Cabin Noise

Cabin Noise

I have now test driven the Model S Performance twice and haven't been impressed with the cabin noise at freeway speeds (70-80). Once you hit 60+ I was noticing a wine from the gearbox that gets really noisy at 80 (definitely, not the invert sound). There was also a surprising amount of road noise from the wheels in the rear. About on par with my Z4, which I found noisy. Our X5 and M5 (full leather which helps) are about twice as quiet at a similar speed (and trust me the M5 has much noisier tires than the Model S).

This similar with other's experience? Has me considering the vehicle or if to plan on an audio shop adding sound dampening... Just really surprised me as if it was me I would have made sure to have "owned" quiet if producing the vehicle. At lower speeds it's amazingly quiet just by being an EV before the road noise kicks in.

MandL | 4 januari 2013

The high-pitched tone on hard accelleration is not just on perf. Happens on my non-perf too.

pilotSteve | 4 januari 2013

Happens on my non-pert as well and I think its getting a bit louder. I'm not really concerned yet because (a) only really noticeable when romping on the accelerator, (b) I'm grinning while doing that, and (c) I think Tesla will fix these kind of details over the next years as they find good solutions.

As others have posted the very high currents involved in inverting DC to AC can easily cause mechanical 'ringing' in inductors and possibly capacitors. I think they will eventually repair or replace some components under warranty to permanently reduce the noise to an acceptable minimum.

In the meantime my family calls this noise "going into warp drive". !!!!

andex23 | 4 januari 2013

I guess it is good that you hear it also but the tone was not present in the first 1100 miles,. Trust me, I gave plenty of test drives where it was full on acceleration until reason kicked back in.

Maybe the car is getting faster!

I am also hoping the parcel shelf can further reduce the drivetrain noise.

Pbfoot | 29 januari 2013

Just wanted to share my experience with wind noise. Ever since I got the car about a month ago, had noticed a fair amount of noise above ~45 mph, which seemed to be coming more from passenger side. My wife also noticed it. Wasn't sure whether it was just unavoidable noise that is normally covered up by engine noise in other cars, or if something was amiss. Couldn't find any problems with pano roof seal when I checked.

I told local service center about it, went today and took the service tech for a ride. He localized the noise to the small triangle window just in front of the main passenger window. Apparently at the factory they do a water seal test, with what he called 'monsoon' amounts of water at high pressure. This is above what most cars will see in regular conditions, so what ends up happening is a bit of overzealousness in adjusting the seals to keep out water. With my car, the emphasis on tightening the inner seal by making window sit tight to the inside, led to an air gap on the outer aspect of the window, hence wind noise.

He was able to fix it within 20 minutes. Car is very quiet now. I went through a car wash afterwards and had no problems with water leaks.

Brian H | 29 januari 2013

Excellent! Little flaws get fixed. Nice.