Canadian reservation

Canadian reservation

hi guys, anyone can tell me roughly when canadian#945 will be produced? Any idea? I am thinking it will before may 2016

vandacca | 25 juni 2015

According to my sophisticated algorithm, Canadian #945 will be delivered on March 11, 2016.

But I may have pulled that date out of the air.

ian | 25 juni 2015

Or somewhere else vandacca! Ha! ;-)

vandacca | 26 juni 2015

You are so right @ian t, but this is a family forum. ;-)

ian | 26 juni 2015

True that! So air it is then! ;-)

jamesmd | 26 juni 2015

I have Canadian Reservation #867. I made my reservation a week or so before they made the change from 2015 to 2016 for expected delivery date. Having said that, I dont know if they view our Canadian reservations the same as they do the US ones.

vandacca | 26 juni 2015

We are in unchartered territory. Tesla really has had only one other launch we can use as an example (Model-S), but a lot has changed since then (e.g. longer development, more experience, 2 production lines, state of the art paint facility, etc.) so I suspect that the Model-X roll-out will be significantly different than the previous Model-S. Hopefully faster.

No idea how they handled the Canadian reservations with the Model-S, but I'm hoping they eventually (once into main production) go by reservation date across North America. But that is just my hope.

Brian H | 26 juni 2015

Think "years".

vandacca | 26 juni 2015

@Brian H, "years"??? Would you like to expand on that? Or are you paying per letter to post to this forum. ;-)

Brian H | 26 juni 2015

That was the delay in Cdn MS deliveries after the US.

vandacca | 27 juni 2015

Maybe I shouldn't have asked you to expand on it... :(
Surely, it must be different for the Model-X!?!

ken | 27 juni 2015

@endotile, I think that May 2016 is a very good guess. If you read some of these post you will see that there is hard evidence that the number two assembly line is in place and they have estimates of very substantial production per week. So, it is anybody's guess but your date of May 2016 looks about right to me, for what ever that is worth.

ken | 27 juni 2015

@endotile, read the "gearing up" for the Model X ....., that was posted a few days ago and that will give you some insight to an expected delivery. Again, May 2016 sounds about right.

ian | 27 juni 2015

What ken said. All indicators are that the X ramp in production will be MUCH quicker than it was for the S.

Brian H | 29 juni 2015

The fiddly bits on Cdn cars, including bilingual versions of every label and marking, accounted for much of the delay.

endotile | 30 juni 2015

thanks for all the replies, we all do love tesla, but i have to say it sucks to be canadian on this, cuz we pay 15% tax on tesla plus less incentives and tax deduction.I am sure we all hate it but hey what can we do? become american so we can save some money on luxury stuff? haha

Ankit Mishra | 30 juni 2015

Bilingual? Isnt English the main language of Canada?

vandacca | 1 juli 2015

Technically, Canada is a bilingual nation: English & French
Next time you're north of the border, check the packaging on any product and you'll see two languages.
Most of Canada is primarily English, but there are pockets of Canada (Quebec, part Maritimes, etc.) that are primarily French speaking.