Canceling & Re-Reserving Today (12/31) To Avoid Price Increase

Canceling & Re-Reserving Today (12/31) To Avoid Price Increase

I was reservation #12,550 and had planed on deferring until I needed the car at the end of 2013. With the price increase, and wanting the P85 with 21" wheels, I was looking at a price increase of $6k if I waited until then. So, I cancelled my reservation on Wed, and will making a new one tonight, before the price increase kicks in. To anyone who may not want the car right away, I recommend doing the same. The rep I spoke to estimated it will push final delivery back by 3-4 months, although often times, I think the reps are just guessing. Happy 2013 all!

EDIT: Just reserved, and am now #17,773.

jbunn | 31 december 2012

Thank you for sharing. Very critical for us.

bsimoes | 1 januari 2013

I had asked my rep about that and he said that it would actually speed it up; I still don't understand that. He said that the "Build" email would come in January...I really want to not receive the car until April, but there is "no way" to let others go ahead of me. Why not??? As it stands, my delivery is scheduled for Feb/March.

krogers | 1 januari 2013

When you are invited to configure, you get a 4 week window to finalize your configuration. You can always defer (or finalize after that window), but if you reserved with the old price, your deferral means you will be subject to the new prices that kicked in 1/1/2013.

MB3 | 1 januari 2013

Read your final contract. You will be granted enough time to effectively delay delivery.

jrettinger | 1 januari 2013

@MB3 Can you expand a bit more about what language is the contract?

MB3 | 1 januari 2013

Sorry I don't have mine with me and won't be back for a week. I think there were 90 days to take some action. Maybe it was paying or signing or both. I did everything immediately so it didn't apply to me.

JohnQ | 1 januari 2013

Could always order the red, that has a delivery window of April/May.

riceuguy | 1 januari 2013

Or standard suspension which is what I did...

dborn | 1 januari 2013

Or moving to a right hand drive country :-( , we only get our cars end of year maybe even 2014, but without the current price increase. (Hopefully without a second price increase, which would be a serious breach of faith, having reserved in April 2011). We were supposed to receive in July or so this year......How hard can it be to put in a different front axle and a reverse dashboard? everything else is the same!!

jrettinger | 1 januari 2013

The color and suspension are actually excellent ideas. Thank you guys. I'm still hoping I can hold things off long enough to find out what their lease deals will be. Is it summer yet?