A Brilliant Marketing Ploy !!

A Brilliant Marketing Ploy !!

Dear Elon Musk,

Hats off to you!

Whether you consciously did it or not, your challenge to that NYT article has resulted in unprecedented publicity for the Model S and Tesla in general.
Just about every media source in the 'tech' realm and quite a few major ones have been filling the airwaves and internet with your story.
Many non-believers have seen, often for the first time, the elegant lines of the 'S' and heard at least part of its hi-tech story. ICE owners who never considered EVs before have now been awakened.
Baby boomers who were once environmental activists, but who are now couch potatoes, have seen the car of the future. The car they dreamed about decades ago was right there - on Bloomberg TV - silkily making its way towards a space-age supercharging station.
"Wow, man! - am I tripping?" they thought, but no, the stock market ticker was still rolling along on the bottom of their screens. They Googled "Tesla”, found its website, and suddenly felt their dull lives ignite once again... $5,000 on their Visa cards and they were like kids again - life was suddenly worth living for.

Oh, and if you can just beat analysts' expectations this month, and mention the extra millions received from those recently awakened by the NYT fusillade, who knows how high our stock will rise and how many more cars you will sell.
We are all rooting for Tesla!


Brian H | 15 februari 2013

Well, at the moment it's a "buying opportunity", down $1.26 to $37.04. Stock up!