | 18 mei 2012

It will be interesting to see if tomorrow's SpaceX outcome will have any affect on Tesla stock.

gjunky | 19 mei 2012

T-7 minutes. I got up to see it live.

gjunky | 19 mei 2012

and the launch was aborted right after ignition :(

Good luck SpaceX on your next launch which could be Tuesday.

Timo | 19 mei 2012

Aborting right after ignition would be the last possible moment before all goes to h*ll. I wonder what caused that. Google search gives "engine pressure was suspected". Good thing that it did stop the engines and not go kaboom.

The Froq | 19 mei 2012

Thank God we don't have an engine 5 on the Model S

Volker.Berlin | 19 mei 2012
JoeFee | 19 mei 2012

I feel bad for the SpaceX team…

Better luck next launch (5/22?) and yes, please no kaboom!

EdG | 20 mei 2012

If it all goes well next time, I think it's a good sign. Better that they're careful and abort than blow up once or twice. It shows they've got the nasty stuff under control, and not just lucky. We'll see if that's correct on Tuesday.

pilotSteve | 21 mei 2012

Agreed #EdG - SpaceX and Tesla are both well managed companies. I believe BOTH company's "launch" will go well for first "customer deliveries"!

Brant | 22 mei 2012

Dragon is in orbit

Brian H | 22 mei 2012

The instrument bay door opened as designed. Let the maneuvering begin!

Timo | 22 mei 2012

SpaceX success gives a great emotional insurance to Tesla. That's like hearing NASA manufacturing a car. I mean if they can make spaceships that can reach orbit reliably then cars should not be a big deal, right?

Elon mentioned in Dragon launch press conference that Tesla has gained some new techs from SpaceX (strong lightweight materials and structures etc.). Don't remember exact words.

Brian H | 22 mei 2012

Timo | May 22, 2012 new
Elon mentioned in Dragon launch press conference that Tesla has gained some new techs from SpaceX (strong lightweight materials and structures etc.). Don't remember exact words

Silly boy! When has Elon ever used any of those?

dborn | 25 mei 2012

Congratulations!!! The Dragon capsule has been caught "by the tail" by the astronauts on the station.
Next trick, getting it back safely on the ground!
Following trick - getting the "S" into customers hands.
Final, and most important trick from my perspective, getting a right hand drive model onto Australian shores!!!

Mark E | 25 mei 2012

dborne: make that 2. :)

Mark E | 25 mei 2012

dborn: sorry about the mis-spelling... Autocorrect!

Timo | 25 mei 2012

I wonder how much it would cost to build circular race track in space so that we could race in the space with Model S. :-) (ventilation is a b*tch, so no ICE there).

Space race changes meaning.

jbunn | 25 mei 2012

Never been a non-electric car in space. And of the ones we did have, they all worked great.

Brian H | 26 mei 2012

Not just circular, but a hoop! All centrifugal, baby!

Brian H | 26 mei 2012

Just realized, couldn't work. No cooling. The battery would detonate from overheating!

Timo | 26 mei 2012

Obviously that would require "indoors" race with air to cool down motors and stuff. Vacuum makes all kinds of nasty hazards possible. Also very heavily reinforced walls in case of accidents.

Might require that we bring some nickel-iron asteroid to orbit first because hauling all the construction materials to orbit from ground would cost way too much. Maybe at the lagrangian point L1 would be perfect place for the asteroid placement.

Sudre_ | 26 mei 2012

If the track was in the earths shadow you would have to worry about everything including yourself freezing more than anything over heating. Whatever is being hit with sun rays is warm and whatever is not facing the sun is cold.

pilotSteve | 26 mei 2012

Original BEV in space.... check out the operator's manual:

Timo | 27 mei 2012

@Sudre_ it is not quite that easy. Vacuum is excellent insulator, all the heat you are producing needs to be radiated away, not transferred to other medium like air. To demonstrate that difference think about red hot metal blade just taken out of the furnace to be made a blade of the sword. Now think same blade and what happens when it is put into bucket of room temperature water.

Cooling is actually a bigger problem in space than heating. That said heat from Sun radiation is also a problem. You need to have cooling, but in same time you don't want to heat up in Sun which radiation is quite a lot stronger in space than it is at Earth surface. Either way you have a problem. Space is not nice place.

Crow | 27 mei 2012

Electric cars racing in space? LOL. June 22nd can't come soon enough.

jerry3 | 27 mei 2012

Why did I just get a vision of Miss Piggy?