Canadian purchasing in US.. Qualify for Rebate?

Canadian purchasing in US.. Qualify for Rebate?

I'm a Canadian spending 6 mos a year in the US. I'm about to finally order the model s performance + for use while I am in the US and wonder if there are any others in a similar situation as me. Does anyone know if I qualify for the $7500 rebate if I do not have income in the US and do not file US income taxes?

Thanks for your help!

Kardax | 14 juni 2013

It's a US federal income tax credit, so if you're not paying income taxes in the US, you can't get it. I'm not sure if citizenship is required.

ghillair | 14 juni 2013

It is not a rebate it is $7500 credit on your tax return (if you qualify). Since you don't file a US tax return no credit. If you did have income you would be filing a non-resident return and the tax law for it is different, don't know if the credit applies (I doubt it does).

Brian H | 14 juni 2013

There are various Cdn provincial credits about equal.

ionline | 15 juni 2013

That's what I thought. My home province is in oil territory (Alberta), so oddly enough no EV credits here. :(

Thanks all!